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Legislative Concepts To Restore Our Democracy

Silicon Valley Privacy Theft · Election Audit First Steps · Stop The Gestapo Act · Biden’s Executive Orders.  Read how we challenge the lawlessness of a very New and Radicalized Democrat Party HERE

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Ga Rep. Marjorie Greene

“Democrats and their spokesmen in Fake News Media have called for violence and rioting against Republicans OVER and OVER again. Their extremist rhetoric incited a year of domestic terror by BLM / Antifa radicals. The GOP must hold them accountable.”


  • Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona was just censured by The Republican Party.  This is the first time in forever that a sitting governor was censured by his own party.  Ducey said, “Then, after Election Day, of course, once all the ballots were certified in all 15 counties, the vote had been audited and determined accurate, I had very little choice but to do the right thing, follow the law and the Constitution.”  First of all, Ducey did nothing to intervene in the election fiasco of which he could have.  Furthermore, Ducey’s policies have been highly suspicious given his close involvement with known Chinese spies.  He outlawed the use of Hydroxychloroquine, and to this day has refused to lift that restriction despite medical doctors overriding his executive order.  
  • Legislators…Stop complaining on social media about how Democrats are forcing Americans to wear masks.  Why not start demanding that Democrats produce the current research proving masks work.  Why not start showing pictures of mask disclaimers showing they don’t protect against the virus.  When you complain you don’t move the solution forward.  However, when you demonstrate the lies of mask mandates you force Democrats to have to answer for their fallacy of beliefs.  This is a far more powerful strategy to influence a generation of voters to demand science and truth in government policies.  Do you want social media followers or do you want positive change in America?  Work Smart not Hard.
  • Listen my readers….Democrats are reeling under Biden and Harris’ Executive Orders.  Unions are erupting with internal chaos as members are forming their own type of insurrection against their leaders.  States are closing in on election audits which will take all they way through March.  Americans are having massive Biden regret and it’s only growing.  Even Republicans who were calling for Trump’s head are now backing down due to the socialist nature of what parked in the White House.  Watch over the next 30-60 days as Democrats burn their house down by their own actions.  The never-Trumpers have gone into hiding over the shame of what they have done.  In all honesty, this might be the best scenario for our cause.  Please note that I would have done anything to see Trump gain a second term.  But this charade would have played out for another four years.  Now, our party is stronger than ever before because the new batch of candidates will be bolder and more vocal than ever before.  A change of guards is occurring and we are in the middle of an unbelievable change in America.  The younger generation and minorities have taken notice and 2022 will be an election second to none.  Democrats will have 5 times as much emotional stress in 2024 because they know Trump will be back and when he does, America will have one million reasons to elect him.  I predict there will be virtually zero never-Trumpers in 2024 and those who are will remain hidden in their closets. — “Don’t ask for security, ask for adventure.” – Jim Rohn
  • Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase was looking at running for Governor which is probably why Republican establishment members joined Democrats to censure Sen. Chase after she spoke at the Jan 6th rally in D.C.  She lost her seniority status and was sent to the back of the bus.  Now she is suing the senate for censuring political speech just because they disagreed with her involvement with President Trump.  Her attorney, Timothy V. Anderson,  said with strong and emboldened words that, “As Americans we do not have to agree with what someone says but we must agree to defend each American’s right to freely exercise their First Amendment rights…any attempts to silence legitimate political free speech will be met with maximum lawful resistance by this office on behalf of any client of this firm.”  Read the lawsuit HERE
  • Breaking PA… Secretary of State Bookvar suddenly resigned today as legislature hearings started zeroing in on Boockvar’s involvement in the disasterous 2020 elections.   In my opinion, the state’s legislature should convene a special counsel to investigate Bookvar’s office for criminal activities.  SHE didn’t resign for no reason but I doubt the Republicans will engage in that honest effort. 
  • Australian security expert Peter Jennings told Australia’s 9 news that, “In my view, Xi thinks he can exploit a window of opportunity created by COVID-19 and the change of US president to accelerate China’s ambition to take over Taiwan.” China has a goal of taking over Taiwan by 2049 but are accelerating their plans due to Taiwan being on the verge of declaring independence.
  • Rumor waiting to be revealed of its truthfulness.  The Capitol Hill officer who shot the unarmed protestor on Jan 6th has been kept under tight wraps despite laws requiring his identity to be released publicly.  The rumor is that insiders know who he is and that he is an ardent BLM supporter who called for harm on Trump supporters on social media for an entire year.  This would muddy the impeachment proceedings which took place in the House and it’s what makes this rumor seem most likely as truthful.  I never report on rumors for obvious reasons but this one seems to be a very likely truthful story.  Democrats are keeping the officer in hiding without releasing his name and if he was a pro-trump supporter we would all know his name by now.  Furthermore, why didn’t they use the officer’s testimony as part of their impeachment hearings?  This might be why.
  • Every Floridian has the right to earn a living. Florida is open, and we’ve got your back.” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.
  • The Senate is utterly without jurisdiction to try Donald Trump.” – Former solicitor general of the United States, Ken Starr” – Rudy Giuliani
  • To start 2021 off right we will nominate BLM and Trump to receive the Nobel Peace Price.  What a strange world we live in. 🙂
  • Denmark is coming unglued as citizens are engaging in mass protests over the lockdowns.  By mass, I mean entire cities peacefully, but very vocally, protesting the illegal acts against humanity by government bureaucrats.
  • Bruce Castor, former Attorney General of Pennsylvania, will now represent President Trump’s impeachment defense in the Senate.
  • Myanmar, also known as Burma, has descended into a military coup.  Military units have shut down television and are patrolling all cities with equipment and men.  In 2011, the elections ended military rule in Myanmar, but this past November the people voted overwhelmingly in favor of Ms Suu Kyi who is the daughter of an assassinated general.  The population is in mass confusion since no official communications are coming from any government sources right now.  Many believe that China could have their hands in this event as well.
  • Sonovia of Israel announced a mask that stops 94% of viruses including COVID.  They spray a Zinc film on the mask which kills bacteria and viruses once contact has been made.  However, it also kills everything else, including all good bacteria.  Therefore, I would like to see more testing on the potential harmful effects such activity can have on our bodies.  However, Sonovia said, “Following this outstanding result – the product of several months of dedicated anti-viral sonochemistry formulation – we can now assure the public that our SonoMask is working continuously, permanently and rapidly to neutralize the spread of COVID-19…We are proud of our latest accomplishment that will help people feel safe and protect their loved ones, all the while remaining the most ecologically sound option upon the PPE market.”
  • Tennessee parents are getting help from the new Republican governor.  On Feb. 8th, the legislature enters a new session where a bill will be filed that will defund all schools who refuse to return to in-school teaching.  This bill is aimed squarely at Nashville and Memphis who have refused to go back to school despite the remainder of the state doing just that.  Many states have taken advantage of the teacher’s union rebellion by passing laws which give state money directly to the student and allowing them to decide which school to attend.  


  • Citizens are recalling all five Maricopa Co. board of electors.  They are collecting signatures now but at a very rapid pace which has shocked everyone.
  • Forensic evaluation of Maricopa Co. election will begin this Wednesday.
  • Other state legislatures are watching, and what happens there will impact what those other states do in their own audits.
  • Immense pushback by election officials in Maricopa to stop this audit.  Once they realized they could not stop it they attempted to intervene by saying they would do the audit themselves.  The state senate didn’t bite on that one.
  • Col. Phil Waldron will lead the forensics audit, and there is no one better for the job.
  • The audit will take an estimated 10 days to perform.
  • The audit will cover ballots, Dominion machines, and the tabulation of those ballots.
  • 15 other states have contacted Arizona who had similar problems wanting to have an inside look at how they are conducting the audit.

Newt Gingrich

“AOC (152,661 votes) and Maxine Waters (152,272 votes) are part of lynch mob trying to destroy Congresswoman Marjorie Greene (229,827 votes). They should calm down and read the history of John Wilkes in the 1770’s and the principle that the people’s vote matters more than parliament.”

Quote of the Day

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them.  They went out and happened to things.”— Leonardo da Vinci

Thought for the day

Life is THE most precious commodity that any of us will ever have.  What we do with it depends less on the circumstances around us and more on the choices we make within us.  To this day, there are countless testimonies of those rising out of the most extreme poverty in nations with one-tenth of the freedoms that we have.  Even within our own borders the most prosperous are those who legally migrate here from other nations.  They came with motivation and passion to achieve something. Once they arrived, they didn’t wait for an opportunity to succeed, they made an opportunity happen. 

Working in the housing projects some 20 years ago as a counselor, there was one thing that really stood out to me.  There were people who had their housing, power, medical, and food all paid for.  Yet, they blamed everyone else for their poverty.  They always had the game shows on, but none had ever bought a book to better their lives.  They even refused to take advantage of free school or free daycare to go to school.  

However, I’ve also had millionaire acquaintances who had all the money in the world but no success.  Their kids hated them, they were on their 4th marriage, and they always lacked rest.

True success is winning at life.  Life requires balance in all things.  We must be kind but not timid.  We must be strong but not mean.  We must be prosperous with our money, but not by tossing our family out on the altar of that success.  Life is most beautiful when we have the means to enjoy those things we desire, with those we love, while benefiting everyone around us.

I would encourage you to think about your life today and meditate on those areas which are unbalanced.  Once you see an area that isn’t healthy, then work on it.  And by all means do not go into self pity over that weak area, for that does nothing to resolve it.  Rather, write down what weakness you desire to overcome and then what you believe it will take to overcome it.  Then just go to work chipping off one piece at a time.  Then let the joy be the fact that you have recognized the weakness and now you are working to shore it up.  Perfection is a myth, so don’t try to live up to it.  However, excusing oneself because perfection doesn’t exist is equally bad. 🙂  Balance!

Picture of the Day

Vintage illustration of early America.  With all the snow across our nation I thought it would be a reminder of what those snowy days were like back then.


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