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On May 17th, 2019 the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 5 known as “The Equality Act” by a vote of 236-173. 

Not a single Democrat voted against H.R. 5

H.R. 5 replaces the word “sex” in the 1964 civil rights legislation with the word “gender identity.”  This bill will now make it a federal crime for any woman to tell a man, “No, you can’t come into my shower with me or go in the same stall as my 5-year-old daughter.”  If a woman should tell a man no then SHE would be CHARGED with violating the “civil rights” of the man.

Furthermore, in the Equality Act, Democrats demand that boys should be able to compete against girls, in girls’-only sports, and use their gender advantage to rob those girls of their scholarship opportunities.

Does this sound like “equality” or does it sound like legislative “sexism” to you?

“[sexism] functions to maintain patriarchy, or male domination, through ideological and material practices of individuals, collectives, and institutions that oppress women and girls…” — Britannica Encyclopedia

Question:  If women no longer have the legal right to tell men no, then doesn’t that create male domination through an act of law?  If men are given the legal right to claim they are female simply because it gives them a gender advantage to rob women of their future opportunities, then doesn’t that create a “collective” institution to oppress women and girls in America and rob them of their equality?

Think about it like this: Gov. Cooper is telling the women of North Carolina that they must get up, shut up, go sit in the back of the bus and give up their rights to bathroom privacy simply because a man said so.

Gov. Cooper, we have just one question for you: Since when does a man’s choice end a woman’s right? 

Doesn’t this one question demonstrate just who is discriminating against who?

H.R. 5 isn’t about equality.  It’s an attempt to rob the modern American woman of her civil rights by legislating sexism into the rule of law.  Democrats, who rocked America when they attempted to filibuster the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote, are once again working to enslave a new generation of women to the corrupt desires of men.

Democrats spent 51 days attempting to filibuster the Civil Rights Act in 1964.  They finally relented when Republicans refused to stand down and America demanded that no citizen should be discriminated against on the basis of race, national origin, religious beliefs or sex.

Now, a new generation of Democrats are using the LGBT community to rob every woman of her right to equality by instituting sexism into our nation’s laws.

Forty-six senators have now co-signed legislation to move H.R.5 to the President’s desk. 

Women, you get one vote, one election to stop this, or you will forever lose your right to tell any man no.  If you choose to let your Democrat representative stay in office then your rights as a woman will forever take a back seat to every man in America.

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