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How To Win the hearts of The American People

In 2016, Brian Ward set out on a research project to answer a very simple question: why don’t Conservatives win more of their elections? Having spent the last 30 years working on corporate strategic marketing projects for some of the largest companies in America, Brian had learned how to effectively influence the culture of the American consumer. Knowing that America was, at its core, a conservative nation, Brian knew that there had to be a reason beyond the “establishment” holding back conservatives’ success.

Brian researched over 400 House races, studied the largest Conservative organizations, worked on campaigns in red, blue, and purple states to discover the problems facing the conservative movement and, more importantly, the solution to those problems.

The below 30-minute audio recording is the single biggest concept that Brian learned about American voters regardless of political affiliation.  Simply put, how you approach politics in America will forever be altered by this one recording.

This audio will show you how to:

  • Stop HR5 dead in its tracks
  • Influence Democrats to adopt conservatism as their preferred philosophy for life and government
  • Use Ronald Reagan’s wisdom to win over an entire generation of voters to conservatism
  • Use a 4-part formula in any of your narratives to influence American voters

Legislative Concepts To Restore Our Democracy

Silicon Valley Privacy Theft · Election Audit First Steps · Stop The Gestapo Act · Biden’s Executive Orders.  Read how we challenge the lawlessness of a very New and Radicalized Democrat Party HERE


Socrates said, “great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.”  Socrates summed up Twitter America in a nutshell.  Instead of our leaders engaging in thoughtful debates of philosophy they have drowned us in debased arguments of personalities.

If “WE” are to Make America Great Again then that honorable goal must start within our own hearts.  Then, once we have reclaimed our own person, we shall have the fortitude to begin within our own household.  Having won over the hearts of our loved ones, we will then have the exercised ability to win over the world.

But how do we start this march of victory?  We agree to let go of lower thinking and useless arguments.  We purpose to reach toward higher ideals, free from the care of others’ opinions – what they think about life or of us.  We choose to engage those we love from a position of grace and not one of forced obedience.  They believe what they believe based on factors that must first be understood and not ridiculed.

Love will always make a path for reconciliation if one desires it.  Instead of mandating others believe as we do, let us determine to walk in the very grace of God by learning how to lead others down a path to a SELF-EVIDENT revelation of truth.  All humans desire truth within themselves even if they outwardly portray the opposite.

Therefore, let us learn how to ask questions instead of making statements only to become angry when the person we’re speaking to disagrees with us.  Influence does not come by simply stating what we believe.  Influence comes by helping others to understand why we believe what we believe.

Practical Examples…


Just because a woman chooses to end the gift of God within her womb, does that mean that we, as a nation, should value that choice by paying for it with our last paycheck dollars?  If we do not value the lives of our children when they are young, then they will not value ours when we are old.

Transgender rights: 

Do you agree with Democrats who say that a grown man should have the legal right to enter into a little girl’s restroom and visually molest her without fear of criminal prosecution?  Do you agree that a man’s sexual choice automatically ends your civil rights as a woman?

Listen to this wisdom.  A person who comes into knowledge from within their own convictions will never have to be won over again.  A question is a powerful force to change a nation when asked in purity and love.

Fools disguise wisdom within misleading words.  Questions rip the fallacy of their words in front of those they desire to ensnare.  We must demonstrate how the policies rob our loved ones of their rights, purposes, joys, and peace.  Every action taken by Biden’s White House is an action born out of selfish desires.  Their goal isn’t to lead but to rule.

We will never win a nation to our ideals if we never discuss those ideals.  If we bathe in the mud pit of personality disputes, then nothing has been gained.  However, if we ask questions which drive the narrative we desire, then those who hate our nation will have to cower behind their fallacy of weak foundations built by weak minds and deceitful hearts.

America is starving for understanding.  Because they lack understanding they have turned to their emotions as their guide.  It is not our purpose as leaders to complain about their lack of understanding because that’s what weak leaders do.  Our purpose is to help lead America into a land of knowledge where they can feed, grow, learn and repent = think differently.

— Brian Ward, from The Socratic Conservative — A forthcoming book.

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