Students Murdered @ school in 2019

Look at the average number of deaths to the right for ages 21 and under and ask yourself the following questions:
  • Will Democrats raise the age to 21 to purchase a vehicle?
  • Will Democrats raise the age to purchase a cell phone?
  • Will Democrats declare vehicle-free zones at schools?

Die From Excessive Drinking Annually

Die From Texting and Driving Annually

Die From Underage DUI Incidents Annually

Die From Vehicle Accidents Annually

Democrats want us to think we have a gun problem when in reality we have a violence problem. Violence comes from the heart and will occur regardless of the tool used. Therefore, the solution isn’t to remove the tool from the hands of the innocent, it’s to change the heart of the guilty.

— Homeschool Mom

Reported Incidents of Violence on School Grounds in 2016


Of all Teachers Reported Being Assaulted by a Student in 2016

Reports of Sexual Assaults Including Rape at Schools in 2014

Never before in American history has a political party exonerated the horrific crimes of violent offenders by blaming the tool they used instead of blaming the person committing the crime.  Democrats never talk about the criminal, nor does CNN have in-depth discussions on why America is producing youth who have become violent towards a peaceful society.  Why?  Because to discuss that question would require us to have the following debate:  Can we, as a society, teach our children that their lives have no value while in a mother’s womb and expect those children to grow up valuing life? The entire Democrat Party marches with a violent blood-lust demanding a legal right to violently abuse the human rights of their children without regard to the consequences of those actions.  This barbaric philosophy is at the heart of our gun problems today.

Democrats teach our children that right versus wrong is purely a subjective opinion because truth is relative to a person’s belief.  They teach our children that there is no God and that parents have no right to mandate any form of morality from them.  They teach boys to dis-respect their fellow female citizens by claiming discrimination if a woman tells them no, they can’t use their restroom.  Democrats have failed to realize there are unintended consequences to these damaging philosophies they are teaching society: 1) that life has no value and 2) that no one is worthy of respect.  America is now reaping what Democrats have sown for years and many are paying the ultimate price with their lives.

The hearts of America’s youth have become corrupted by a dysfunctional political philosophy taught by a very radicalized Democrat Party. To misdirect our attention away from the real problem,  they have led us to focus on a tool that is used in the least of all violent crimes in America.  Knives, feet, fists, fire, texting while driving and alcohol kill ten times as many Americans as firearms do, and not a single discussion by Democrats regarding these tools.  Why?  Because their goal isn’t to reduce violence; it’s to create a fake movement by having a fake debate that does nothing to save you and I from a generation that is growing more and more violent.

Question:  Do you honestly believe taking firearms away from innocent civilians will do anything to reduce the 5,000 violent incidents reported daily in our schools?  Will eliminating your ability to defend yourself from a growing violent population deter criminals from using firearms to abuse your human rights?  Or, do you believe the only way to reduce violence in America is to start teaching society to respect and value all life, including those in a mother’s womb?

“We must demonstrate to our children that we value their lives because one day we will rely on them to value ours.” —Brian Ward

Students Murdered at Schools Annually With a Firearm

In light of the stats to the right one can easily see how Democrats aren’t attempting to save lives with their gun legislation. Rather, they are attempting to control a nation. When have you heard of Democrats suing a brewery for the 88,000 alcohol deaths? Will Democrats demand we have school bus free zones as a result of so many deaths each year involving a school vehicle?

The hypocrisy is real and so is the problem. We cannot devise a solution if we’re having the wrong debate.

Americans Killed by Alcohol Annually

People are Killed Annually Involving a School Vehicle

Infected with AIDS Virus DAILY

Every 50 Minutes Someone Dies from a DUI Incident

Homicides in 2018

Killed by a Knife

Killed by a Fist or Foot

Killed by "Other" non-firearm Object

Killed by ANY type of rifle. Less than 100 by an AR-15 on average every year.

Democrats want you to believe that AR-15s are the number 1 cause of homicides in the USA.  NOT EVEN CLOSE

— Law Abiding Citizens Everywhere

2018 Violent Crimes - FBI Report

  • Knife, Foot, Fist, Fire, Strong Arm or Other 61.3% 61.3%
  • Firearms 24.2% 24.2%
  • AR-15 Rifle Used .00008% .00008%