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NRA’s Benedict Arnold

Conservatives who are true to their word and loyal to their oath continually find themselves at odds with members of their own party. However, history has proven that liberty has never been wrestled from the hands of tyrants by politicians. That honor goes to patriots whose convictions of character and commitment to the cause compel them to stay true to the course until victory has been won.

Mike Hill is such a patriot. Hill ran for the Florida State House in 2013 on a pledge to repeal $400 million in taxes passed by members of his own party. He entered into office in January and the taxes were repealed by March, demonstrating that there are those who still keep their word after the election has been won.

Not long after Hill’s election victory, Florida’s NRA Executive Director, Marion Hammer, entered into Hill’s life. Ms. Hammer requested Hill’s commitment to fight back against those who would trample upon the Second Amendment rights of Florida’s gun owners. Hill enthusiastically agreed, given his oath as a former Air Force Academy graduate and years of service to his country. One gun bill after another ran across his desk as he helped move them through committee to the floor and onto the books, earning him a 100% NRA voting record.

Then came a series of legislative battles that would indirectly lead to the largest theft of gun rights in Florida’s history.

Mike Hill found himself having to stand up against members of his own party on several key legislative votes. Votes he deemed unconstitutional, excessive, and a flagrant abuse of the people’s money for the benefit of others. These votes were hard fought with lots of interest money spent attempting to influence members to vote in favor of those bills.

For Hill’s efforts, the Florida Chamber of Commerce placed a gigantic target on his back and pulled out all the stops to ensure he wouldn’t be elected again. Hill ran for the Florida Senate in 2016, fully expecting to receive the endorsement of the NRA due to his unflinching support for Florida’s gun owners. That endorsement came, but not to Mike Hill. To everyone’s shock, Marion Hammer decided to endorse Doug Broxson. Broxson had already voted against the majority of his party on a massive gun bill (HB45) that reigned in the liberal abuses of Florida counties against gun owners so Marion’s endorsement of him was highly suspect.

Doug Broxson won that election, and later on, being the establishment player that he is, cast the deciding vote to pass the single largest theft of gun rights in Florida’s history. He raised the age to purchase a firearm to 21, banned bump stocks, and paved the way for the removal of firearms out of a home against the owner’s will.

Sen. Broxson’s vote is Marion Hammer’s legacy, because she placed politics above principle.

Shortly after the gun bill passed, Mike Hill said that Ms. Hammer called him and asked if he was going to run against Sen. Broxson because “he has to be removed from office.” Hill reminded Ms. Hammer that his seat isn’t open again until 2020 but that he was running for an open house seat in his district.

Mike Hill once again fully expected to be endorsed by the NRA for his August 28th primary, given that he is the only candidate with a 100% NRA voting record. However, when an organization places politics above principle, then acts of betrayal will abound in ever increasing measure.

Marion Hammer went full Benedict on her endorsement, to the weariness of local gun owners, by endorsing Rebekah Bydlak, Hill’s opponent. Here is where we see Ms. Hammer’s full pledge to politics above principle. The very people who supported Doug Broxson support Mrs. Bydlak. A young candidate in her mid-twenties, Mrs. Bydlak has never held office, has no history of fighting for gun rights, and has virtually no name recognition in the community. She has also refused to take a single position on any issue on her website. The over-whelming financial support for her campaign has come from those outside of her district and by persons who are supporting anti-gun candidates such as Lindsey Stover. By all accounts, Mrs. Bydlak is an honest and sincere person with a bright future ahead of her, but she has no proof of fighting for the rights of any gun owner anywhere in America.

However, for NRA members to truly appreciate their organization’s betrayal, one must look at Mike Hill’s campaign. Mike has made the Second Amendment his number one campaign issue of 2018. He has publicly pledged to repeal the law that NRA is currently suing Florida over, and has spent thousands of dollars educating the public about the truths of gun-related violence in America. His volunteers spent countless hours developing a website combating the lies of the left to educate a nation that Democrats aren’t interested in saving lives, only controlling a nation.

“More Americans are killed by school vehicles on average than are killed by AR-15 rifles annually.” Are Democrats now going to call for school bus free zones? —

Marion Hammer didn’t just betray the loyalty of Hill’s Second Amendment faithfulness; she is now using the NRA to threaten Mike with legal action against his campaign. Hill’s campaign recently received a curious letter from the NRA stating, “…As you are no doubt aware:  you have not been endorsed by the NRA; your political opponent has been endorsed by the NRA… This letter is to formally demand that you immediately cease and desist in any and all such misrepresentations or any other actions designed to mislead the public into believing that you are endorsed by the NRA…”

Hill’s well-known attorney replied to the NRA that, “I am a member and lifelong supporter of the NRA, and an opinion leader among the Second Amendment community here in the Pensacola area.   I know Mr. Hill to be a strong Second Amendment Supporter, and a supporter of the NRA and its work, and was both surprised, and – quite frankly – disgusted, by the tone of your letter.   That is no way to treat your friends.  My reaction to this letter will, I am sure, be shared by thousands of others within this community.” … “The NRA is free to endorse one of these two friends of the NRA, and only that person can claim NRA endorsement.   Mr. Hill has not done that.   He has made no misrepresentations. Thus, the threat to file legal action against this friend of the NRA is baffling to me.”

Mike Hill has never said or implied that the NRA endorsed him.

Why is Marion Hammer using the ammunition of the NRA to target the strongest pro-gun candidate in the entire state of Florida? Is it because of his 100% NRA voting record? Is it because of his pledge to return the rights stolen from gun owners by members of his own party back to the people? Is it because he has spent thousands of dollars helping to educate a nation about the lies of the left?

In this author’s opinion, it’s because Mike Hill is a true patriot who will not bow down to the whims of the establishment over issues of budget, taxes, family, regulations and other causes we conservatives fight for. And it’s for this reason Marion Hammer is using politics, not principle, to endorse Mike Hill’s opponent.

If the story stopped there it would be bad enough, but just as soon as this article was going to the press Hill learned that Ms. Hammer downgraded his NRA rating from an “A” to a “B+”. She gave Bydlak an “A” despite the requirement that new candidates who only are graded on a questionnaire are supposed to receive an “AQ” rating.

Why did Ms. Hammer downgrade Hill’s rating? It wasn’t his record on gun advocacy; that’s for sure. It was because he advertised that he was “A” rated by the NRA. Marion Hammer is punishing Mike Hill because he is a solid conservative that the establishment derides.

A “B” rating is misleading the voters of NW Florida about Hill’s voting record and most voters would consider it slander given Hill’s 100% NRA legislative voting record.

When organizations, such as the NRA, punish political candidates for being true patriots of conservative ideology it splits a unified base of voters. It also leads to massive gun legislation being passed because those who play ball with the establishment will rarely fight against the tyrannical rule of statism.

Mike Hill stood up to the members of his own party to tell them that they were wrong in robbing gun owners of their rights by law. For his efforts the NRA has betrayed his loyalty, his faithfulness and his friendship.

Benedict Arnold would be proud of Marion Hammer.

The NRA was contacted in regards to this article with no reply from the organization.

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