Modern American Woman Civil Rights Act

No Woman Should Ever Lose Her Right to Tell Any Man “NO” in America.  Taking away this right is exactly what The Equality Act does, and it’s your Democrat Representatives and Senators who are voting to make it happen.

Civil Rights

Definition – (plural noun) rights to personal liberty established by the 13th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution and certain Congressional acts, especially as applied to an individual or a minority group.

If the sexual choices of men automatically end the civil rights of women, then  women never had a right to begin with.  Judges and Democrat leaders are telling the modern American woman that she must get up, shut up, and once again, go sit in the back of the bus simply because a man said so.  

This is the ultimate definition of sexism in America.

Answer The Questions Below. Then Ask Yourself, “Do My Answers Sound Like Equality Or Legislative Sexism?”


Definition – (noun) functions to maintain patriarchy, or male domination, through ideological and material practices of individuals, collectives, and institutions that oppress women and girls on the basis of sex or gender. Such oppression usually takes the forms of economic exploitation and social domination. – Britannica

Answer The Questions Below. Then Ask Yourself, “Do My Answers Sound Like Equality Or Legislative Sexism?”



Should boys have the right to compete against girls in girls-only sports and use their GENDER ADVANTAGE to ROB those girls of their scholarship opportunities? Democrat legislators voted yes. (Social Domination)


Young Girls

Should a grown man have the right to enter into a little girl’s restroom and VISUALLY MOLEST her without fear of criminal prosecution?  Democrat legislators voted yes. (Social Sexual Harassment)



If a man can identify as a woman then how do courts identify what a woman is?   Why are Democrats only concerned with the choices of men and not the rights of women?  Sexism, that’s why! 

Democrats are legalizing sexism by claiming discrimination against the sexual choices of men without regard to the civil rights of women. 

Did you know that over 100 male CEOs wrote a letter to North Carolina threatening a boycott if the state enforced women’s civil rights?  Companies such as Salesforce, Goldman Sachs Group, John Hancock, Williams Sonoma, Airbnb, Glassdoor, and Hyatt Hotels are using their corporate names to threaten states with economic harm if they choose to protect the civil rights of women.



Why is it that only a man’s choice matters to Democrats?  Democrats say that if a woman tells a man no then she is discriminating against that man’s civil right. However, they also imply that a man isn’t discriminating against a woman when he forces himself into her private life against her will or desire.  In other words, Democrats have signed into law a philosophy that a woman no longer has the right to tell a man no.  No, you can’t come into our rape crisis center.  No, you can’t come into my daughter’s school shower as a coach.  No, you can’t claim to be a woman just to rob me of my scholarship opportunities.


Sexist Hate Crime Laws?

Do you agree with Democrats that if you attack a man who claims to be a woman then you should receive a much harsher punishment than if you attack a woman who is a woman? Democrat legislators voted yes in The House and EVERY Democrat Senator has promised to sign that bill once they remove the filibuster.

Did You Know?

Democrats’ Equality Act Will…

  • Fine a woman if she refuses to let a man into female-only facilities claiming that she would be violating the civil rights of the man.
  • Remove the right of local law enforcement to prosecute men who expose themselves with full-frontal nudity to women and girls.
  • Give men the right to access grants and programs only designated for women.
  • Allow boys to rob girls of their scholarship opportunities by letting them use their gender advantage in female-only sports. This legislation provides for the legalized oppression of female athletes by giving boys social dominance over girls.
  • Allow a male rapist to claim he’s a woman so that he will be placed in a female-only cell when he is in prison.
  • Force rape crisis centers to accept men and allow them to shower with women who were just brutally raped by a man.
  • Does not require a person to prove they are transgender.  It just gives a man the right to simply claim he is a woman, and then he is given special privileges by law to step all over our mothers, daughters, and sisters.
  • Allow coaches and fellow male students to use the showers and gym changing rooms of school girls.
  • Take away every single civil right a woman currently enjoys.  LITERALLY!

“Kamala Harris, since when does a man’s choice end a woman’s right?”

This one question is what Democrats fear the most because it’s a question they can’t answer.  Kamala Harris and the Democrat party are auctioning off the civil rights of women to the highest bidder hoping you don’t notice.  However, the good news is that when women of all political persuasions answer the questions on this page they all state, “I never thought about it like that before.”  The questions help them to feel the injustice of this radical policy long before they are impacted by it.  For the first time, women in America are waking up to just how radicalized the New Democrat Party has truly become.

Did you know that in the majority of political races in America that if Democrats lost 10% of the female vote, then it would be very difficult for them to win their elections?

Not a single Democrat in the House or Senate has had to answer the questions on this page until now!  In 2022 this will be one of the top 5 political issues for women in America and Democrats will have nowhere to hide once women answer these questions for themselves.

Wells Fargo CEO Boycotts Florida Students

Charles W. Scharf chose to pull millions of dollars in Wells Fargo donations from a Florida scholarship fund titled ‘Step Up For Students.’  The reason why will shock the Modern American Woman.

Wells Fargo

The ‘Step Up’ scholarship fund helps students from impoverished communities access the educational resources required to escape poverty.  However, some of those students opt to use those funds to attend private and religious schools where students are taught to respect the civil rights of their female students.  For example, those schools will not allow male coaches or male students into underage female facilities.  Charles believes this type of policy to be “discrimination” against male students.  Those same schools refuse to allow boys to compete against girls just to use their gender advantage to rob those girls of their future opportunities.  Because these schools implemented policies to protect the civil rights of their female students, the LGBT community encouraged Charles to use Wells Fargo as a political weapon to teach students that a boy’s choice is far superior to a girl’s right.  Charles gave absolutely no consideration to the issues facing female customers of Wells Fargo in today’s America. He only concerned himself with the sexual choices of men in America.

Wells Fargo issued a press statement about the Step Up program, “We have reviewed this matter carefully and have decided to no longer support Step Up for Students…All of us at Wells Fargo highly value diversity and inclusion, and we oppose discrimination of any kind.”

Wells Fargo

“We oppose discrimination of any kind.”


Charles W. Scharf

  • Believes that if a girl tells a boy to stay out of her shower then she is discriminating against the sexual choices of that boy.
  • Believes that boys have the moral right to compete against girls in girls-only sports and use their gender advantage to rob those girls of their scholarship opportunities.
  • Believes that society must teach girls to shut up and just obey the male-dominated society he and Wells Fargo are funding.
  • Does not believe it’s discrimination for a boy to force himself into the private facilities of female students against their will or desire.
  • Wells Fargo does not believe that girls have the right to tell a boy no in society when that boy makes a choice about his sexuality.   This is the epitome of sexism in corporate America.
  • Women? Do you believe that Wells Fargo is “opposing discrimination” or do you believe that Charles and Wells Fargo are encouraging schools to adopt sexist policies which discriminate against the civil rights of schoolgirls? 

Let’s Start Reclaiming The Civil Rights of Women
Help me reach our elected members of congress with a winning narrative

I decided to take my 30 years of corporate marketing knowledge to help craft narratives regarding today’s political issues.  We’ve lost ground on these issues because of the lies by the Democrat party and the lack of courage by the Republican party.  However, narratives win cultural wars and 100% of the women who read this page agree with 100% of the content.  We are winning Conservatives!!!!  I’ve been asked to write the preamble for legislation to correct this grave injustice against our female citizens.  I’m also writing the marketing to help educate the American people on what the Equality Act truly is.  Can I count on you to help fund my efforts?  I don’t have an organization backing me up but, Not To Speak Is To Speak, and I will fight for my wife, daughter, and your rights as Modern American Women.

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