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Read Trump’s Accomplishments HERE.  I reposted before Biden could take it down.

A New Day Dawns

Five years ago I started on a project because of a silly question that I asked myself; how come conservatives don’t win more of their elections.

400 political leaders, 1 million voters, and dozens of organizations were researched to discover the problem which took me a solid 4 years to complete.

Having discovered the problem, and more importantly the solution to that problem, I set out on discovering how to distribute that knowledge to our leaders to make a national and timely impact on all of our futures.

Over the last two months, many leaders have listened to my audio and the response is always the same; astonishment.  They all say they never thought about it like that before.  They also say that it’s self-evident when they hear the information that I give in the audio.

Hard work and consistency will always pay off and now I have an amazing opportunity to make that national impact by helping our leaders communicate the ideals of conservatism to the American people.

Here is the breakdown of what is about to take place:

  • $250m fundraiser for conservative candidates in 72-hours.  I spent a year asking questions to party insiders across the nation until I discovered how to accomplish this goal.  This places the primaries in the hands of true conservative leaders.
  • A party like no other…This one is under wraps but you will smile from ear to ear.  We will reach the overwhelming majority of American voters in 15 days with a solid conservative message using the questions that I developed.  This will be a $10m project!
  • Workshops.  I’m doing 2-day workshops in every battleground state.  I’m teaching everything that I learned in the last 5 years in 2 days while demonstrating how to practically apply it to campaigns and organizations.  The goal is to teach our leaders how to spend the next 18 months influencing voters to leave the Democrat party.

What does that mean for our relationship?  Well, I have to stop doing the daily news roundup.  My plate just became very full overnight and I have to finish writing the eBook which is the basis for a lot of what I’m doing.  I reached out to several people who I thought might have an interest in doing the daily news roundup but to no avail.

Today’s quote expresses what’s in my heart for all of you.  So many friendships have been made and all of you have been overwhelmingly encouraging to me during this trying time in our nation.  Without all of you, I’m not sure I would have arrived at where I’m at because every day that I felt like quitting someone would send an encouraging email which lifted my spirits.  I’m grateful for all of you.

Fear not, my friends, we will overcome and win this war for truth is most certainly on our side.  2020 was a GREAT year because it revealed who the imposters were and it emboldened citizens to act and to take charge.

Thank you for your friendship!

News Sites I like and You might Too

Check back later this week and I’m going to have a list ready for you.

Quote for of the Day

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you; spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.” — Amy Poehler

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