May 03 21

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The Arizona audit video feeds can be viewed HERE.

Seattle… BLM and Antifa harmed a young child which prompted police to engage the protestors.  Biden’s DOJ has been working to dismiss all the charges filed against Seattle protestors during the Trump administration.

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 Daily Roundup

  • Paycom, an online payroll company based in Oklahoma was found to have filed frivolous lawsuits against a conservative organization. Laws allow compensation to be awarded to the defendant in such cases and the attorney representing the conservative group OCPA is asking for the court to approve a $105 million penalty to prevent Paycom from filing future frivolous suits.  This is what should happen to corporations when they are used for politics instead of business.
  • ABC released a poll showing that most Americans believe the nation is heading in the right direction.  However, many in the news noticed that ABC polled 75% of Democrats in metro areas compared to 18% of Republicans.  This time ABC refused to show the demographic base of those they polled to hide their hypocrisy.
  • Arizona has joined other Republican states requiring proof of job search in order to receive unemployment benefits.
  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill that forbids any state agency or city from requiring or using a vaccine passport.  The governor also signed an executive order ending ALL covid restrictions in the state.
  • New Mexico Governor Grisham (woman) was accused of sexual harassment by an employee who worked on her campaign.  She paid off that employee $62,500 to be quiet and marked that payment as legal expenses.  Now as new revelations are coming to light about how the governor grabbed her employee’s crotch in front of numerous people, Republicans are rightfully asking what can be done about New Mexico’s tyrant.  Governor Grisham has been throwing alcohol binge parties at the expense of New Mexico while promising to fine anyone else who engages in similar behavior.  This double standard is helping to fuel the fire against the Democrat party in New Mexico as the governor’s actions are indefensible by most honest Americans.
  • TN was one of a handful of states who passed a balanced and debt free budget.  Some Republican states tell the public they passed a balanced budget but having to borrow billions to balance that budget isn’t a balanced approach.
  • TN just passed a measure to place a referendum on the 2022 ballot to make TN a right-to-work law by their state’s constitution.  This is the kind of pushback required to prevent the ‘Pro Act’ from becoming law.
  • Arkansas House just passed an amendment adding monies to law enforcement agencies for the specific purpose of pushing back against Biden’s anti-second amendment measures.  NOTE:  Did you know that 3,500 teenagers are killed by excessive drinking of alcohol annually?  Less than a handful are killed by AR-15 rifles annually.  Yet, nowhere in the USA will you find Democrats wanting to sue alcohol makers for the actions of teenagers.
  • Arizona’s legislature just passed Rep. Biasiucci’s legislation giving citizens the ability to pay their speeding fines via community service if they lacked the finances to pay the fine.  This is novel and worthy of our applause.  However, the real story is that Democrats voted against this bill which means they would rather citizens become slaves of the court instead of free citizens of the state.
  • Kansas GOP just overrode their Democrat governor’s veto of their election law reform package.  Kansas will become a GOP trifecta very soon!  Basically, the GOP is currently overriding 4 bills the Democrat governor vetoed.  Democrats have lost the entire state due to their madness and the governor has no power to prevent legislation from becoming law.
  • Imagine a horde of people whose mental state is bent on rage.  Lacking intelligent reason for their rage and the clear inability to reason and they work day and night like a dark Sith lord of a fiction movie made into reality tv.  This is what you will find among Democrat leaders and the state media in Arizona regarding the state’s election audit.  Dozens of legal affidavits were filed by reasonable and intelligent citizens citing election fraud.  Massive emails were uncovered by Maricopa County workers questioning the election process prior to the election.  Secret ballot scanning of signatures without GOP monitors.  Dead voters, out-of-sate voters, questionable ballots with mechanical impressions, are all valid reasons why citizens lack confidence in the Maricopa election results.  Democrats state this was the most honest and transparent election to date.  If that were truly the case then they would be wholeheartedly on board with the audit to only prove their belief.  Instead, the media have degraded their profession by reporting on Democrat talking points and promulgating their lies.  To the honest voter, Democrats are giving them a reason to believe that fraud actually exists given the extreme measures they have taken to prevent and hinder the audit.  I believe we will see there was massive fraud in Maricopa Co and they know it and it’s the reason for their rage.
  • A journalist in Arizona took a photo of members auditing ballots and then posted that picture online against the audit rules and state election laws.  It’s a felony in AZ to publish a picture of a completed ballot which is clearly seen in the photo.  The Democrats Jumped all over Republicans for kicking out the journalist responsible for that photo.  However, those SAME Democrats just sent a letter to the DOJ requesting monitors to help oversee the ballot.  Why?  They said they believe that ballots weren’t being kept private and that voter’s rights weren’t being protected.  This level of hypocrisy is on a whole new level.
  • Texas 6th district had an election for the U.S. House.  Democrats were hoping to pick this seat up given the lack of interest in voting by citizens but that just wasn’t the case.  Although no one reached 50% of the vote the two candidates in the runoff are both Republican.  All over America Democrats are losing ground.
  • The 2020 presidential election was not stolen. Anyone who claims it was is spreading THE BIG LIE, turning their back on the rule of law, and poisoning our democratic system.” Rep. Liz Cheney.  NOTE:  Courts said in MI that the SOS violated election law.  In PA Courts said the election board violated election law.  In NH the legislature is forcing an audit because of black and white proof of election fraud.  Cheney’s statement is why every battleground state should have a forensic audit instead of hearings.
  • McAllen Texas had an election for Mayor.  This Latino community gave 85% of their vote to the most conservative candidate running for office.  There were 5 candidates running and no one reached 50% so there will be a runoff.  However, the real story is the monumental shift by the Latino communities to strong conservative candidates.
  • India recorded 400,000 new covid cases in a single day breaking their single day record. However, their death rate as a percentage of cases is about 1% which parallels most other nations.
  • Mexico is experiencing a very high covid rate as migrants rampage their borders coming to America. However, Mexico’s death rate is nearly 10%.  This is the highest by a lot of any nation.
  •  Israel
    • Iranian hackers have acquired 100 gigabytes of Israeli H&M’s customer purchasing data and are promising to release that data if H&M doesn’t meet their demands.  The same group targeted Veritas Logistic some weeks ago.
    • In early April Israeli Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen warned that a U.S. based Iranian nuclear deal would send the region into a tailspin and force Israel’s hand to act.  Israel has been busy modifying their F-35s with long range fuel tanks to carry out an attack on Iran’s nuclear sites should Biden continue on his dangerous path to give Iran cover to build nuclear weapons.
    • IDF announced that there isn’t a single active COVID case among their soldiers for the first time since the outbreak of the virus.
  • Texas Democrat Pat Fallon called Senator Scott an oreo as a racial slur proves that white and black liberals have never embarrassed black Americans.  Black liberals auction off the future prosperity of their fellow black Americans while white liberals keep black Americans enslaved to the dungeons of poverty by refusing to allow them access to quality education.
  • Governor Pritzker of IL promised during his campaign to veto any redistricting map drawn by a partisan legislature.  That was until the census showed up and citizens becoming angry at his policies.  The census has caused state Democrats to lose at least 4 seats should they keep the same map but now the governor is calling for his Democrat-led legislature to draw up their own maps and breaking his promise.  You can never trust a Democrat!
  • Arizona Sec. of State Hobbs brought in Democrat operatives from Washington D.C. to monitor the audit process.  She refused to send anyone from her own office.
  • 70 charges of child rape and sexual assault against minors were filed by those who crossed our borders illegally during the month of March.  What’s really sad is that these charges only occurred in the state of North Carolina. There are 49 other states experiencing historic crimes against our youth by illegal aliens.
  • YouTube took down another channel providing coverage of the Arizona audit citing community standards.  Funny how they never cite the exact phrase that violates their standards.   Seems to me the Colorado baker should cite that homosexuals are violating community standards and it’s why they can’t bake a cake for their wedding.  This would make for an interesting court case.
  • New Mexico is the third-largest producer of oil and the eighth-largest producer of natural gas in the United States.  The revenue from those products accounts for 18% of the state spending budget.  Biden’s ban on natural gas and oil production threatens a 50% reduction in that revenue.  However, the problem will also reduce payroll tax revenue while increasing unemployment expenses.  The New Mexico governor has given herself over to alcohol parties and truly is the modern day version of Nero as her empire burns to the ground.

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“The challenge of life is not to become prideful when victories abound nor become despondent when failures seem to lurk at every corner. Today’s failures provide the wisdom to achieve tomorrow’s success.  If you stop navigating the seasons of life today, then you’ll never learn how to reap the harvest of success tomorrow.”

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