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Welcome to The Republic Journal.  My writing style is casual and furiously fast. My goal is to inform my readers of worthy news while avoiding useless gossip.  I keep the political commentary to an absolute minimum and provide educational insight to legislation that you need to know about.   From news to political strategy to heart warming encouraging articles, you will find it all here.  Thank you for joining me on this journey we all call life. I provide updates throughout each day M-F.

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Gun Fact: 

Democrats want us to think we have a gun problem when in reality we have a violence problem. Violence comes from the heart and will occur regardless of the tool used. Therefore, the solution isn’t to remove the tool from the hands of the innocent, it’s to change the heart of the guilty.” – Homeschool Mom

Daily Roundup

  • Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeals rejected gun control ordinances by counties which were in direct violation of state law.  The judge said the state sets gun laws and not local ordinances.
  • A federal judge ruled that D.C. can’t restrict church attendance by any measure, which is just in time for Easter.
  • H&M has been erased from the entire Chinese internet by the Chinese government because H&M decided to stop purchasing cotton from the Xinjiang province because of China’s violation of human rights in that province.  China represents 20% of H&M sales.
  • Vietnam and the Philippines are up in arms over China sending out flotillas to create fake islands.  Both nations are ready to start a war, and China isn’t backing down because of Biden’s weak posture.  NOTE:  There are more than 200 boats tied together as a flotilla.  This isn’t your usual South China Sea party, and it’s growing.
  • The U.S. is increasing the number of planes and patrols in the South China Sea as China is now aggressively working to plant buildings on islands in international waterways to make the claim they own that land.
  • Israel to host the world Judo championship for the first time.
  • ICE had more illegal alien encounters in Feb ’21 than any month over the last 7 years.
  • “Bottom line is no one has a right to riot, no one has the right to destroy others property, and no one has the right to physically endanger the life of another.” – State rep Chris Yarborough. FL just passed state resolution HR1 which denies any mob to riot in the state and greatly increases the penalties for doing so while at the same time providing protections for Florida’s law enforcement officers who have to engage rioters.
  • Florida Gov. DeSantis took to the podium today to announce that if the CDC refuses to lift the ban on cruise ships he will take them to court very soon.
  • AP management sent a notice to their reporters telling them to not call the events at the border a “crisis.”  Nothing like fake news!
  • DOJ has become the latest victim of focusing on racial profiling of the American people.  They started a campaign asking Americans to report “hate crimes.”  No campaign to report rape, murder, child molestation, COVID funds theft.  Just hate crimes.  The word hate is very subjective, and it’s why the very law is Orwellian in nature.
  • Parler announced they were working with the FBI to help stop the Capitol Hill riots before it even took place.  This flies in the face of Amazon blaming them for the riots and helps their legal case against Amazon.
  • Georgia House of Representatives will hold special hearings on the rapid rise of violent crime now plaguing Atlanta, GA.  Like all other cities which used to be a beacon of prosperity before Democrats took over, Atlanta has become a growing cancer in an otherwise healthy state.
  • I saw this coming, and here we are.  The Securities and Exchange Commission has taken an approach of forcing companies to engage in climate change politics against their will or desire.  The SEC is about to create regulations forcing publicly traded companies to publish their climate activities.  First of all, this is outside of the SEC authority, and secondly, it’s forced speech.  WV AG Patrick Morrisey penned a letter to the SEC Chairman detailing his failure to uphold his oath of office.  It’s a worthy read to inform yourself of upcoming legal battles.
  • Arkansas bans boys from robbing girls of their athletic scholarships by denying them access to female-only sports.
  • Oakland, CA is in a firestorm of a different kind.  The homicide rate has jumped 300% from a  year ago as the number of active patrol officers drop to a five-year low and is continuing to dwindle.  The liberals in the city have cried racism to the point that now the African and Latino communities are paying the ultimate price for Dems’ radicalized policies.
  • 88,000 Americans are killed by alcohol every year.  However, Democrats focus on a rifle responsible for about 100 deaths a year.
  • MI high court rebukes Governor Whitmer over her casual take on a WW2 law granting the executive unchecked power.  The problem for Whitmer was that the law changed some 30 years later restricting her power, and yet she chose to lie to the public about her rights to act in a pandemic.  The judge said, “Whitmer failed to comply with an existing state law and decided a World War II era law was an unconstitutional grab of legislative power by the governor’s office.”  All over the nation Democrat governors are getting rebuked for their willful abuse of powers.  Now that the court has spoken, individuals have the right to sue Whitmer personally.
  • BREAKING…6th Circuit reverses a federal judge’s decision to list a “bump stock” like a machine gun per ATF rules.  Very few people own a bump stock for obvious reasons if you’re a shooter.  A bump stock helps to move the gun back into a firing position from your shoulder so as to cause your finger to depress the trigger once again making it appear as if your semi-auto rifle is a full-auto.  However, your point of aim is hilariously awful.
  • Oakland, CA will give $500 a month to people of color and other minorities who make less than $59k if they have 4 or more children with no strings attached.  Well, actually there is a  BIG string, and that is you can’t be white, Jew, or other races they disagree with.  Yes, you read that right. They are using racism as the means to create racist policies.  No, this isn’t constitutional, and yes I’m sure the poor white people who will be left out of the lottery pool will be challenging this in court.  I think someone needs to sue the mayor personally for emotional distress since she lacks any authority anywhere to exclude anyone from accessing city services.
  • NYU now provides 30 different gender choices on their student application.
  • The same spirit which drove American liberals to remove Trump has been at work to drive out Netanyahu from Israel.  Israel just conducted its 4th election in less than 2 years and they still can’t elect enough of one party to form a government.  Therefore, it appears that Netanyahu is on the verge of forming a majority government by relying on the Islamist party who won enough seats to help push Netanyahu over the edge.  The liberals are so full of hate that they have driven the nation into a non-stop political campaign, and they still can’t win.
  • 16,500 illegal children are now in ICE custody.  
  • FL is raising the min unemployment benefit from $275 to $375 weekly.
  • OK Senate about to pass a bill requiring students who are awarded scholarships but don’t graduate to pay back the state for that scholarship.
  • MO makes “call spoofing” a felony.  This is a type of prank which has led to many deaths in the nation.  Someone will call from a cell stating that they want to kill themselves or someone else and gives a fake address.  The swat is called into action, and they burst through the doors of very unsuspecting homeowners.
  • Georgia Senate just passed election reform, and you can read the roundup HERE
  • “Kamala Harris compared ICE to the KKK. She called for decriminalizing illegal border crossings, and for giving illegal immigrants free health care. Now Joe Biden says ‘she speaks for me’ on the border crisis? That should concern every American.” Ronna McDaniel
  • A California poll showed that 44.5% of all Latinos would vote to recall Newsom and will not vote for him should he run again.
  • GA State GOP Executive Committee made a request of Raffensperger to publicly “repudiate the misconduct of his employees.” He has refused all requests to meet with the subcommittee investigating his office, and now the executive committee publicly stated they will take action against Raffensperger.
  • Kansas passed a law requiring 100% in-person teaching for all schools starting March 31st.
  • Iowa House working to greatly expand charter schools while also extending greater oversight of the public school system.
  • Florida House debating a bill to give law enforcement great power to combat rioters who are destroying property or lives.  Florida was one of the few states where BLM wasn’t allowed to destroy a city because of the actions of both GOP and DEM mayors.  In fact, one sheriff promised to deputize 1,000 citizens should he have to.  Now, the state legislature is putting teeth to their bark.
  • AL joins 13 other states in suing Biden over banning all future oil production.  He lacks that authority.
  • AZ Supreme Court ruled that all businesses must be treated the same as it relates to covid restrictions.  Gov. Ducey (REP) was unequally applying laws without a single scientific report to back up his madness.

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“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, I used everything you gave me.” -Erma Bombeck

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