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Welcome to The Republic Journal.  My writing style is casual and furiously fast. My goal is to inform my readers of worthy news while avoiding useless gossip.  I keep the political commentary to an absolute minimum and provide educational insight to legislation that you need to know about.   From news to political strategy to heart warming encouraging articles, you will find it all here.  Thank you for joining me on this journey we all call life. I provide updates throughout each day M-F.

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The Need for Moral Courage

“No arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is as formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women.” – Ronald Reagan

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Daily Roundup

  • BREAKING…The U.S. Senate voted to confirm Merrick Garland with a 70-30 vote.  The  Republican senators who voted to confirm him must be removed from office.  Merrick is a disaster in the making.  The statements he made during the hearing should be more than enough for any Republican to vote against him.  In my opinion this is a vote which should be used to determine support for any senator the next time they run for re-election.
  • In one of the most horrific stories to come out this year, Attorney General Eric Schmitt of MO announced 100 felony charges against the leadership of a girl’s reform school.  Systemic rape and gory sexual assault acts were commited by the girl’s home leadership for years.  Dear God we pray for those girls to have a restored soul and a refreshed heart by your very grace!
  • Florida’s AG, Ashley Moody has joined other AGs in suing Biden over his refusal to protect our borders from invasion.
  • DOJ announced a settlement in NJ where the state has made opening up a house of worship a rigorous process.  The state will rescind onerous zoning laws to comply with federally protected religious rights fo their citizens.
  • DOJ files suit against the Mobile Al Sheriff’s department because female prison guards were subjected to full frontal nudity by inmates.  BUT WAIT.. In NJ the AG announced last year that a woman will be placed in the same cell as a man.  So, where’s the justice for the NJ women?
  • WV Republicans discuss plans on ending the state’s income tax.
  • OK Senate passed a measure to mark OK a second amendment sanctuary state.
  • OK Senate passed a measure allowing municipalities to determine if government employees can carry concealed firearms or not.
  • Arkansas House passed female sports protection laws denying transgenders from robbing girls of their scholarship opportunities.  They also passed a law making it a felony to submit kids to gender altering drugs.
  • Kaboommmmm- OK House passes a law which protets motorists from personal lawsuits if they accidentally hit a person engaged in rioting.  Another common sense law moving forward in Republican states.
  • There’s a civil war brewing in Texas.  Austin City Council and Travis County issued a directive that wearing a mask outside of your home is still required despite Texas rescinging those laws statewide.  Ken Paxton, Texas AG, issued a warning to those two entities that they have until 6pm cst to comply or criminal charges will be filed.
  • The Pro Act just passed the House and here is what it will do…
    • Take away your right to engage in contract labor utilizing your artistic and trade craft skillsets.  In one week untold thousands of Americans lost access to their living wages after California passed this law and should the Senate pass this bill then tens-of-millions of Americans will experience the same fate.
    • Force your boss to give over your name, cell # and physical address to ANY union who simply requests them ahead of a union election. Worst of all your boss isn’t required to notify you that your private information was given over to a third-party.  Does this sound like someone who cares more about you or more about union political money?
    • Void ALL of your state’s right to work laws.  This means that if you desire to work for a company or government entity which has a union, you will have to financially give your paycheck dollars to that union as a condition of employment even if you don’t want to.  This is what Democrats calls equality.  
    • If you own a small business this bill virtually takes away your client attorney privilege as it pertains to employee disputes.
    • If you own a small business and provide products or services to any business or organization that has a union and that business has a union dispute, then Democrats believe the union should have the right to come and picket in front of your business even though you have NOTHING to do with that dispute.
    • It’s actually worse than above but you get the idea.  The House passed the same bill in the last legislation but the GOP stopped it in the Senate, but now it’s up to the will of the people to fight it back.
  • Illinois residents now pay the most in taxes of all 50 states in the union.  To pay for the union control residents pay an average of $9,500 more in taxes per household than other states.
  • S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson has joined several other AGs in suing Biden over an EO which takes “Social Costs” into account when determining what enviromental rules to enact.  Biden lacks authority to implement this EO, but that hasn’t stopped him.  However, since federal regulators will be the ones who will determine social costs then the sky is the limit and we are in for a massive increase in everything we purchase.
  • Arizona AG sues Biden over immigration policies.
  • Five persons have been charged with voter fraud in Illinois including forgery.
  • President Biden’s South Asia Czar, Kurt Campbell, was the GUEST OF HONOR at a China propoganda event.
  • South Korea will pay 13% more this year for the 28,000 U.S. troops stationed in their nation.
  • National Guard members will now stay in D.C. until the end of May.  When, I’m sure, they will be ordered to stay even longer.
  • Fourth Court of Appeals sided with Texas over San Antonio’s requirement that employers provide 56 hours of sick leave each year for employees on top of vaction and personal leave time.  The court stated that state law preempts city ordinances.
  • BREAKING…there is a massive hearing taking place in Wisconsin today that is one for the books. The hearing is dealing with the criminal actions which took place in Wisconsin’s 2020 presidential election and details in extreme detail how Democrat operatives stole the election.  I would write about but I found an article that is as good as they come.  READ HERE
  • Biden requested that Muslims from nations that Trump banned should reapply for visas. However, most of the nations that Trump banned have also been banned by Canada, Mexico and most Middle Eastern nations.
  • Middle East
    • There is a real and growing threat in the Middle East and it’s Biden and Harris.  They are creating a scenario where Iran will be emboldened to move forward with their nuclear capabilities knowing the U.S. will not interfere.  Furthermore, Biden and Team are taking the position of leaving Saudi Arabia in favor of terrorist nations.  This will leave Saudi joining Israel as a strategic military ally which will cause massive waves of unrest in the Middle East among Muslim nations.  We are literally witnessing the unfolding of a Democrat made disaster which will have devestating cosequences for us here in the states.  Author Joel Rosenberg said, “What people don’t realize is that Iran’s number one way of striking back at Israel is not primarily with Iranian missiles but with Iranian-built missiles – 150,000 of them – positioned in Lebanon and all aimed at us here in Israel.”
    • Experts believe that an Israeli/Lebanon war is very possible in 2021.
    • India has requested its refiners to start building relationships with oil producers outside of OPEC.  Opec announced cuts to its oil production starting in April.  India imports 84% of its oil needs making them the largest importer in the world of middle eastern oil.  India said, “We have asked companies to aggressively look for diversification. We cannot be held hostage to the arbitrary decision of Middle East producers. When they wanted to stabilize the market we stood by them.”
    • The Tennessee National Guard’s 1st Battalion, 181st Field Artillery Regiment just deployed 350 soldiers for a 10 month tour of duty in the Middle East.
    • Biden issued sanctions agaisnt Israeli billionaire, Dan Gertler, regarding his mining operation in the Congo.  They said he is looting the people of Congo but provided no proof of how is doing this.
    • Israel, Greece, and Cyprus sign a historical energy deal.  First of all they agreed to lay a 1,500 mile subsea power cable connecting the three countries together.  This cable should be completed by 2025.  Then the three countries agreed on a combined effort to harvest nearly 4.1tn cubic feet of gas which is enough to completely cut Russia out of the picture.  Russia currently provides the Mediterranean nations with natural gas and these nations desire a different partner.
  • Texas enacted 500 guardsmen to patrol and protect the border.
  • Illegal alien crossings have increased by 500% under Biden, and he’s not even 90 days into office.
  • California has $31B in fraudulant unemployment claims.  However, the most concerning problem lies in the fact that 1 million unemployment claims have been left unresolved. Governor Newsom is allowing people to suffer while he has no problem with thieves stealing the people’s money.
  • The Democratic Socialists of America took over the Nevada Democratic Party leadership which resulted in the entire Democrat staff quitting.  The fact that the Republican Party in Nevada hasn’t done more to get to the bottom of the 2020 election fraud demonstartes a complete lack of historical understanding of where we sit in the USA.  When 20k to 30k votes can be cast by people who don’t even live in the state without correction or prosecution that means the state has been lost by a lack of courage and will by the Nevada GOP.

The Socratic Conservative

To Mask or Not To Mask? That Is The Question.

In Arizona, state Rep. Joseph Chaplik has sponsored legislation which moves mask mandates from government authority to a small-business owner’s perogative.   In Texas, Governor Abbott removed the mask mandate which led to Houston’s chief of police politicizing his office for emotional reasons stating that there will be deaths as a result of this policy.  Forget the fact that there were deaths when the mask mandate was in effect.

How should the socratic conservative respond?  With a question of course.  However, let’s first understand a principle at work here.  Republicans have allowed the mask mandate to become a poltiical issue instead of a scientific issue.  Instead of the mandate being Republicans versus Democrats we must move this issue into a debate about masks being science or science fiction. Therefore, there is only one question Republicans should ask Democrats and the public.

If I were Governor Abbott, I would put it like this: Chief Acevedo, could you give me the name of the mask manufacturer who has legally advertised their masks can prevent or slow the spread of covid?  This one question takes the politics out of the issue and puts the spotlight on the science of wearing masks. Therefore, since no manufacturer would dare make the statement that they can slow covid’s spread, we uncover the fallacy of the mask mandate, and we place this issue back into the corner of science fiction.

Furthermore, I would ask for the scientific papers detailing which masks were proven to slow the spread of covid.  Again, no such report exists.  Lastly, I would point to states and cities with no restrictions in place which aptly demonstrates there is no difference in covid case counts.  The only difference they will find is that mask-mandate states have higher death rates especially among nursing home residents.

As always, the question reveals the lie by leading our citizens down a path to a self evident revelation of truth.  Imagine how many citizens would immediately start looking for masks which claim to slow or prevent the spread of covid.

We must help the public understand the truth in a midst of lies set forth by a very new and radicalized Democrat party.

Mask Mandate Study

Arkansas implemented a mask mandate on July 20th while Oklahoma stayed the course of not requiring one.  No difference detected in covid case count for either state.  Both states border each other and have similar industries.

David Crowder

David’s musical talent never ends.

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“Socialism only works in two places: Heaven where they don’t need it and hell where they already have it.” Ronald Reagan

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Vintage Illustration of the Socialist Party in America.


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