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Welcome to The Republic Journal.  My writing style is casual and furiously fast. My goal is to inform my readers of worthy news while avoiding useless gossip.  I keep the political commentary to an absolute minimum and provide educational insight to legislation that you need to know about.   From news to political strategy to heart warming encouraging articles, you will find it all here.  Thank you for joining me on this journey we all call life. I provide updates throughout each day M-F.

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Why is HR 1 Illegal?

Read how the Bush/Gore case speaks to this legislative attempt to sabotage our future elections.  READ HERE

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  • NM Governor Grisham is under fire for using a discretionary account meant for entertaining visting delegates to purchase personal items.  GOP House delegates are demanding that she turns over her visitor logs for several holiday periods where she implemented some of the harshest pandemic measures in the union.  The appearance is that she has joined several other Democrat governors who made everyone else suffer while avoiding the rules themselves.
  • You can’t get any dumber than Va. Rep. Helmer who said that Virginia would not be using MRAP vehicles to rescue people in flooded areas.  MRAP vehicles are heavy  duty almost indestructible trucks which can’t get through anything and are routinely donated to cities by the military.  As he is explaining why he desires to prevent VA cities from having these life saving vehicles.  Dozens of videos were playing showing the MRAPs were the only vehicles able to go in and save citizens from heavily flooded zones.  He said you would “drown the police” in a multi-ton MRAP which was just another typical Dem lie proven by historical video.
  • VA Governor Northam can’t explain why VA residents who applied for unemployment last year still haven’t received an answer or a check.  This mimics the exact same issue in PA, MI, WI, and other Democrat controlled states.  One might need to look at who is getting the check and who isn’t.  Are they punishing rural areas while helping urban voters?
  • BREAKING….Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall wins a victory for the conservative movement.  Democrats have been attempting to ratify an amendment to our Constitution which states that citizens can’t be treated differently based on their gender.  This sounds good until you realize that all female program would end immediately.  Three Democrat controlled states have attempted to ratify the amendment in their states in an attempt to add this to our constitution.  However, the problem is that congress only gave states 7 years to pass this amendment and then they extended it for a few more years.  Both of those time constraints have passed, but Dems are actually making the argument that they still have a right to force this into our constitution despite no legal authority to do so.  AG Marshall just won in federal court who agreed with his timeline argument.  Dems have promised to appeal to SCOTUS but to what end?  If a political party can just make up rules then why do we have any?
  • Death count in Texas has passed 80 from the winter storm that ravaged the state last month. We do know that a great number of these death came from carbon monoxide poisoning after citizens slept in running cars or in over-insulated rooms.  This disaster started in 2015 when Republicans, along with the entire Democrat caucus in Texas’ legislature, started replacing coal and oil producing generators with wind and solar energy.  The demand for energy, as a result of the winter storm could have been met by conventional coal, natural gas, or oil producing generators.  However, one can’t create more wind or sunlight to mitigate the disaster which was unfolding by the hour.  Green energy is destructive by design and costly.  Without taxpayers subsidizing these forms of energy through their taxes the public would never agree to pay such high utility rates.  However, the truth is that they are already paying high utility rates through fees and taxes.  Did you know that it literally takes more oil to create and maintain a wind generator than what the generator saves in its lifetime?  There is no such thing as clean energy!
  • Read it and smile… Florida Democrats are reeling under a massive loss in 2020 after nearly $500m was spent in the state only to lose two Dem House seats, Presidential electors, 2 state house seats and state senate seat.  If that wasn’t bad enough the state party was $870k in debt and they cancelled employees health insurance as a result of it.  Democrats enjoyed a 700k voter registration advantage nearly a decade ago and it has dwindled down to 11k this election.  Furthermore, 1k people are moving to Fl every day and the reports are that these new residents are very conservative and will never vote for a Democrat.  Lastly, Florida has held a GOP trifecta for nearly 20 years.  Democrats actually believe they won GA and AZ fair and square and will win them again in 2022 and 2024.  I believe they will lose these two states and NH, NM, PA, MI, WI, and see a thinning in the House and Senate.
  • Author Robert Stevenson once said that, “Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences.”  The tables are being prepared for Democrats in power.  A new poll conducted in battleground districts across the nation now show that the GOP has a +8 polling advantage.  This is huge because many of these districts just voted for Biden, but now that they are drinking the sour wine of his presidency and they are running for the hills.  78% of independents are against the socialist policies of the Democrat party.  Without winning the independents and female votes by 5-10% they can’t keep the majority in the House.
  • You can rape a women in the first degree and go to prison for that act but Democrats will fight tooth and nail to make sure that rapist will receive $1400 in stimulus money.  Guess who has to pay for that bill?  The woman who was raped by that man!  The irony that the female vote is what’s keeping Democrats in power is simply gut wrenching.  On March 6th a measure was submitted to the Senate which would prevent prisoners from receiving stimulus money.  EVERY sitting Democrat in the Senate voted against that measure.
  • Democrat Rep. Malinowksi (NJ) made a whopping $2.76m in stock trades in 2020.  Then he refused to report these trades prior to the election year and simply said it was “only” a mistake.  How are all of the Democrats making so much money from trading stocks when they know so little about it?  Maybe it’s because they can make the laws which will strengthen or destroy the industry they are investing in?
  • Heritage Action announced a $10m effort to strengthen election reforms in 8 battleground states ahead of the 2022 elections.
  • BREAKING…California’s recall effort to oust sitting governor Newsom has reached 1.95 million petitions.  They have one week left to collect signatures to reach the required number of 1.5m valid petitions.  Unlike the general election which did not require signature matching the government is requiring that these petitions go through the vigorous process and so the groups have been collecting far more than needed.  As of a week ago they were averaging 88% success rate.  Very likely that Newsom will be recalled but then re-elected a year from now.  This is California so nothing will change but the drama has been fun to watch.
  • North Carolina legislature passed a bipartisan bill to re-open schools which Gov. Cooper vetoed.  The legislature attempted to override the veto but lost by one vote when Democrat state senator Paul Lowe voted against the NC voters.  When asked why did he stand against NC he simply said, “I am a Democrat. He’s the governor, and a Democratic governor.”  Party affiliation over sound policy is typical Democrat management philosophy.
  • Biden is approaching 50 executive orders.
  • Conservative Kentucky Attorney Daniel Cameron steps up to the plate to help stop human trafficking.  Read his new site HERE 
  • Conservative Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt joined twelve other state attorney generals in suing Biden over his attempt to implement the “Green New Deal” by executive order which is an illegal act.  Schmidt said, “Once again, an administration wants federal bureaucrats to do by burdensome regulation what it is unable to pass through Congress…This order would result in new regulations that would significantly burden Kansas agriculture, energy production and manufacturing. No president has authority to impose this massive job-killing cost on our economy by executive order.”
  • SCOTUS turns down Trump’s Wisconsin lawsuit.  Trump wasn’t asking to turn over the election. He was simply asking the Supreme Court to step in and force lower courts to respect the rights of Wisconsin’s legislature.
  • So much for weather predictions.  The government’s paid computer systems incorporate global warming models into their future predictions which is just useless for normal Americans.  From the Farmers Almanac to The Weather Channel they all called for way above average temps across the nation in February.  Instead, we experienced record cold temps all the way to the Florida Keys.  However, looking over the last 40 years of El Ninos one can see that when the pacific Ocean is colder than usual, then the midwest is pounded with record breaking spring storms.  This year looks to be horrendous and disaster responders should beef up resources ahead of the April/May storm period.  Others are predicting a mild summer for North America with a cooler than normal spring.
  • Guy Ritchie is set to direct a new WW2 thriller loosely based Great Britain’s first black ops unit known as the ‘Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare.’
  • South Korea and the U.S. have agreed to a financial number which requires South Korea to increase their share for the 28,000 U.S. troops stationed in their country.  President Trump was asking the nation to pay 5 times as much but the new deal has been kept under wraps so we know they are paying a lot less.
  • Black students in Democrat controlled Texas cities are falling way behind white and other black students in the state.  This proves that educational achievements are not based on the color of skin. Rather, it’s dependent on the quality of the educational system. Democrats have implemented widespread and systemic racist policies in their educational programs which are destroying the hopes and dreams of black American families.
  • The “Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden” group, who raised money and support for Biden’s presidency, sent an open letter to Biden expressing how they feel betrayed by Biden’s pro-abortion policies.  Seriously?  People will always be gullible I guess!
  • Dem’s Covid package cost the American people $5750 while only giving them $1,400.
  • 90% of the American people are concerned about the state-of-the-economy now that Democrats have taken control.
  • South China Sea Update.
    • Germany announced they will send a naval warship to patrol the Sea in an effort to keep China’s aggression in check.
    • France sent a nuclear sub for a 3 months joint exercise with U.S. naval ships.
    • Vietnam is increasing missile emplacements along the Sea.
    • France decided to send a larger show of force with an amphibious assault naval group to patrol the Spratly Islands where China is attempting to lay claim.
    • U.S. Marines have begun conducting guerrilla warfare training in preparation for war with China on the myriad of islands.
    • Vietnam and Thailand are developing better relations in an effort to help build mutual military support against China.
    • Great Britain sent their carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, along with a wide array of support craft through the South China Sea as another show of force.
    • The U.S. has a “train” going to the South China Sea which will consist of two aircraft battle groups.  This is a HIGHLY unusual maneuver  and has been in the works before Biden came into office.
    • U.S. and Japan enter into bilateral talks to develop strategies that will push back against china’s aggression in the Sea.
  • Swiss voters back ban on facial coverings by Muslims and other religious groups.
  • Arizona Election Audit Update….Maricopa Co. packed up 17 pallets of ballots and put them in an unsecured warehouse to be delivered to the senate.  However, this was extremely odd given that no one from the senate contacted Maricopa Co to actually box up the ballots.  Then someone sent talking points to the media stating that Republicans fought to get access to the ballots but now they have no plan to actually receive them.  The senate was in the middle of determining which company to contract with to actually do the audit when Maricopa started their games.  Furthermore, the audit is to encompass more than the ballots themselves and this latest move by Maricopa Election Board members seems to be part of the ongoing pushback by those who conducted an illegal election.
  • Unconfirmed by me, but I’ve seen what some have told me are pictures of shredded ballots discovered in dumpsters behind the Maricopa County Tabulation Center.  If true, this raises serious questions.  The shredded ballots were kept by patriots to be turned over to the Senate.  In an odd twist, a mysterious fire broke out at one of the Maricopa County’s board members barn on Saturday which was the same day the shredded ballots appeared in the dumpsters.
  • President Trump sent a cease and desist letter to various RNC political organizations.  The letter instructs them to stop using his name and likeness in their political communications especially in fundraising efforts.  Trump is working to starve the political leadership funds which support establishment Republicans.
  • Israel
    • Created a two-tier citizenship program.  Those with green cards showing they received the vaccine can travel anywhere and those who don’t have the green card can’t.  It’s like they didn’t learn a thing from the nazis.
    • Three Palestinian men from the same family were fishing in a boat off the Gaza coast on Sunday when their boat exploded killing all three.  One witness said he saw a missile hit the boat but no one could confirm that report.
    • In a show of force the U.S. flew a B-52 bombe across Israel with Israeli jets providing air security.
    • Israeli tech firm launches D-Fend.  This tech can take over an incoming drone attack and re-route the drones to where Israel desires including where they were launched from.
    • Israel believes that an attack from Lebanon isn’t far off and they have been extremely busy building defensive strategies for that soon to be confrontation.  Israel’s army conducted military exercises utilizing their brand new Merkava Mark IV tank which has offensive and defensive capabilities.  The tank holds the world renown anti-missile TROPHY system which can defend itself from incoming attacks.
    • Brazilian medical delegation will be meeting with Israeli scientists who have developed a drug that cures COVID.  The drug has shown remarkable progress in stopping COVID dead in its tracks.  The drug, which is called EXO-CD24 nasal spray, has been in one clinical trial demonstrating a 90% success rate.

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“The Pessimist Sees Difficulty In Every Opportunity. The Optimist Sees Opportunity In Every Difficulty.” – Winston Churchill

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