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Welcome to The Republic Journal.  My writing style is casual and furiously fast. My goal is to inform my readers of worthy news while avoiding useless gossip.  I keep the political commentary to an absolute minimum and provide educational insight to legislation that you need to know about.   From news to political strategy to heart warming encouraging articles, you will find it all here.  Thank you for joining me on this journey we all call life. Updates start @ 10am M-F

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Why is HR 1 Illegal?

Read how the Bush/Gore case speaks to this legislative attempt to sabotage our future elections.  READ HERE

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  • The Republic Journal has grown 25% in the last 30-days.  Thank you all for sharing the site.  I’m about to give the site a facelift to help better serve all of you.
  • 26 states have abortion waiting laws and Kentucky just filed a 21-state amicus brief in support of Tennessee’s waiting laws which are being challenged by those who hate God’s most wonderful creation: us!
  • Maricopa Co ballots from the 2020 election are now being boxed up and sent to the AZ Senate for a full forensic audit.  The audit itself will take 2 weeks to conduct, but we’re looking at 4-6 weeks before the final news story comes out.  Maricopa Co attempted to ship 17 pallets of ballots to the Senate, but Senator Fann said wait a minute.  We want to do the audit in the same place the election took place because we are not just auditing ballots we’re auditing your equipment, including your routers.
  • Have you ever heard of the phrase “where there’s smoke there’s fire?”  Well it’s smoking plenty at the governor’s mansion in Michigan.  Governor Whitmer “accepted” the resignation of Steve Gray, who was the former director of the state Unemployment Insurance Agency.  When she accepted his resignation she paid him $85k as part of that resignation agreement.  Wait, what?  A person tendered their resignation, but you’re paying them money and then requiring a non-disclosure agreement with that government official?  Then Robert Gordon, former director of Michigan’s Health Department, who oversaw the pandemic response, resigned. And she paid him a whopping $155k and required him to sign a hush hush agreement to receive that payment.  Gov. Whitmer is under investigation over her handling of the pandemic in regards to nursing home deaths and unemployment response times.  The two government employees who just resigned with a serious paycheck would be the two who would be called upon to testify about Whitmer’s actions.  Now they are under contract to keep quiet.  Democrats are not as dumb as many believe.
  • Minimum wage increase will lead to devastating consequences.
    • Childcare costs would increase between $3,500 to $6,000 a year.
    • Every time the minimum wage has increased, so did the cost of the Big Mac.
    • Cost of manufacturing would go up.
    • The cost of shipping the product from the manufacturer to the distributor would go up.
    • The cost of shipping from the distributor to the retailer would go up.
    • The cost to the retailer goes up.
    • The price to the end user goes up astronomically, thus negating the increase of the minimum wage.
    • Electricity, fuel, food, lawn care, medical, childcare, union dues, it all increases in cost when you double the minimum wage overnight.
  • HR 1 bill keeps getting worse the more you find out about it.  The bill requires states to automatically register individuals to vote instead of just citizens.  Yes, you read that right!
  • Arizona Republicans are going after Gov. Ducey for his refusal to lift his year long shutdown orders.  They just introduced legislation to end his emergency powers forever.
  • Establishment Republicans are getting irritated with Rep. Greene from Georgia.  They are now joining with Democrats to overcome her motions to dismiss the radical legislative agenda of Biden and Team.  Greene was the only one who forced a roll call vote on a very radical amendment by Rep. Bush.  Now, Rep. Andy Biggs is stepping up to the plate and calling out the establishment for their refusal to fight back and stand with Greene.  Go Andy!
  • 12,500 PA nursing home residents lost their lives to Governor Wolf’s decision to force nursing homes to take in covid patients.  
  • PA has lost 500,000 jobs FOREVER due to shutdowns.  If that isn’t enough, Republicans revealed that when citizens call the Unemployment Compensation Call Center they only receive a busy signal.  When a resident does make contact with a government employee the return with an answer time is more than 2 months.  I can tell you this for 100% certainty, Donald Trump did not lose PA!
  • Democrat Wisconsin State Senate Minority Leader Sen. Bewley says that voters who don’t want sales tax increases are “not smart.” – WIGOP….Not sure how this new ad campaign by the Democrats will work out for them.
  • New Hampshire’s attorney general was asked to conduct a statewide audit of their 2020 election after counties found electronic systems removing exactly 3% of vote totals from Republican candidates.  New Hampshire elected a trifecta of Republicans but voted for Biden!
  • Supreme Court seems ready to rule in Arizona’s favor regarding their election laws.  Justices seemed to side with the common sense fact that you must have order in elections, and rules ensure order.  The two most contentious laws are ballot harvesting and voting out of one’s precinct.  Arizona requires voters to vote in their precinct and that only family members can bring a ballot to be dropped off.  Democrats decried this as voter suppression; you know the drill by now.
  •  Russia
    • Biden admin pushes new sanctions on Russia after Alexey Navalny, Putin’s rival, was poisoned.  Those sanctions include 14 different parties including some units of Russia’s military.  Most are economical in nature.
    • Russia has a growing domestic problem of inflation on essential items and reduced revenue to purchase those items with.  Sugar alone grew 64% in cost over the last 12-months.  Giving the disparity of mafia-owned businesses who have millions to spare and a political leader worth billions, it has made for a stark contrast of those who have power and those who don’t.  Protests are increasing and come at a time when Russian leaders have nothing to bargain with.  They don’t have extra food, housing, jobs or increased revenue.  They are hitting the bottom of the barrel.
    • Despite economic hardships, Putin has found a way to build a new and terrifying submarine dubbed Belgorod. It carries six Poseidon torpedos.  The Poseidon is a “new intercontinental, nuclear armed, nuclear-powered, undersea autonomous torpedo.”  It can travel up to 6,000 miles at a depth of 3,000 feet and a speed of nearly 100 mph.  It’s believed to hold Cobalt in an effort to maximize the radioactive damage of the blast.
    • Belarius signs a 5-year military pact with Russia.  “We have signed the strategic partnership program between the Defense Ministries of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation for five years for the first time. This program will make it possible to clearly see the perspective and develop our cooperation with the Russian Federation.” – Belarusian Defense Ministry 

Soldiers being targeted?

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“America without her soldiers would be like God without His angels.” – Claudia Pemberton

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