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Welcome to The Republic Journal.  My writing style is casual and furiously fast. My goal is to inform my readers of worthy news while avoiding useless gossip.  I keep the political commentary to an absolute minimum and provide educational insight to legislation that you need to know about.   From news to political strategy to heart warming encouraging articles, you will find it all here.  Thank you for joining me on this journey we all call life. Updates start @ 10am M-F

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Daily Roundup

  • LA Sheriff Alex Villanueva goes after LA’s most notorious villain, District Attorney, Gascon.  Gascon, who has worked tirelessly to release the most vile criminals, has found himself in the unique position of being recalled by his own citizens.  Furthermore, Sheriff Villanueva has joined in that chorus as well as some liberal judges.  Sheriff Villanueva said that Gascon spits in the faces of victims.
  • Biden’s hypocrisy.  States are removing qualified immunity from police officers who commit unconstitutional acts, but Biden is fighting back.  Well, not really!  He’s only wanting to leave the qualified immunity in situations where officers take a firearm out of a person’s home without a search warrant.  In this instance, he’s ok if an officer commits an unconstitutional act against the American people.
    • Banned the abortion pill by mail.
    • Rebuked the 9th for ignoring an earlier court ruling which denied California’s order to ban indoor church services.  The Supreme Court already ruled on this case, but California leaders once again issued a new injunction which the 9th upheld.  SCOTUS again refused to allow California to enforce prejudicial laws on groups they disagree with. If you can walk into Walmart by the hundreds, then why not churches?  Equality is still a thing despite Democrats hatred of the 14th amendment.
    • The court will hear oral arguments regarding Arizona’s election laws specifically ballot harvesting and the requirement to actually vote in the district in which you live.  NOTE: IF the court allows an outside group to dictate to the state’s legislature how to conduct their elections, then that would be a direct violation of separation of powers.  On this one issue, the Constitution is extremely clear as the 2001 SCOTUS BUSH/GORE case demonstrated.  That court said that the legislative wish in regards to elections is sovereign.  If the legislative body states that you must vote in your district and applies that law equally, then SCOTUS must reaffirm that law.  Only if the law is applied unequally could it be successfully challenged in court.
  • Gov. DeSantis leads the GOP field if Trump doesn’t run in 2024.
  • Rep. Gosar changes the $1.9t pork belly bill into $10k payment to Americans.  That’s serious contrast.
  • Nursing Home Covid Update:
    • 160,000 resident and staff deaths.
    • Florida has the LOWEST resident death rate of any state despite having the highest number of retirees.  .72 per 100 residents.
    • IN, PA, NJ,NY, OH, OK, VA, have the highest death rates per 100 residents.
    • California is experiencing the highest growth of COVID nursing home deaths at 2.27 per 100.
    • PA has 5 times as many COVID deaths per 100 residents as Florida does.
    • Safest place for nursing home residents in the USA is Florida.
    • One New Jersey nursing facility placed dead residents in their refrigeration unit without notifying anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Biden has refused to engage in any press conference which isn’t scripted by CNN.  It’s been 40 days and counting and no press conference.  Remember when the press cried over Trump refusing to do press conferences?  Question:  Is it treason to push executive policy through Biden if he isn’t aware of what he is signing or even remember the next day what he signed?  Is Biden actually giving military orders, speaking with world leaders, or even running our government?  Or, are there others who are acting like they’re the president and using his pen and his lack of mental acuity to push their agenda onto all of us?  Just questions, that’s all.  But I ask them since Biden refuses to speak to the American people via press conferences. It seems as if he or someone else is hiding something.
  • Brazos Electric Power Cooperative Inc, which is Texas’ oldest power generating company, filed for bankruptcy over $1.8b in unpaid liabilities.  The cold snap brought the pain home quickly.
  • Global War is warming up.  Iran and Turkey have attempted to avoid each other because they both know once they tangle, then the house of cards will literally come tumbling down.  However, Turkey is threatening to invade Iraq’s Sinjar region, which Iran isn’t keen on Turkey doing.  Turkey has been committing genocide against the Yazidi population in Sinjar for the last decade.  Not that Iran cares, but just a couple years ago Iraq supported Hashd al-Shaabi, a pro-Iranian group, who wrestled control of the Sinjar region from the Kurdistand Regional Government.  Now, Turkey is threatening to upset that victory and Iran would not sit idly by.  There is a 100-year-old argument of who actually owns Northern Iraq, as Turkey claims that region as their own. They have been looking for any reason to invade Iraq to make it their own territory for the last few decades.  If Turkey moves in, then watch for Iran to counter.  These are challenging times in the world for sure.
  •  Israel
    • Israeli-owned MV Helios Ray cargo vessel was struck with multiple blasts which lead to several holes being opened up above the waterlines.  No injuries were reported, and Israel has blamed Iran for the blasts.
    • Doctors at the Rabin Medical Center-Beilinson Campus in Petah Tikva performed the world’s first cardiac accessory implant surgery without invasive open heart surgery.  Instead of opening up the 65-year-old patient, doctors simply placed the accessory under the skin while the patient was fully aware of her environment.  She went home the same day as the surgery.
    • Israel has entered into serious behind-the-scenes conversations with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain in defense talks.  This highly unusual relationship is being formed due to the vacuum created by Biden’s administration in regards to Iran’s aggressive behavior.
  • Senator Mitch McConnell will vote to confirm Merrick Garland as Biden’s AG.  Merrick is someone who shouldn’t be within 10 states of that office.  His testimony was enough to derail any nominee.  I’m 100% confident Mitch has been compromised. Mitch’s wife was under federal investigation, which seems to have mysteriously disappeared.
  • Rep. Ashley Hinson proposed to replace Pelosi’s railroad to nowhere with more spending for the mental health needs of K-12 students.  Democrats voted NO!
  • The House will vote on Nancy Pelosi’s new Communist Manifesto, ‘For The People Act.’  The bill will make Washington D.C. a state, put D.C. in charge of statewide elections, force speech onto Americans by requiring them to pay for political campaigns via higher taxes, wipe out voter ID laws, and let 16 year olds and felons vote.  And they’re just warming up!
  • Biden’s injustice and lack of equity.  Democrats $1.9T freebie bill benefits urban areas far greater than rural areas.  Sounds like political payback for those who vote Democrat compared to Republican.
  • U.S. Farmers planting crops at historical levels.  This is primarily due to China buying more food than ever before.  China is still reeling from their biblical level flooding which left their farmlands devastated.
  • Some very irate hispanic mommas called out Berkley California’s union leader.  They said, “Matt Meyer Berkeley Federation of Teachers President blocks opening public schools in-person, yet has had his own child in in-person school since June 2020. Stop the hypocrisy. Our children are suffering. Open schools full-time Now.”  Yes, more hypocrisy, but Matt responded that this statement was an invasion of his privacy. 🙂 Socialists never abide by their own rules. EVER.
  • President Trump told CPAC that he might run to beat them for a third time 🙂
  • Superintendent Brenda Cassellius of Boston Mass schools has recommended a one  year pause on advanced placement classes.  Why?  There aren’t enough black students within the advanced programs, and she has blamed that statistic on racism.  Brenda told GBH news that, “There’s been a lot of inequities that have been brought to the light in the pandemic that we have to address…There’s a lot of work we have to do in the district to be antiracist and have policies where all of our students have a fair shot at an equitable and excellent education.”  School Board member Lorna Rivera said, “I’ve never heard these statistics before, and I’m very very disturbed by them.”  Critical Thinking Alert:
    • It’s racist to stop a program because there are too many white people in the program.
    • The superintendent just accused her administrators, teachers, fellow NEA members and city of racism.
    • She demonstrated her complete failure as the superintendent by not developing a program which raises black and asian students out of academic poverty into personal success.
    • ONCE again we see how Democrats hatred of Black Americans have caused them to fail black students in their districts.  Every time we turn on the news we keep hearing how NEA members are engaged in very racist policies against black and latino students.
    • The Scary part?  They are the ones claiming to find a solution to the problem they have caused!

Encouraging Word of The Day

The Apostle Paul under the inspiration of God said, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:6-7 nkjv


Quote of the Day

“Spring unlocks the flowers to paint the laughing soil.”
— Bishop Reginald Heber

There are those who criticize the man in the arena.  What he should be doing or what he should have done.  But history does not remember the names of those who criticize. History only remembers the man in the arena, because the arena is where battles are won and where history is not only made, but where the future is changed.  Let’s CHANGE the trajectory of our nation!

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Vintage illustration of Spring in early America.


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