Legislative Concepts To Restore Our Democracy

Silicon Valley’s Violent Abuse of America’s Privacy

Never before in the history of the world has a civilization been overthrown by non-government entities such as what we are witnessing in America today.  Corporations have granted themselves immense stalking powers with little to no push back by our legislators.  Now this mob of thieves is granting themselves the right to determine what speech is allowed onto the highway of ideas.  This has shocked even the most ardent Democrat and Republican supporters in the union.

However, Silicon Valley’s entire revenue structure is built upon their efforts to stalk, steal, and abuse the privacy rights of the American people.  Therefore, if we craft laws which protect Americans from these corporate stalkers, then they would lose their ability to gain from their ill-gotten efforts.

Should Twitter be able to scan your phone to see what other apps you have chosen to download?  Should Facebook have the right to follow you to every single website that you visit and monitor every button that you click on, and sell that data to other companies for profit?  Should Twitter be able to download the mobile hardware ID number of your personal phone and follow you wherever you go and monitor every shop you visit?  Who gave these corporations the right to stalk your life and then auction your privacy off to the highest bidder?  Lastly, do you honestly believe that companies such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Google, SnapChat and others should have the right to create a database and store every single move you make online for the rest of your lives?

Neither do I, and it’s why I’ve researched this issue relentlessly.  Americans are 100% against the corporate marxism that is taking over America.  Republicans and Democrats want their privacy back, and they want it back now.

Legislators who are willing to stand up and secure the rights of privacy for their fellow Americans would have the enduring admiration of an entire nation.  Furthermore, no candidate could stand against the legislation below and get re-elected in 2022 or beyond.

Big Tech Take back

A good strategist looks at all of the angles at work to determine the best road to travel.  Before looking at what to do, let us understand how to go about doing it.

  1. No comprehensive legislation.  Each idea should be a one-page bill focusing only on that one idea.  This ensures easy and quick passage in committees and legislative chambers.  This makes it very difficult for Democrats to lie about and harder for Republicans to vote against.
  2. Each bill submitted should have a press release sent out through professional paid services to ensure everyone in the state has access to the news of the legislation.
  3. Each bill should have talking points to help other legislators communicate the need and reason for the bill.  The focus isn’t on penalizing Silicon Valley.  The focus is on the rights of the American people to be saved from the violent abuses of Silicon Valley.
  4. Civil and criminal penalties should be written into each bill on a per incident basis.  This would mean that if a company violated a user’s right 100 times, then they will be fined 100 times.
  5. Each state should add an immediate budget amount for a law enforcement agency to manage the prosecution of companies.
  6. States should work together when crafting bills to pass best practices and ideas between them.  This will speed up the process with a much stronger bill passed in each state.
  7. Each state should setup a marketing war room 24/7 to educate the public about the legislation.  TRUST ME….EVERYONE will desire what you read below, so it’s only a matter of informing and educating the public, and they will do the heavy lifting for you.

Legislative Bills:

  • Stop The Stalker Act – This one page bill will deny any company the right to track and catalog the internet activity of American citizens.
    • Deny search engines the right to catalog search queries.
    • Deny social media accounts from tracking user activity.
    • Deny websites from tracking user activity.
    • Deny third party tracking cookies on websites.
    • Deny companies from storing your internet activity for future sale.
    • The bill must allow tracking to take place to survive court battles. Therefore, the legislation must REQUIRE businesses to provide each user with a “don’t stalk me” option.  This button, when activated, will tell browsers to not track any activity of the user.
    • Severe penalties for social media companies who violate these rules.
    • Require access to surprise audits by regulatory agencies to verify compliance.
    • Require companies to state on their website that, “We are Tracking Your Every Movement” for those users who decide to allow the company to track their internet activity.
  • Right To Delete Act – Every American citizen should have the right to delete their content at any time in bulk with the push of one button.  When a user chooses to delete their data then that data must be deleted everywhere and not just on the user’s device or account.
    • Why?  Companies are now claiming ownership of users’ online content creations giving them eternal ownership of everything that you type or create.  Furthermore, if you shared your content with another user and then deleted that content, the person you shared it with will still have access to that data due to user agreements.
    • When a user chooses to delete that data, then that data must be deleted EVERYWHERE.
  • Digital Ownership Act – Legislation that guarantees a user’s creations on the internet belong to the user for life.  Your text messages, pictures, comments, stories, videos, are automatically copyrighted and belong to you.
    • Why?  Without this legislation you will never have rights to who you are online. Thus, your online activity can be auctioned off to the highest bidder including overseas companies.
  • Lockbox Act – Using Google Drive as an example of companies which offer digital storage services
    • Google may not scan your drive for content.
    • Google may not prevent you from sharing content that is legally protected by law.
    • Google may not delete or alter your content without court order.
    • Google has no ownership of your content.
  • Vocal Privacy Act – No hardware or software based device may automatically listen to and/or record a user’s conversation without the express permission of the user.
  • Peeping Tom Prevention Act – All manufacturers of electronic devices which have built in audio and video hardware must provide a physical on/off switch to those electronic elements.
    • Why?  Software devices are hacked all the time and people are being recorded and even blackmailed by those recordings.  A physical mechanical switch, which cost pennies per device, will break the electronic ability to turn on a mic or camera.  This is the only 100% guaranteed method of stopping hackers.
  • Screen Privacy Rights – No company may monitor or record your mouse movements and keyboard entries.
    • Why?  Companies have apps which record your mouse movements to see what you “didn’t” click on.  There are apps which record what you type in a chat window even if you delete and change what you type.
  • Device Security Act – Twitter and other Silicon Valley companies actually scan your personal device to see what other apps you have loaded.  They also capture your mobile device ID and follow that device wherever you take it, and they follow how you interact with other apps on it.
    • No company has the right to capture your mobile device ID and connect your personal information to that ID outside of the manufacturer who sold it to you.
    • No manufacturer has the right to sell who owns what mobile ID to any other company.
    • No company should have the right to scan your device to see what other apps you have downloaded into the device.
    • No company should have the right to scan your contact list and build that into a database to track you and your contacts.
  • Stop The Snoopers Act – No company can sell your purchasing data to anyone without your express permission.  Credit card companies sell users’ purchasing data to third party advertisers all the time and online tracking companies profit off of American’s private activity.  Privacy is at the heart of what it means to be an American, and our elected officials owe us the right to be secured in that privacy.
  • Facial and Vocal Recognition Act – No company may claim ownership of American’s biological features such as facial, vocal, or fingerprint details as an example.
    • Facebook is currently looking to install cameras in stores to monitor users’ shopping patterns.  The goal of the technology is to capture the facial recognition of every user who walks into a store and then monitor their every movement including what they pick up and/or purchase.  You will never have privacy again if this isn’t stopped today.
    • This bill should deny ANY government the right to use this data for public tracking purposes and/or to sell those digital imprints to third party companies.  These digital imprints are privately owned by Americans and not for sale or part of public domain ownership.
    • This bill should deny any company the right to store any database of digital imprints or capture those imprints without express permission by the user.
  • Election Equality Act – If a company provides products or services to one political candidate then that company must allow all other candidates the right to access their products or services at the same price and same amount.
  • Free Speech Rights – No company may deny the right of any user to engage in speech protected by U.S. laws.
    • No company should be able to remove a user without flagging the exact content and listing the exact laws broken.
  • NOTE:  Each bill should contain a provision stating that companies may not require users to give up their rights to privacy in exchange for using their products or services.


If You Want To Change A Voter’s Mind You Must First Reach a Voter’s Heart

The marketing behind these bills can make the efforts of elected officials night and day easier.  I’ll be more than happy to craft the talking points for any state, but here are the main concepts of what I’ve learned over the last four years:

  • Ask questions to help lead the voter down a path to a self-evident revelation of truth.
    • Do you believe that Facebook should have the right to stalk your internet activity and then sell that data to the highest bidder without you even knowing it?  100% of the American people will answer no.  This makes it impossible for anyone to oppose the legislation since it’s a self-evident answer, and it’s NOT based on a political position of right versus left.
  • Always make the talking points a contrast between the rights of the voter and the abuses of Silicon Valley.  Make it about the American People versus Twitter, Facebook, Google etc.  Never make it about Republicans versus Silicon Valley.
    • Facebook spent hundreds of millions of dollars in the 2020 elections to generate influence over your political leaders.  Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Apple all desire to stalk your online activity and then auction off your privacy rights to the highest bidder, even if that bidder is China.  Congressman X has chosen Facebook over your personal privacy, does that make you angry?   This is the type of ad which generates the necessary contrast to help voters understand who is abusing who.
  • Preamble.  Always craft a preamble containing the talking points and even questions created for the public to answer.  This is what you market to the people and not the technical language of the bill.
    • Whereas, Florida recognizes the violent abuses by America’s social media companies against the privacy of its citizens; Whereas companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and others are stalking the citizens of Florida and monitoring their online movements; Whereas every citizen of Florida has a right to digital privacy without social media companies engaging in peeping tom activities; Whereas no company has the right to claim ownership of digital creations of Florida citizens’ online activity; Whereas manufacturing companies such as Apple, Dell, Samsung and others have not stopped hackers from accessing microphones and video cameras of their devices, thus compromising the privacy rights of Florida’s citizens….
      • Notice how we are always demonstrating how the social media giants are abusing the rights of the citizens of Florida?  These examples are black and white and written in plain language by design.  This preamble is what a political leader should market to the voters because it denies other political leaders from lying about what the bill is about.
  • Bill Title.  The title of the bill must be thought out so as to convey what is really at stake and to create a personal connection with the public.
    • Online Stalking Prevention Act
    • Stop The Stalk Act
    • Stalking Abuse Prevention Act
    • Notice how each title has a personal feel to it?  Notice how they evoke an emotion when reading it?  When a Democrat votes against this bill they are voting to allow others to stalk their voters.  You can’t get a more powerful message than that one idea.

Preventing Democrat Militants From Starting an Economic Civil War

Stop The Gestapo Act

We must stop the militarization of Democrats who are forcing Americans into an economic civil war.  Banks have dropped Trump’s accounts simply because they disagree with his politics.  Mike Lindell’s employees are being harassed at work by large volumes of calls.  Elected officials, employees, vendors, are all being intimidated and harassed over their political beliefs which go beyond a person’s right to speech and to criminal acts of violent behavior.  Therefore, we must use the power of state law to end this level of Democrat militant violence.

  • No university may rescind a degree over political differences.
  • No one may contact a company and demand they fire an employee.
  • No one may fire an employee because they worked on a political campaign.
  • No media outlet may call for the firing of a citizen from their workplace over their political philosophies.
  • No person may contact a company and demand they drop contracts with another company over political beliefs.
  • No essential service company may deny a citizen access to their products or services based on political beliefs.
  • Any company that provides products or services to the mass public and who provides that service to any political candidate must then also provide that same product or service to other political candidates.
  • Companies are required to report violators.
  • No social media company may delete or suspend accounts due to politically protected speech they disagree with.
    • If a social media company does delete or suspend an account or a post, then they must put in parenthesis the exact words that caused the violation of company policy and must list the exact company policy violated.
    • If a social media company states that a user’s speech violated hate speech, then that media company is liable for defamation by the user.
  • The U.S. government sent a broad request to Bank of America to have them sift through customers’ accounts to see who engaged in certain financial activities such as Airbnb, etc.  The bank complied without requiring a warrant for that information.  This is a breach of privacy as it placed hundreds of innocent Americans under the microscope of a very politically motivated government agency.  Legislation should be introduced to prevent such abuses in the future.

Adam Maxwell Donn, 40, of Norfolk, and his wife were charged for harassing and threatening Tulsa OK’s mayor for hosting a Trump rally.  They made 64 communications to the mayor saying among other things, “Hoping you, Susan, [your son], [your daughter] get covid,” … “You are a spineless backboneless piece of sh**. Fu** you Fu** Fu** [your son] and Fu** [your daughter]. Your family deserves coronavirus and [I] truly hope your lineage comes to an end. You pick a rally over the health of your city. You will go down in history as someone who let coronavirus take hold of Tulsa instead of trying to contain it.” 

There are Democrat militant groups who are paid and/or coordinate their efforts to use such language and threaten to harass and intimidate the American people.  We must use laws not to suppress free speech but to suppress militant actions meant to harm the American people.  You can call an elected official, but you may not harass or intimidate them.  The same is true of all citizen who have a right to live their lives in peace.

Challenging Executive Orders


Biden’s Trangender Criminal Problem

The executive branch can only execute laws.  An executive order can only provide guidance to a particular agency on how to carry out the laws crafted by the federal legislature.  What a president can’t do, is to create a law via an executive order.

When Biden gave men the right to compete against female athletes he was stating that a man’s sexual choice ends a woman’s civil right.  This is an illegal act of creating law.

When Biden gave men the right to enter into underage female private facilities, he was creating law.  In all 50 states, it is illegal for a male to show his private parts to a female.  Furthermore, it is especially illegal for a male to show full frontal nudity to an underage child.

The problem is that the Republican party seems to have missed this basic idea of separation of powers.  They have also missed the idea that public exposure is already illegal in all 50 states and no president has the authority to write an order which nullifies those state laws.

Therefore, if Biden has changed the rights of women, which are inscribed into law, and he is allowing males to show full frontal nudity to minors, then when will the GOP step up and challenge the criminality of Biden’s executive order?  Governors should not require legislation, and state legislatures should not craft new laws.  They should force the president into the defensive by stating that they will not offend the civil rights of women, and that they will not agree to allowing grown men to visually molest their state’s children.  This is a strong legal tactic and a political nightmare for Democrats.

Furthermore, Biden has actually issued an executive order telling government agencies and employees to engage in criminal behavior.  Remember, all 50-states have laws which make it a crime to show full frontal nudity to members of the opposite sex or to minors.  This is criminal because he took an oath to uphold the Constitution.

Lastly, a solid argument can be made here that Biden has chosen to ignore the boundaries of his office which nullifies protection from being personally sued by citizens.  Thus, he should be personally liable for damages caused by his unconstitutional acts of governance.  In other words, citizens should be able to sue Biden because he violated his oath of office which protects him from such lawsuits.  This isn’t new, and in fact, Flint Michigan residents are personally suing former elected officials over how they handled the water plants.

We should not go on the defensive by writing new laws.  We should go on the offensive by making our case of how  Biden violated the authority of his office. We should also request our attorney general to help victims sue the president personally.

Every Executive Order should be viewed through the lens of whether it directs an agency to execute a law or does it fundamentally change a law.  If it changes the law then Biden should be sued personally every time.

Election Audit First Steps 

Election Audit First Steps

Many states are now engaging in committee talks about election integrity.  However, unless this past election is audited, then all such conversations will never satisfy the American people.  Only a very honest answer will suffice.  Therefore, the below bullet items are the first steps which must occur to restore confidence in our great Republic.

  • Signature verification of mail-in ballots in disputed counties.  All signatures must be processed via the same equipment but at the required manufacturer settings.  Compare county rejection rates to this new supervised test.
  • Paper ballot forensic analysis.  Chemical and other measures must be used to test the authenticity of the paper ballots used in the election.
  • Biden-only ballots.  Ballots which only had Biden as the chosen candidate must be audited to test for mechanical reproduction.
  • Affidavits.  Why haven’t the Secretaries of State not investigated the affidavits filed by citizens of their own states?  A judiciary committee must investigate these affidavits personally.
  • Independent Counsel.  Secretaries of State and Election Board members must be investigated for their conduct during the past elections.  Why didn’t they investigate complaints?  Why didn’t they intervene when GOP observers were kicked out?  Why didn’t they investigate counties when they had no chain of custody to prove their election claims?  Why did they allow ballot boxes to be unmanned and unmonitored?  Why did they allow third party organizations to have access to private election databases?  Why did they send voter rolls to overseas nations?  Why did they use Dominion systems which have unprotected logs?  These individuals were at the forefront of our elections and failed miserably, and we need to know why.
  • Why were more votes cast than voters in precincts?
  • Who allowed cities to take money from private citizens for voting equipment which created inequalities among voting districts in each impacted state?
  • This question must be answered by every state:  Can any voting district “prove” that ballots were not added by election workers since there isn’t a protected log in Dominion Voting Systems?
  • An independent agency with observers should count the votes again in disputed counties with the following criteria:
    • They must match counting board numbers, and if they don’t match, then how many votes are they off, and how many votes for each candidate?
    • They must separate all single race ballots.
      • They must inspect these ballots to see if they appear to be mechanically marked in bulk.
      • The ink on the marks must be inspected to determine if the ink used is the same for each ballot.
      • The ballots must be scanned to determine if the same fingerprints are on the same ballots.
  • Chain-of-Custody paperwork must be inspected and balanced against the counts.
  • Videos of observers locked out must be secured and used to prosecute the individuals responsible.
  • Voter rolls must be scoured to find those who voted illegally, and then the state’s bureau of investigation must provide a report of those arrested until every single person is accounted for on the report.  Remember, in Georgia, Raffensperber promised to prosecute the thousands who double voted in the primaries but never did.  He also promised to prosecute those who voted out of state in the general election, and not a single person has been charged despite the names being given to him.
  • Finally, no person associated with the election must be allowed to supervise this inspection.  They can watch, but they must not have the investigative authority to manipulate the outcome.
  • Any Republican committee who isn’t committed to the above process is attempting to scam the American people out of the truth of what happened in the 2020 election.
  • Once the audit has been completed then legislators will have the knowledge required to actually change election laws, but not before.

Ballot Curing

Why is ballot curing unconstitutional? The 14th amendment!

The 14th amendment specifically states that all citizens are to be treated equally before the law.  So let’s pretend for a moment that your next door neighbor mails in a ballot and the clerk discovers an error that will cause your neighbor’s vote to be rejected and not counted.  The clerk contacts your neighbor giving him a second chance to “cure” his ballot so that it’s counted in the election.

As Americans we believe this is a good idea because it appeals to our “fairness” nature, as it should.  However, consider this scenario: you walk into the voting booth on election day, cast your ballot, and feel pretty good about your civic service.  What you don’t know is later that day, when your ballot is being counted, the machine rejects it because you didn’t correctly fill it out.  However, no one calls you to give you a second chance to “cure” your ballot.  This creates inequality before the law because the process favors one voter over the other.

“The burden of government is to guarantee equality of access.  The burden of the citizen is to guarantee equality of success.” —Brian Ward

Silicon Valley Vintage

Long before Silicon Valley became the internet highway there were plenty of others working to bring about technological changes to America.


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