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Legal Armageddon

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Live Zoom Webinar Info

These emergency sessions were designed to educate the legal community regarding the rights of government and private employees under currently structured vaccine mandates. Authorities currently lack the force of law to impose punitive actions against any citizen for non-compliance. All such acts to date, have been illegal, unconstitutional, and in some instances, criminal per federal statutes.

The knowledge gained from this webinar will not end vaccine mandates. However, since authorities will learn they currently lack the force of law, they will be moot. The real story will be that December 2021 will become a historic chapter in American law.

Lawyers should expect to earn significant revenue from the knowledge gained from these webinars. The list of companies who violated the legally protected rights of their employees represents billions of dollars in recoverable damages in civil courts.

DISCLAIMER: Brian’s presentation will not attempt to prove that vaccine mandates or legal or illegal.  His information will not end vaccine mandates, but it will temporarily pause them through court action.  His information will prove to a civil court judge that an employer acted illegally by penalizing an employee under the current structure of vaccine mandates.  Vaccine mandates with a compliance date that has passed or is about to mature in November are illegal and unconstitutional. We guarantee this statement with a full 100% refund to ANYONE who can prove it false. However, this statement will most likely be accurate well into 2022, but no guarantee.

How To Attend A Session

Choose the session date and time that works best for your schedule.  Purchase your ticket, and you will receive a private link to that session.  Do not share your link because only one attendee will be allowed to view the webinar for each link ID.  All major credit cards are accepted.  You will need to have a free Zoom account and the Zoom app installed on the device you will be using to access the webinar.  You will also need your Zoom username and password to access the webinar in your zoom app.

The Presentation

Points of interest:

  • No discussion on COVID-19 drug efficacy
  • No discussion on the whether or not vaccine mandates are legal, generally speaking
  • No discussion on the politics behind the mandates
  • A discussion on the meaning of “current structure of vaccine mandates”.  Understanding how the current structure violates the rights of all Americans is key to engaging civil courts on behalf of clients
  • Historical context of Brian’s legal statement starting in 1905 America
  • International treaty ratified by the U.S. Senate prohibiting governments from applying punitive actions for non-compliance
  • Federal laws that prohibit what the U.S. Government is currently mandating
  • A federal law that specifically states that no employee can be terminated for not complying with current vaccine mandates
  • Federal laws prohibiting ANY entity from penalizing Americans for not complying with the current mandate
  • How 20 federal agencies have regulations prohibiting them from penalizing citizens for non-compliance
  • How all 50 states have statutes preventing punitive actions against citizens for non-compliance of current mandates
  • How a business requiring a vaccine passport is engaging in  discrimination
  • How current vaccine mandates violate the 14th amendment rights of all US citizens
  • How employers who are treating unvaccinated groups of employers differently from vaccinated groups are guilty of discrimination
  • How governments may not withhold unemployment benefits using the currently structured mandates
  • How citizens are in danger of not having health insurance claims paid when using current COVID-19 drugs
  • Why an exemption from the current vaccine mandate isn’t necessary especially a religious exemption
  • How businesses may not treat unvaccinated customers differently from vaccinated customers
  • The historical context of Title 21 Chapter 9 Section 564
    • Government documents giving context to this section
    • The lack of context provided by the Dept. of Justice in its memo
    • How the Dept. of Justice ignored federal laws proving their July memo is a fallacy
    • How 564 does not empower federal or state governments to mandate the usage of drugs covered under emergency use authorizations
  • Brian will also engage in role playing by demonstrating how to effectively respond to defendant attorneys
  • A strategic approach to capitalizing on this research
    • Who will be your clients
    • Who should you take to court and who not to
    • When to settle and for how much
    • A $250 letter that will make millions
What To Expect

All attendees will have their cameras turned off and mics muted upon entering the room.  This action helps to ensure all ticket holders enjoy a quality presentation.

The presentation will last for about 45 to 75 minutes, including Q and A time.  Brian will present the data in three sections.  At the end of each part, attendees will be allowed to submit written questions for Brian to answer.  Upon conclusion, Brian will open the mics for live Q and A time. Each attendee will receive a variety of government documents, links to the source material, and a 31-page document written by Brian covering the main points of the presentation.

After Q and A time ends, and everyone has received access to the documents, Brian will provide trial lawyers with a strategy discussion on how to win with his research.

Fee Details For Lawyers

Brian Ward invested over 120 hours of intensive research into this project at his expense.  He designed these sessions specifically for trial lawyers involved in employment and personal injury law.  lawyers should expect to earn significant revenue from Brian’s research.  These sessions are not meant for public participation and the price of attendance is a reflection of that goal.

Law Firms who purchase a ticket agree to pay Brian $2,500 for each attorney in their firm who will use his research to accept clients and earn significant revenue from it.  Brian will not be involved in multi-million dollar suits, and this fee is how he will be rewarded for his efforts to enrich the financial lives of attendees.  This requirement is most certainly based on an honor system of trust. A link will be provided in the documentation for this purpose.

The list of CEOs discriminating against the rights of employees reads like a who’s who list of the top 500 companies in America.  Trial attorneys should expect settlements including damages for each of their clients.

FACT:  lawyers who are first to market will benefit the most from the malicious actions of government and private employers.

Who Is Attending

We estimate 80% of attendees will be trial lawyers specializing in employment and personal injury law. 10% will be elected leaders such as Attorneys General, governor’s staff, U.S. Senators, Representatives and a variety of other government employees.  10% will be associations representing various labor groups.  We’re confident employment laywers representing management will sneak in as well 🙂

100% Guarantee

Like Brian said in his video, he knows that his statement sounds incredulous.  Therefore, at the end of his presentation, he will offer anyone the opportunity to prove the below legal statement is wrong using Federal Statutes.

Here is Brian’s legal statement:  All vaccine mandates having compliance dates that have passed are illegal, unconstitutional, and in some instances criminal per federal statute.  

NOTE: Brian is wholly confident that the above statement will be accurate well into 2022 but will not guarantee it.  

Should someone be able to prove the above statement false using federal statutes, then Brian will issue a full refund to anyone who requests one in the chat window.  NOTE:  Simply saying you disagree with federal and state statutes isn’t proof since a judge will not accept that argument.  If a speed sign posts a 55 MPH limit, and you are ticketed for traveling 75 MPH, your defense can’t be that you disagree with the law behind the sign.  One would have to find a law granting you the right to travel that fast despite the posted speed limit.

NOTE:  All refund requests must be made in the chat window at the conclusion of the meeting.  No other refund requests will be honored.

Fair Warning

This presentation is made by a professional for professionals.  Should a ticket holder cause unreasonable disturbances preventing others from being educated or losing equal access to Q and A time, then that ticket holder will be removed from the event with no refund given.

Brian will not discuss the science behind the vaccines, the political consequences of his research, or if vaccine mandates are legal, generally speaking.  Brian will only prove that no citizen can be punished for not participating in current vaccine mandates.

Upcoming Sessions:

Brian will be holding live sessions for law firms and elected leaders soon.  Check back for available times.

Real Time News

The new regulations issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services are wholly illegal.  These regulations require the first shot to be administered by December 6th to millions of healthcare workers. The current structure of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services vaccine mandate is illegal because the compliance date guarantees that employees will be robbed of their legally protected rights. 

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