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Daily Roundup

  • I will now only update Monday through Friday so I’ll see all of you then.
  • Well, the tyranny doesn’t stop.  Dr. Fauci said of COVID, “We just need 27 more months to slow the spread.”  You CAN’T slow the spread.  No historical proof exists anywhere.  If you slow the spread it just means it takes longer to spread everywhere.
  • NYC Mayor De Blasio to ban gas hookups to buildings by 2030.  No plan on how to make alternatives affordable or how this one law will explode the cost of construction and ongoing maintenance.  NYC is currently imploding and the wealthiest people are leaving at historical levels.  Prior to COVID, NYC was already experiencing high value properties losing their values by as much as 20% due to this exodus.  Homeowners in NYC and parts of NJ were taking $200-$500k less for their homes just to move out of the state.
  • BREAKING….Illegal aliens were charged with 1,373 counts of child rape and child sex assault in 2020.  However, what will shock you to the core of your being is that ALL these charges occurred in just ONE state:  North Carolina.  There are 49 other states.  NOT ONE Republican candidate ran on this issue including Dan Forest whose campaign I spoke to and brought this to their attention.  This is why we didn’t have blow out victories in 2020.  When Republicans have no problem calling for a border wall but can’t speak to the crimes in their own state against the most innocent, we have a problem Houston!  I’m now reaching out to NC’s Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson.
  • Gov. Cuomo of NY underreported covid nursing home deaths by 50% or more.  He ORDERED nursing homes to take in patients with covid, knowing they would slaughter the elderly.  ONLY 5 governors required nursing homes to take in covid patients, and they were all Democrats.
  • Funny Friday – L.A. opened up outdoor dining again, BUT they have banned all TV’S and require the restaurant owners to remove them.
  • South Carolina senate passed a heartbeat bill which bans most abortions.  Must be signed by governor before becoming law.
  • BREAKING…CHINA…The UK government announced this week they will offer up to 5.4 million Hong Kong residents a special visa which gives them the right to work in the UK for 5 years, and then they can apply for permanent residence.  This has raised the anger level of the red dragon and so they have responded.  China just announced they will no longer recognize the British National Overseas passport as a valid form of identification.  This is of course silly because they are basically saying the UK will have to come up with another form of identification that they could just outlaw in the future, thus shutting down travel between the two nations.  This hurts China and not the UK.  Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, “I am immensely proud that we have brought in this new route for Hong Kong BNOs to live, work and make their home in our country…In doing so we have honored our profound ties of history and friendship with the people of Hong Kong, and we have stood up for freedom and autonomy — values both the U.K. and Hong Kong hold dear.”
  • Democrats in California in a quandary.  They placed an unconstitutional edict on homeowners that they can’t evict renters due to the emergency order.  However, they didn’t stop the banks from taking homes away from the owners through foreclosure for nonpayment of their mortgage.  However, the real problem is that renters know they are protected by law and they are destroying the home and the neighborhood, and there’s nothing anyone can do.  This reminds me of Robert Louis Stevenson’s quote, “Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences.”
  • Think about the state of the Democrat party.  They just elected a president who is currently under investigation by the Ukrainian government for quid pro quo.  They elected a senator in Georgia who was caught in adultery during his campaign.  They elected another senator in Georgia who has been accused of wrongdoing with children and physically abusing his wife.  His wife went on television to talk about his abuse, and they still elected him.
  • “Is it too late to impeach George Washington for owning slaves? I don’t see how we can let that slide.” — Scott Adams pointing out the hypocrisy of the Senate.
  • North Carolina’s new Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson who beat out millions of Bloomberg’s money is now on the front lines of education.  The North Carolina Board of Education is working to implement indoctrination into schools instead of sticking to the three R’s.  The board went so far as to ask his office when he could attend a meeting and then scheduled a meeting when they knew he would not be able to attend.  Not sure North Carolina will put up with that type of nonsense.  But Mark isn’t your usual roll-over Republican.  He’s a lion among lint poodles.
  • A treasure hunting company gave information to the FBI where they believed that a huge stash of gold bars from the Civil War was hidden.  The FBI investigated but then demanded the courts seal the case from the public.  The problem is that the FBI is required to give a cut of any discovery to the treasure hunting company.  Finders Keepers stated that, “They had 50 agents there. We have witnesses that they were there all night with armored cars.”  Now, the company is demanding the judge unseal the documents so they can claim their share of the treasure.  ARGHHHH…
  • Italy has pledged $12m to rebuild the Roman colosseum which was used to slaughter innocent humans as a form of barbaric entertainment.  They desire to “revive” the glory of the colosseum by having a retractable floor to cover the labyrinth of tunnels currently exposed to the elements.  This floor will allow them to use the colosseum once again for entertainment purposes, but let’s pray not as barbaric as before.
  • Philippines Foreign Minister, Teodoro Locsin, issued a formal challenge to China passing a law giving their coast guard the right to defend China’s territory at all costs.  Problem?  China has declared (after Trump left) that ALL of South China Sea is their territory.   Minister Locsin stated, “While enacting law is a sovereign prerogative, this one — given the area involved or for that matter the open South China Sea — is a verbal threat of war to any country that defies the law; which, if unchallenged, is submission to it.” – This is as real as it gets, readers!
  • China just warned Taiwan that if they declare independence, then that means war.  Trump sent a battle carrier group to the South China Sea before leaving office which just arrived.  China has deployed several high level military chess pieces meant to intimidate Taiwan into not declaring independence.  NOTE: If Taiwan does make this declaration then that would spell trouble for China at home where rebellion has been brewing for over a year now.
  • Texas readying a new salvo of lawsuits over Biden’s incoming climate change executive orders.  Texas just won their suit against Biden stopping border patrol agents for removing illegal aliens.
  • Republicans are demanding a recount in Arizona over Kelli Ward’s victory as party chairman for another year.
  • The USAF held joint military exercises in Qatar where the U.S. used KC-135 tankers to refuel Qatar’s fighter jets.  Qatar is under America’s CENTCOM military force in the middle east which Israel was allowed to join right before Trump left office.
  • Dr. Uri Ben-David of the Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University announced they believe they have found the achilles heal of cancer.  Dr. Ben-David discovered that in 80% of cancerous tumors that cancer cells exhibit aneuploidy.  This is when a cell has a high number of chromosomes.  Humans have 46 or two pairs of 23 chromosomes, but cancer cells have a much higher number due to the deformity of the reproduction of those cells.  They have now tested thousands of drugs on cancer cells where they target the chromosomes and are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  By having a clear picture of what to shoot for in the human body it makes it easier to use a drug to target a cancer cell while leaving normal cells unharmed.
  • Pennsylvania – It takes a lot of effort to place an item on a ballot as a constitutional amendment in PA, but they have done it.  Gov. Wolf has continually extended an emergency declaration for an entire year regarding COVID.  He himself has continually ignored his own rules, but this is part of the passion behind the amendment.  The amendment will require Gov. Wolf to obtain the legislature’s approval after 21-days of any emergency declaration to continue it.  He then has to continually ask permission from that day forward.  I’m 100% confident this amendment will pass.
  • It’s “long past time for a Christian revival” in America so says Tony Dungy and Benjamin Watson.  Both men are calling on believers to read through the Bible, pray more, and become involved in their home churches.  They are currently working to provide resources for a Super Bowl event to help spread the Gospel to America.

Quote of the Day

“Democrats will FINE YOU a hundred dollars if you throw garbage out the window of your car.  However, they will PAY YOU hundreds if you will throw your baby out like garbage.” — Brian Ward

Trump Interview

Before they hated him without cause.

Thought for the day

There are those in life who will always rush to a disaster.  They don’t have to be asked, nor is there any thought given to their actions.  Their only goal is to provide whatever help is needed to alleviate the suffering of those involved. In war, there are soldiers who rush headlong into battle, and not for glory, but to save those behind them.  In politics, there are those who choose to step into the arena to be the voice of an entire generation oppressed by tyrannical rulers. 

Unfortunately, there are those who ridicule the person rushing to the scene of a disaster wondering why would someone put themselves in harms way.  In war, other soldiers who hid behind the man running to tackle the enemy will later mock his heroism as an act of arrogance.  In politics, spectators will always criticize those in the arena fighting to free others held by the bondage of political oppression.

Not all citizens are fighters, but they can all be supporters.  Not all will rush into battle, but they all can provide cover for those who do.  Not all will open themselves up to public ridicule in the public arena, but they all can honor and encourage those who are in the arena.

No matter who you are, just make sure you’re not the one ridiculing, complaining, and demeaning those who are using their gifts in an effort to make all of our lives better.

Picture of the Day

Vintage illustration of early America.  Peaceful times from new beginnings.


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