America's healthcare crisis


When Democrats created Obamacare they built within it a pyramid scheme known as the essential health benefits mandate.  This mandate FORCES you to purchase health products you can’t use or don’t want.  Why are Democrats illegally forcing these products on you?  Quite simply they must ARTIFICIALLY inflate the cost of your health insurance just so they can take that inflated amount of money away from you and give it to your neighbor for free.  This is how they subsidize your neighbor’s lifestyle choices and it’s why health insurance has skyrocketed since Obamacare became law.

Do you believe it’s right for Democrats to force you to give up your individual pursuit of economic liberties until you first pay for your neighbors?

Did you know that up to 50% of your health insurance premiums aren’t meant to pay for your healthcare needs?  That money is forced out of your life to pay for other people’s lifestyle choices.

“A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.”

Dwight Eisenhower

The word “value” is defined as a person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life.  The problem with Obamacare from the beginning was that its underlying principle went against the principles that have been ingrained into the very fabric of our nation. That principle is the belief that one person can’t be made to pay for another person’s livelihood.

The middle-class and seniors are now financially overwhelmed by the oppressive mandate that they carry the burden to pay for everyone else’s healthcare. Socialism has never prospered the people it ruled over, nor has it brought about the scientific breakthroughs that our country has witnessed over the last 200 years.

It is the value of the individual pursuit of liberty that propels me to stand up and encourage the Republican leadership to fulfill a promise they made in good faith to the American people.  That promise was to end the unjust law of Obamacare.  It’s time we make good on that promise.


Whenever a government is responsible for paying 60% of the nation’s healthcare cost then that cost will dramatically increase for everyone.  Free markets will always find ways to increase customer service while reducing the cost of goods or servcies.  However, when a product has a guaranteed buyer for over 60% of its volume of sales, then quality of service will always suffer and pricing is guaranteed to rise.

This is both the legacy of Obamacare and its problem.

Poll conducted 2/15-2/19 by Westhealth Institute


Disapprove of their representatives' handling of the cost of healthcare


Don't believe they receive good value for what U.S. spends on healthcare


Didn't visit a doctor when injured due to cost


Decreased contributions to savings account


2013 Average Cost of Health Insurance


2015 Average Cost of Health Insurance


2016 Average Cost of Health Insurance


2017 Average Cost of Health Insurance


Premiums for individual market coverage health insurance increased an average of 105% from 2013-2017.  This is unsustainable and most certainly unaffordable to the American people.  The cost is expected to increase another 25% over the next 12 months.

Source: ASPE analysis of CMS MLR  and MIDAS data 2013-2017


The stories are real. They are heartbreaking, and they are increasing in number.  Americans are suffering from a lack of choices and competition.  We are suffering from a lack of qualified doctors and treatments promised to us by Obamacare.  The map to the right aptly demonstrates the complete destruction of health insurance choices that Americans enjoyed in abundance just ten years ago.

“If we stay with Obamacare, within a few years tens of millions will have no insurance at all that is even remotely affordable. Aetna, Humana, and other major insurers in just recent months have fled Obamacare. The Titanic has hit the iceberg and it is rapidly sinking, yet the left and the media keep fiddling on the deck. They act as though this can be fixed with “minor reforms,” but there aren’t enough bandages in America to stitch this back together.”

— Stephen Moore

America's healthcare solution

Health savings account

How Should It Work?

Every American Receives a HSA

Every American should get a HSA account starting at 15 years of age or when they first start employement without the need to have additional insurance coverage.

$50 Monthly Minimum

$50 per month minimum deposit to open a HSA.

Preventative Care

Require annual checkups for vision, dental and physical for HSA users.  Government should negotiate maximum visit fee to reduce costs.

Employer Incentives

Employee pays $50 a month and employers can contribute up to $350 per month per employee.  This is tax deductible for both parties.

Emergency Savings

One escrow account will be for non-medical emergency uses.  The goal is to help the younger generation start saving for their future emergencies.

Escrow Based Accounts

HSA will have sub-accounts that a percentage of each deposit will divide into.  Participants would have short term needs access while planning for future needs like maternity care.

Values & Principles

Individual Pursuit of Happiness

The underlying principle of this bill is that no American can be forced to pay for another person’s livelihood.  Obamacare forces you to purchase products you don’t need just to give that inflated amount of money away to someone else for free.

NO Government Mandates

Benefit mandates artificially inflate the cost of insurance regardless of the needs or desires of the individual.  This is a wicked form of corporate taxation without legislation.

No Regulation Without Congress

Congress should be required to vote on all healthcare regulations. The only way to stabilize the healthcare market is to deny the spontaneous whims of our political parties.

State Lines and Group Insurance

There shouldn’t be a single restriction that deprives the American people access to cheaper healthcare.  The ability to form a group of any kind and to cross state lines should be a common-sense approach to keeping costs low.

No More Country Lines

It’s wrong for anyone in government to force a pharmaceutical company to charge a lower price for drugs when they spend an average of $2 billion to bring them to market.  However, it’s equally wrong for our politicians to deny us the right to purchase those drugs from other countries at a lower cost.


The right to control our health is an individual responsibility and a right.  We should not punish the innocent for the actions of the guilty and this is exactly what Obamacare does.  We must right this wrong by repealing Obamacare today.