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Welcome to The Republic Journal.  My writing style is casual and furiously fast. My goal is to inform my readers of worthy news while avoiding useless gossip.  I keep the political commentary to an absolute minimum and provide educational insight to legislation that you need to know about.   From news to political strategy to heart warming encouraging articles, you will find it all here.  Thank you for joining me on this journey we all call life. Updates start @ 10am M-F

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Legislative Concepts To Restore Our Democracy

Silicon Valley Privacy Theft · Election Audit First Steps · Stop The Gestapo Act · Biden’s Executive Orders.  Read how we challenge the lawlessness of a very New and Radicalized Democrat Party HERE

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How do we influence an entire generation of voters to adopt conservatism as their preferred philosophy for government and life?  

Covid Insanity

When one state refuses the science of all surrounding states then you know it’s all about politics.

Daily Roundup – Items are added multiple times a day

  • The news just keeps getting worse for Dems attempting to destroy Gov. DeSantis.  Florida ranks #2 in the nation for graduating seniors who passed the AP test.  Only 1/3 of a percent behind CT which came in at #1.
  • Democrats will introduce The REAP Act in congress next week which will strip all presidents of their lifetime retirement benefits if they are convicted of a felony while in office or after they leave office.  This is their hope of ending payments to Trump since they are working to prosecute him all over America.  However, I like this bill a lot to be honest, especially if they would include all members of congress.  But as you might have guessed they leave members of congress out of that equation.
  • TN will end all elderly care visitor restrictions this Sunday.
  • WI Governor Evers has refused to send out covid relief benefits in a timely manner which has stunned many in the state.  So the Republicans had to pass a bill to force Gov. Evers to do his job.  This is just incredible, and to think people who rely on these payments actually vote for this type of behavior.
  • Rep. Marjorie Greene hung a two gender sign on her door with a message which read, “There are TWO genders: Male & Female. Trust The Science!”
  • California’s recall of Governor Newsom needed 1.5m signatures.  They now have 1.85m and counting.  They know the liberal judges will attempt to throw out as many signatures as possible.
  • Last year Senator Booker argued over the number of African-Americans who are suspended from school compared to white Americans.  What Booker didn’t realize was that he was implying that National Education Association members, who are mostly white, are racists since they’re the ones expelling black students at record pace.  Case in point?  Ka’Mauri Harrison, a 4th grader at a Jefferson Paris Louisiana school.  He was suspended for moving his BB gun out of the way so that he could engage in his online class.  The white and black NEA members claimed he was engaged in illegal behavior and expelled him.  Just like in the days of slavery when white Republicans fought against the racial injustice of slavery, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry is fighting against the racist actions of the Democrat controlled school board of Jefferson Parish Louisiana.
  • An elderly Asian man was assaulted and killed in California.  Now, the liberals are calling for an end to white supremacy against Asian-Americans.  Problem?  The attacker who killed the Asian was an African-American.
  • Newton County Missouri isn’t playing around with their second amendment rights.  They just passed a bill to allow local law enforcement officers to arrest federal agents who trespass on their rights.  The bill states in part, “All federal acts, laws, orders, rules, and regulations passed by the federal government and specifically any Presidential Administration whether past, present, or future, which infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution and Article I, Section 23 of the Missouri Constitution shall be invalid in the county.”
  • International points of interest:
    • Russia is experiencing a record cold wave.
    • Western Europe is experiencing record warmth.
    • China is practicing maritime bombing raids in preparation for executing war with nations who disagree with their South China Sea claims.
    • Vietnam is aggressively installing emplacements for coastal defenses on the disputed archipelago islands.  China passed a law authorizing lethal use of force on merchant vessels operating within their “territories” which are actually international waters.
    • Canada and Western European nations send additional naval military vessels into the South China Sea as a pushback against China.
    • Kenya, Africa is experiencing the worst locust plague in 70 years.
    • Yemen is on the verge of Biblical-level starvation with more than 450,000 children who might die this year alone.
    • Tigray, Ethiopia is on the verge of an apocalyptic event due to starvation brought on by war.  Muslims have been spraying Christian farms for years and those actions are now impacting the food supply of the nation.  FACT: In both Kenya and Ethiopia starvation has been brought about by warring factions and not due to overpopulation, just in case Bill Gates is reading this.
    • Mount Etna, in Catania, Sicily is erupting again.  Mount Etna is Europe’s largest volcano.
    • Vogar, Iceland woke up to a 5.6 magnitude earthquake.
    • The Weather Channel claimed in January the USA would experience above average temperatures in Feb.  That didn’t quite work out for them.
    • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told Greece’s Prime Minister to, “know your place” and  “[Greece] will get to know the crazy Turks well.”  Erdogan is allowing oil exploration vessels to operate within Greece’s waterways.  Greece and other nations are building military ties in preparation of going to war with Greece.  Erdogan literally believes that he is a reincarnate Ottoman warrior given the mandate by the gods to rebuild the old Ottoman Empire.  He told a 6 year old girl she would make a wonderful martyr, much to her terror as she ran off back to her mother.
    • MIGAL laboratories, based in northern Israel was working in Iceland when they discovered that an extract from the spirulina algae has the medicinal ability to reduce the impact of COVID in humans.  The extract reduces cytokine TNF-a, a small signaling protein.  Researcher Asaf Tzachor said, If you control or are able to mitigate the excessive release of TNF-a, you can eventually reduce [covid] mortality.” 
  • Israel passes a law allowing agencies to share the names of citizens who refuse vaccination.
  • America’s most anti-victim D.A., George Gascon of Los Angeles, just hired his campaign’s policy committee director.  She will earn $15k a month as a level 4 prosecutor. The problem with George hiring Blacknell is that she fails to meet the requirement to work as a level 4 prosecutor.  Furthermore, Blacknell has a massive trail of social media posts lying about law enforcement officers.  She has called for an end to prisons without a solution once her goal has been met.  Gascon has been officially censured by liberal judges above him in the fact they are refusing to send his office any high profile cases.  Gascon has been busy working to release the most horrific offenders of human rights in the nation.  We’re talking about criminals who have removed the heads of their victims.  Gascon is the epitome of evil in America and is a forerunner of what Democrats are becoming.  
  • This is California every day…”A local landlord has been unable to evict her unstable Section 8 tenant who has terrorized her for months. Despite restraining order, he showed up at her window w/ a butcher knife, & last week, he came through her ceiling and threw a hammer at her.” – Local Fox Reporter, Bill Melugin
  • Suzi LeVine is Biden’s pick to help run an agency responsible for managing unemployment state benefits.  Suzi and her husband were major donors to the Biden campaign and the payback is in.  However, Suzi should scare the daylights out of Americans who might rely on unemployment benefits in the future.  Why?  For 2.5 years, as manager of Washington state’s unemployment agency, Suzi was criticized for slow payments and delayed processing times.  She also was at station when a $600m unemployment fraud scandal broke out.  Now, her ineptness as a custodial of taxpayer money is being rewarded simply because she donated more than $400k to Democrat campaigns.  Question?  Why would someone who can donate $400k want a state or federal job managing high end processes with little to no recognition?  Maybe someone should look more deeply into where that $600m went.
  • Senator Lindsey Graham said, “If we could get behind President Trump and follow his lead, we will win in 2022.”  This is what political schizophrenia sounds like in D.C.  How?  Read his other statements about Trump.  “When it comes to accountability, the president needs to understand that his actions [Capitol riot] were the problem, not the solution,” and when speaking about Trump’s efforts to obtain election justice Graham said, “There’s been a constant effort by people from the president’s legal team to provide misinformation, to distort the facts, to make accusations that cannot be proven. That needs to stop.”  This, ladies and gentleman, is a man whose moral compass is wherever the wind is blowing.
  • Rep. Panetta sent a letter to President Biden requesting that he give nuclear launch codes to VP Harris and to Speaker Pelosi.  This is unconstitutional and extremely dangerous.  Dems in full meltdown mode, and they want to take us down with them.
  • Arizona Senate passed legislation which will require poll workers to notify a voter that their vote will not be counted if they choose to override a vote cast in error on an electronic voting system.
  • California bill will fine stores $1,000 if they have separate boys and girls sections.  First of all this is a bad marketing idea and take it from someone who knows something about marketing.  Secondly, this is blatantly unconstitutional.  How about we pass a bill fining elected members who promote such ridiculous bills.
  • Indiana state house passes legislation removing licensing requirements for handguns.
  • The Democrats’ $1.9 trillion dollar spending bill is too costly, too corrupt, and too liberal.” – Rep. McCarthy
  • Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who voted to impeach Trump, gets a very early challenger.  Catalina Lauf who worked in the Trump Administration will tackle Adam’s betrayal.  Catalina said, “Fake Republican Adam Kinzinger won’t put AMERICA FIRST— I will. That’s why I’m challenging him for his seat in Congress I am the daughter of LEGAL immigrants, a small business owner, & PROUDLY served in the Trump administration.”
  • Judge indefinitely blocks Biden’s illegal alien deportation freeze which is what he should do.  Why? The executive branch does not have the right to freeze laws passed by the legislative branch of government.  Biden’s freeze is tyrannical and not based on a representative government for and by the will of the people.  NOTE:  85% of Americans are wholeheartedly against the immigration policies coming from the Biden camp so you will not see too many Democrats pouncing their fist on the table over this issue.

The Socratic Conservative

The COVID “relief” bill is anything but relief for the American people.  It’s also very late for those in need.

The Socratic Conservative would go right to the American people targeting Democrats in their own state with a very simple message.


Iowa, for every eight cents Rep. Cindy Axne is willing to give you for covid relief she is charging you .92 in political payback fees.  This is no joke.  She is forcing you to give $12 billion to foreign countries, $500 million for art, $1 billion to teach racial justice in farming, whatever that means.  Iowa, Cindy is auctioning off your financial future just so that she can pay back her political loans from last year’s election.  Make no mistake about it, when Cindy was given a clean bill to send Iowans a rapid relief check back in November, she refused to co-sign that bill. But today, she is giving you scraps while delivering filet mignons to her hungry donors.

This is why I’m not only standing against this gross abuse of public trust, but I’m willing to filibuster this bill while still offering a rapid relief bill to send money only to you without feeding the lustful beast of D.C.

NOTE:  Only when individual members of the Democrat party must answer for the very radicalized policies of their leadership will conservatives have the required public pressure to stop the D.C. madness.  Ignore Pelosi and focus on the 37 Democrats who won their election by less than a 10% margin and you will start having success.

Quote of the Day

“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” – Babe Ruth

There are those who criticize the man in the arena.  What he should be doing or what he should have done.  But history does not remember the names of those who criticize. History only remembers the man in the arena, because the arena is where battles are won and where history is not only made, but where the future is changed.  Let’s CHANGE the trajectory of our nation!

Picture of the Day

Vintage illustration of Uncle Sam giving blood to the blood sucking monopolies who suck the life out of America.


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