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Welcome to The Republic Journal.  My writing style is casual and furiously fast because this isn’t my day job.   My goal is to inform my readers of worthy news while avoiding useless gossip.  I keep the political commentary to an absolute minimum and NEVER get into the he-said-she-said commentary as that is beneath my dignity.   From news to strategy to heart warming encouraging articles, you will find it all here.  Thank you for joining me on this journey we all call life. Updates start @ 10am M-F

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Legislative Concepts To Restore Our Democracy

Silicon Valley Privacy Theft · Election Audit First Steps · Stop The Gestapo Act · Biden’s Executive Orders.  Read how we challenge the lawlessness of a very New and Radicalized Democrat Party HERE

The salvation of our nation will not come from those we elected.  It will come from the passion of pursuit which exists in all of our hearts because we understand the times in which we live in right now.  If you’re able to give to my efforts I will be sincerely grateful.  I’m going to fight for our future while there is still daylight. I believe we are on the cusp of our greatest days, and it’s why I’m in the arena.

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The Socratic Conservative

Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell (CA)

The Chinese government was grooming Rep. Eric Swalwell to supply their communist regime with top secret information for decades to come.  Christine Fang, a Chinese spy, got close to Eric by becoming his top fundraiser and bundler.  Christine also influenced Eric to hire an intern to work in his office in Congress.  Now, after the FBI made congress aware of how Eric was engaged in an intimate relationship with a known Chinese spy, we learn that Democrats have promoted Eric to work on the Homeland Defense committee.  Instead of keeping Eric away from sensitive information meant to protect the American people, Democrats have given him direct access to the very information Christine and her government were after. 

Why are Democrats, like Cindy Axne of Iowa, working to protect a representative who has been compromised by the Chinese government? Shouldn’t we make the protection of our citizens our top priority?  If a congressman has been compromised by our number one enemy, that person should not have access to top secret information.  The fact that Cindy Anxe has placed the political theatre of her party above the protection and security of those in Iowa is the #1 reason why Iowa should to take a second look at who they vote for in 2022.

Do you agree with Cindy Axne that an elected official, who has been compromised by the Chinese Communist Government, should have access to our nation’s top secrets?  100% NORMAL Americans on both sides of the aisle will answer NO!

So, where is the socratic conservative idea behind this article?  This is how Republicans should approach the news events of the day.  Rep. Swalwell was compromised and he was being groomed by the Chinese government to provide them with information they could use to destroy our nation.  That’s a fact and not political commentary.  However, if the GOP focuses on Eric and Nancy Pelosi then nothing will happen.  BUT, when the GOP starts forcing Dems to pay a price at home for their politicalization of our nation’s security, then we will get the ball moving.  Cindy won her race in 2020 by a mere 1.3%, and do you think she desires to have to pay a price for Eric’s moral failures?  No, she does not.

Therefore, the GOP should craft a resolution stating the FBI must inform congress of any member who has been compromised by having relationships with known spies.  Once congress has been notified then those members must be removed from any committee which has direct access to top secret intelligence.  Now, in normal times 100% of congress would be for this.  However, since their poster boy Eric would be removed from his post, they wouldn’t pass this resolution.  Well, now we start making Cindy pay a price for her refusal to co-sign this resolution. You know what?  It wouldn’t take long before Cindy caves under Iowan pressure to push for this resolution to pass.  This is how Republicans in congress can move to create the kind of influence required to pass their legislation and protect America from a radicalized Chinese government.  When the GOP focuses only on Nancy Pelosi then we lose because Nancy will always be re-elected.  However, when we focus on those 37 Dems who won their race between .003% to 10% then we will have success.   America does not endorse the radical agenda being unfolded in D.C. today, and that is a fact. 

Daily Roundup

  • Dems in Nevada are attempting to make NV the first presidential primary state in the union.  Why don’t we just start having a primary the day after the election?  This backing up election dates is what has caused political anxiety in America.  We no longer have rest from one election to the next.
  • Chairman of the U.S. House Homeland Security Cmte, Bennie Thompson, filed a lawsuit against President Trump and Rudy using KKK legislation as the basis of that lawsuit.  However, I’m confident he lacks standing, and most of all he lacks evidence.  
  • Israel conducts a MASSIVE military exercise involving their entire air force.  They practiced striking 3,000 targets in 24-hours.  Meanwhile, Biden is threatening to stop all Israeli flights to the U.S. over a spat on how Israel is defending its borders.  Biden still hasn’t called Israel since taking office.
  • Oregon Board of Education has produced training material for their teachers to PROVE to them that math is racist.  They actually claim that the concept of absolute truth in math is a white supremacist idea and not sound education.  Meanwhile, minorities continue to struggle to maintain the same level of success as whites and Asians in America.  This is tied directly to the level of education being acquired by ethnic groups in America.
  • TN becomes the latest state to introduce legislation which prevents future governors from abusing emergency order powers.
  • Axios interviews VP Harris only to be embarrassed when Twitter users pointed out how Harris lied in the interview by saying that Trump didn’t have a COVID plan even though 1 million Americans had the vaccine prior to Biden stepping into office.  Axios promptly deleted the interview.  Axios is nothing more than DNC disinformation bureau.
  • The Georgia State Election Board announced they have launched an investigation into Senator Warnock over his role in an organization plagued with criminal complaints.  From hiring forgers to failure to disclose voter applications in a timely manner, Warnock’s organization was an election fraud dream for the DNC.
  • There are three U.S. House vacancies.  LA #5 (death) LA#3 (left to work in WH) TX#6.  The races should stay in the same party leaving the balance of the house in March at 222 Dems to 213 GOP.
  • GOP poised to pick up 5 House seats in the 2022 elections due to the new census.  Currently, there are only 5 seats separating which party will have the majority. – I predict far more Democrat retirements between now and 2022 than GOP retirements.
  • Libertarian Party Sued Maricopa Co Election’s Board and will have their hearing on Wednesday.
  • President Trump surprised supporters in Florida on President’s Day by driving by the crowd in his limo.
  • California is requiring signature verification for Governor Newsom’s recall effort but didn’t require them for the November election.  You know what’s going on!
  • David Perdue decided to file to run for GA senate in 2022 after losing to Warnock.  However, David promised the day before his election to contest the electoral college vote only to recant that promise the following day.  David might just be attempting to put some money in his pocket because he doesn’t have a prayer’s chance.
  • Senator Mitch McConnell is being slammed by Republicans behind the scenes.  Mitch suggested that Trump could face criminal prosecution in hopes of opening that door up.  I’m feeling that Mitch’s ties to the Chinese government via his wife are starting to show up in his verbiage.  Might be time for someone to do some digging on Mitch to see where his money is coming from. Elaine Chao, Mitch’s wife, was under investigation in 2019, but that went quiet and no one knows why.  There’s smoke and probably fire if one digs deep enough.  Mitch’s strong language about Trump will most likely fuel that desire among former military personal.
  • Utah GOP mulling censuring Romney over his impeachment vote.  So happy to see the ground workers standing up to the bullies in the Republican party.
  • 11 members of Rep. Adam Kinzinger family mailed him a letter to say,“You have embarrassed the Kinzinger family name!” This was in regards to his vote to impeach Trump.
  • North Carolina DID vote to censure Senator Burr over his impeachment vote.
  • Biden actually considering dropping Israel and Saudi Arabia as “essential partners” in the Middle East.  NOTE:  Israel is the only democracy in the middle east and the only nation which continually adds to humanity through its scientific discoveries.  We are witnessing madness on a whole new level in the White House.
  • Allocetra, an Israeli based Covid therapy was given a green light to enter its final trial for treating severe cases of COVID.  With a 90% success rate with very little side effects, Allecetra is the most promising therapy drug in the world to treat COVID and its expected variations.

Quote of the Day

“Democrats want us to think we have a gun problem when in reality we have a violence problem. Violence comes from the heart and will occur regardless of the tool used. Therefore, the solution isn’t to remove the tool from the hands of the innocent, it’s to change the heart of the guilty.” -Homeschool Mom

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Vintage illustration of the swamp.


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