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Welcome to The Republic Journal.  My writing style is casual and furiously fast because this isn’t my day job.   My goal is to help my readers to be informed of worthy news while avoiding useless gossip.  I keep the political commentary to an absolute minimum and NEVER get into the he-said-she-said commentary as that is beneath my dignity.   From news to strategy to heart warming encouraging articles, you will find it all here.  Thank you for joining me on this journey we all call life.

Special Update

Legislative Concepts To Restore Our Democracy

Silicon Valley Privacy Theft · Election Audit First Steps · Stop The Gestapo Act · Biden’s Executive Orders.  Read how we challenge the lawlessness of a very New and Radicalized Democrat Party HERE

The salvation of our nation will not come from those we elected.  It will come from the passion of pursuit which exists in all of our hearts because we understand the times in which we live in right now.  If you’re able to give to my efforts I will be sincerely grateful.  I’m going to fight for our future while there is still daylight. I believe we are on the cusp of our greatest days, and it’s why I’m in the arena.

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Daily Roundup

  • Hey….You….take the weekend off like I am, and let your heart and mind rest.  Monday will arrive in a much better fashion if you’ve rested up for it!
  • U.S. killed 12 Iranian terrorists in an airstrike in Syria’s Deir el-Zour province.
  •  Israel
    • Signs tourism pact with Greece which will help both countries’ GDP.
    • Iranian nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, was assisinated last November by a remote controlled one ton gun.  Now, MOSSAD agents have come out claiming they were behind the strike even though the Israeli government still refuses to comment.  Fakhrizadeh was behind Iran’s secret nuclear program and with him removed from the equation it puts Iran’s plan for the bomb on hold.  The weapon was mounted on a Nissan truck and was so heavy because it contained a self-exploding bomb to cover the evidence.
  • Biden admin moving to close Guantanamo Bay.
  • AZ Senator Paul Boyer who voted against the Republicans to hold Maricopa Co in contempt of court is now being recalled by the people of Arizona.  The AZ legislature was not allowed to be in session from May of 2020 through the end of last year due to COVID, which was nothing more than a political excuse to deny the will of the people in Arizona.  Paperwork has been submitted to start a recall of Governor Ducey and Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.  I personally think recalling Ducey prior to election laws being changed is a mistake.  What happens when you recall the Republican only to get a Democrat in office.  Just my thought.  However, the group behind the recall announced that next week they will be adding several names from mayors, city councils, state reps and state senators.  Arizona isn’t playing around.
  • Libertarian Party files lawsuit against Maricopa Co Board of Elections for not allowing them access to their audit.  Maricopa Co. LIED to the public by saying that representatives from political parties were present during their current audit.  They finally announced that due to covid they aren’t allowing observers to be present.  If that isn’t strange enough then read this.  When Maricopa published the public notice of their intention to audit the ballots they said that all three parties MUST be present but are now refusing to allow all three parties to have representation.  But wait, there’s more.  They have chosen to allow the League of Women Voters to be the representation for the other three parties.  Not sure how it’s ok for this group to be there as if somehow they are immune to covid and not the others.  The lies growing from the vines of  Maricopa County Election’s Board are entangling them in a mess they will never unwind from.  Their goal, per my prediction, is to rush a fake audit through so they can claim the state doesn’t have to conduct one.  This will be their future legal argument in courts.
  • The Lincoln Project’s largest donor was none other than Chuck Schumer who gave $1.9m.  Why is it that wherever Democrats are at you will find sexual predators?
  • Yahoooo, another state….West Virginia Education Committee just passed a rule to fund students instead of schools.  Listen …. for 20 years conservatives have been fighting for this policy to be enacted and now, because liberals used COVID as a political hammer, the dams have busted wide open and states all over are jumping on this idea and running with it much like this very long sentence.
  • WOW…..I mean WOW….the young liberals running New York have introduced legislation to tax stock trades on the NYSE at one half of a percent.  This led the NYSE president, Stacey Cunningham to say, “If Albany lawmakers get their way, however, the center of the global financial industry may need to find a new home.”  New York was already being crushed by the wealthy leaving the state prior to COVID.  Now, they will be kicking out all of the rich people and guess what?  New York earns most of its revenue from the rich through income taxes.  182,000 people who work for the financial sector and earn an average of $400k would have a mighty big reason to relocate out of state.
  • Republican Montana Attorney General, Austin Knudsen, leads 13 other state AGs legally tackling Biden’s revoking of the Keystone Pipeline permit.  In an official letter to Biden Knudsen said, “Please be aware that the states are reviewing available legal options to protect our residents and sovereign interests….in the meantime, we urge you to reconsider your decision to impose crippling economic injuries on states, communities, families, and workers across the country.”
  • TN State University is paying Al Sharpton $50,000 to teach a course on social justice. Enough said!
  • Rep. Maloney of NY said about Parler that, “numerous Parler users have been arrested and charged for their roles, with the Department of Justice citing in several instances the threats that individuals made through Parler.”  She is now demanding access to the company’s finances.  She lacks standing for certain.  However, she never said who had been arrested and if they also had accounts with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  This is why conservative companies should base their businesses in conservative states so that attorney generals could go after such politicians on legal grounds.
  • France’s Prime Minister Macron has warned of the extremism emanating from liberals in the U.S. specifically from universities and what professors are teaching.  He said those teachings were a threat to the French identity.
  • My predictions of the hardest senate races for Dems to defend against in 2022.
    • Sen. Warnock of Georgia – I predict GOP wins this seat back.
    • Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire – The lies of Biden have already been exposed and NH was already on the cusp of ousting Dems, and they will be done with Hassan by next year.
    • Sen. Kelly of AZ – Even the most liberal cities in AZ voted against illegal immigration, trans rights for athletes and high taxes.
    • Sen. Masto of Nevada – Again the millions of promises made by Joe will be null and void by then, and no state has been harmed like Nevada has.
    • These predictions are based on my belief of how Americans will view Dems by next year.  However, it still takes a good candidate to win the race for the GOP.
  • Portland police were charged with 6,000 use of force incidents over 2020.  Now that Biden is in office the DOJ will persecute and prosecute these officers while allowing offending citizens off the hook.
  • Fuel prices up almost 20% since Biden won election.  Fuel prices were expected to stay the same through 2022, but now it’s anybody’s guess.  Side note:  For every one cent increase in the cost for a gallon of gas it costs the airline industry one million dollars in extra expenses.  Of course, they pass the cost to you.
  • Insulin has risen to $1,500 for a 90-day supply since Biden removed Trump’s executive order forcing clinics to pass savings to the customer.
  • Georgia will present a massive election bill next week. However, they haven’t called for an audit of Fulton or Cobb.  Sorry but every two years Georgia has had a massive election bill on the table.  I’m ensuring they don’t get away with this politicking any longer!
  • Twitter has permanently banned Project Veritas from their platform. – (like Spongebob) Meanwhile, three hours later, Twitter said it was an error and bamm he’s back online.

The Socratic Conservative

I put together a teaching for certain conservatives in congress and taught them the importance of writing titles for bills that will grab the attention of the American people.  I also spent time teaching the importance of using the preamble of the bill for the purpose of marketing that bill to gain the support of the American people.

Here is an example of how that works.

‘Stop The Slaughter Act’

Whereas, Governor Cuomo ordered nursing homes to take in patients with COVID-19 which led to the slaughter of untold thousands of New York’s elderly;

Whereas, Governor Whitmer of Michigan ordered nursing homes to take in COVID patients which led to XXX;

Whereas, Governor Ducey of Arizona has denied COVID patients access to life saving drugs;

Be it resolved that the U.S. House of Representatives will not sit by and allow innocent Americans to be slaughtered on the altar of politics by leaders who are ignoring science and doctors….

Now, we have a bill with a title that will grab your attention.  The preamble tells the story including all of the talking points one would ever desire to promote.  This causes other members to stand up and take charge and emboldens even the weakest in the party.  Furthermore, should a bill like this one ever reach the floors of Congress it would cause panic among Democrats.  Who would vote against a bill stopping this slaughter, but what Democrat would want to be on record of accusing members of their own party?  Yes, this is how I roll!

Quote of the Day

“Competing is like wrestling a gorilla. You don’t quit when you’re tired. You quit when the gorilla is tired.” — Alan Stein

Picture of the Day

Vintage illustration of a political cartoon titled, ‘Atlas Joe.’ It’s depicts a politician attempting to play God by dictating the actions of all humans across the globe.  This is the modern day Democrat party.  However, instead of working to free humanity, their bloodlust for power is causing life-altering human suffering.


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