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I write this as a journal throughout the day because it isn’t my main day job.  I encourage you to start at the bottom and read to the top at the beginning of each new day.  Then, come back later during the day to see the updates to the daily roundup.  I work to encourage hearts and to inform minds.  I keep the political commentary to an absolute minimum and only report on worthwhile news.  I NEVER get into the he said she said commentary as that is beneath my dignity.  Welcome to The Republic Journal and I’m glad you’ve joined me on this journey called life.

Special Update

Legislative Concepts To Restore Our Democracy

Silicon Valley Privacy Theft · Election Audit First Steps · Stop The Gestapo Act · Biden’s Executive Orders.  Read how we challenge the lawlessness of a very New and Radicalized Democrat Party HERE

The salvation of our nation will not come from those we elected.  It will come from the passion of pursuit which exists in all of our hearts because we understand the times in which we live in right now.  If you’re able to give to my efforts I will be sincerely grateful.  I’m going to fight for our future while there is still daylight and I believe we are on the cusp of our greatest days and it’s why I’m in the arena.

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Why The Steal?

The below picture demonstrates what Democrats know.  They have lost America and in a couple of years will no longer be able to maintain control.  Look at what one decade has done for the Democrat party in America just in the state of TN.

Daily Roundup

  • Just one question which is relevant to today’s event.  How can you impeach President Trump for causing an insurrection when no one has been charged with insurrection?  I know he has great lawyers but one would think this would be the number one question offered to the Senate today.  If no one has been charged with insurrection then there wasn’t one.
  • I will be working with members of congress on Tuesday so updates will be sporadic.  Look for a big update on Wednesday.
  • Mayor of Tampa took to the podium today to speak about the injustice of those who did not wear a mask at the Super Bowl and how she will work with police to prosecute those who didn’t.  However, people started posting pictures of the mayor sitting at the game without her mask on.  This type of hypocrisy will wear thin with Democrats who are being persecuted by the mayor.
  • Maricopa Co Breaking – One GOP senator in Arizona voted with all 14 Democrats on whether or not to hold Maricopa Co Election board members in contempt of court. State senator Paul Boyer, a school teacher was the lone dissenter.  I’m not familiar with AZ senate rules but from what I can tell there isn’t a remedy for a tie in a senate vote.  But a recall petition is being considered right now.  They are hiding everything for a reason and the AZ GOP is adament about getting to the bottom of it.  It appears that the only recourse at this point in time is for the success of the recall petition for all five Maricopa Co Board members.  That petition is moving right along and the number of volunteers is exploding right now.  I’m 100% confident that the recall petition will be a success but how long it will take is anyone’s guess.  Paul Boyer might resign because he will be the most disliked Republican in the entire state of Arizona right now.
  • BREAKING…The Georgia Secretary of State’s office is opening up an investigation into Donald J. Trump regarding his phone call to that office about election fraud.  A phone call, which the Sec. of State illegally published to the media.  That does it.  On Tuesday I will contact several members of the GA House and Senate and demand they convene a special counsel to investigate the actions of the Secretary of State regarding the 2020 elections based on the following:
    • In the June/July primaries the state was sued for using Dominion voting systems which led to several races being highly suspect of their legitimate outcome.  During that election thousands of people voted in Georgia twice.  The SOS publicly stated that he would prosecute ALL those involved.  Why then has not one single person been arrested or prosecuted?
    • Why did the SOS purchase equipment which can’t fulfill state law of chain-of-custody because the Dominion systems lack protected logs.
    • Why did the SOS give permission to third party groups to access the state’s election database?
    • Did the SOS investigate all of the affidavits signed by Georgia voters who witnessed voter fraud?  If not then why? If yes where are those reports?
    • It’s a criminal act for the SOS not to follow through with complaints of illegal electioneering and therefore the above is paramount to discover if he has faithfully fulfilled the duties of his office.
    • Matt Braynard provided detailed lists of those who illegally voted in the 2020 Ga primaries and general election.  Did the SOS investigate those voters for fraud?  Did the SOS clean the voter rolls?  Why did the SOS allow people to vote by the thousands who used commercial addresses?
    • When the SOS entered into an agreement with the Democrat Party of Georgia did he follow all of the necessary guidelines and public notifications?  Did he have the authority to engage in that agreement?
    • Why didn’t his office charge the Fulton County Elections Commissioner with a criminal complaint when he lied to the American people when he said that no one was told to leave on election night even though he was on video telling the media that he told election workers to go home?
    • When he was made aware that the Dominion Voting Systems were given false counts in several counties did he investigate the systems and if not then why not?
    • All communications between his office and Dominion and the governor must be secured.
    • Why did he encourage Gabriel Sterling to leave as a government worker and start his own private company.  Then the SOS gave Gabriel a government contract to?  Did he send the contract through the appropriate channels to allow others to bid on it?  Where are those bids?
    • When the state sued in the fall of 2020 over the failures of Gabriel Sterling’s implementation of Dominion did the SOS look for alternative contracts by those who could actually do the work in a way which provided for the needs of the Georgia voters?
    • How come the contract to purchase the Dominion Voting Systems lack the required state certification elements?
    • Why did the SOS allow drop boxes which are not monitored and break state law to be used in the 2020 elections?
    • FOLKS – GA politicians are not demanding an audit – they are not demanding action – they are not demanding an investigation and we have a real problem on our hands which must be resolved asap.
  • With the Louisiana runoff completed, the U.S. House has the smallest margin between the two parties in its history.  Only 9 seats separate the two parties and only 5 seats hold the majority.  37 Democrats won in 2020 by less than 10% and half of those by less than 5%.  GOP will gain 5 House seats in 2024 because of the new census.  With the GOP holding 47% redistricting rights in the US and the DEMS only hold 17% 2024 will be a very difficult year for the Democrat Party and rightly so.
  • “The White House confirmed that illegal aliens convicted of rape or assault will not be deported. Meanwhile, you can still go to jail for holding a church service.” – Charlie Kirk
  • The Virginia House of Representatives passed a bill to remove conscience protections for child-placing agencies.  This means an agency could no longer say no to gay couples using a catholic adoption agency as an example.  You need to read my article below titled, ‘The Socratic Conservative’ to fully understand these implications.
  • “Judge James Chalfant has issued a preliminary injunction against Los Angeles D.A. George Gascon that will restrict him from refusing to prosecute CA’s three strikes law and will restrict him from dismissing special circumstance allegations without legal grounds.” – Bill Melugin …. This DA has been letting Hitler like criminals off due to his justice reforms.  Even the most staunch liberals are up in arms over his actions.  Now, every judge above him has placed a target on his back.  
  • Biden reversed Trump’s decision to withdraw from the U.N. Human Rights Commission.  Other members of the commission include Russia, China, and Cuba for starters.  One member of the commission can veto ANY resolution which means these bad actors can prevent the U.N. from ever condemning their actions.  To date, the commission has passed more resolutions condemning the actions of Israel than all of the nations on the planet combined.  This commission exists solely to persecute Jews around the world.  The U.N. Human Rights Commission is an anti-semitism organization, which is why Trump left but it’s also why Democrats joined.
  • Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska becomes the latest Republican to be censured by his own party.  The Nebraska Republican Party voted to censure Sen. Sasse over his comments regarding President Trump.  Liz Cheney and Governor Ducey both have been censured.  More to come I’m sure of that.
  • Ohio removes 97,795 voters from its voter rolls in an effort to prevent future voter fraud.
  • Nashville’s number of crime incidents skyrocket as police units are demoralized by government officials.  Nashville has lost nearly a third of its police force due to Democrats attacking law enforcement officers.  Criminals have taken notice and are abusing the very citizens government officials promised to protect. Homicides are skyrocketing as gang wars and street crimes become an hourly event.  Nashville is Mogadishu in the making.
  • Scholastic Corporation is pushing false racial narratives to their 6 million subscribers by leaving out important details regarding current news events.  They cite that a police officer pinned George Floyd to the ground for eight minutes which is true.  However, they leave out the fact that George refused all requests to be handcuffed and engaged in fighting officers when they attempted to put him in the car. Furthermore, they leave out the part that George had an illegal drug in his system which reduced his ability to breathe.
  • Georgia introduced legislation to mandate that all government issued ids to non-citizens have a very big visible mark of that status to help prevent future election fraud.
  • VA Senate passes bill to abolish death penalty but offered no bill to abolish murder in their state. Yes, I’m being funny on purpose with my words here.  My firm belief is that prisons are for reformation and not punishment.  If, we give someone a life sentence then we are saying they can’t be reformed.  Lastly, if you don’t want to receive the death penalty then don’t engage in those crimes which warrant the death penalty.
  • SCOTUS rejected a Ca. law which banned indoor worship.  However, they allowed the stipulation of how many members can attend church and even the ban on singing.  You can film a musical and that’s ok but you can’t sing unto the Lord a new song.  SCOTUS is allowing the 14th amendment to be spit upon and this with a conservative majority.
  • Turkey launches school in worn torn Syria in a bid to insert itself as the super power in the country.  Syria is a must have territory for Turkey and Russia because it gives both of those governments direct access to the Middle East.
  • BLM, Antifa, and LGBT groups march in DC over the weekend with chants of “burn it down.”  No word from Liz Cheney if she is appalled by those bad actors.
  • FBI reported that in the first six months of 2020 there was a 14.8% increase in homicides and aggravated assault offenses were up 4.6% compared to a year prior.   Full 2020 statistics won’t be out until late spring.
  • U.S. Court of international trade upholds Trump’s steel tariffs.  Trump put 25% on steel to ensure domestic production for our security needs.  It was an American steel importer who challenged the law who has chosen China’s imports over American jobs.
  • House democrats only scheduled six full days of work for the entire month of February.  SERIOUSLY!
  • Maricopa County Board of Elections made a request late Friday to the courts asking them to squash the subpoena issued by the senate to have access to the election documentation.  On Monday, the full senate will vote to send the Sgt. of Arms to arrest the board members.

Israel Finds Covid Cure…Breaking News Story

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center in Israel has been working on a COVID treatment and just finished phase 1 trials. 30 COVID patients with severe symptoms were released within 3-7 days after using EXOCD24.  EXOCD24 is given by inhalation causing it to be injected directly into the lungs.  Research doctors state that the drug can be developed very cheaply and by pharmaceuticals across the globe immediately.  Sourasky Medical Center is now working on further studies and will release their notes to the world soon.

The Socratic Conservative

Do you believe that any government should have the right to force you to participate in the activities of another American citizen against your will or desire?  No?  Well, you answered just like every Democrat and Republican who answered this question.  If a government could force you into activities against your will then that would be forced labor which is called slavery in most nations.  Thankfully our 13th amendment outlawed the horrors of slavery long ago.  However, slavery denotes that you are property owned by someone else and this doesn’t get to the heart of the above question.

The 13th amendment also outlawed something called “involuntary servitude.”  Involuntary servitude doesn’t mean you aren’t paid for your labors or that you’re not free to live in your own home or have your own business.  Involuntary servitude literally means that a government forced you into labors against your will or desire and it’s why congress passed the 13th amendment to ensure that your liberties could never be trampled upon again.

So, I have one last question for you.  Do you now see why it was wrong for a judge to tell a young college girl that she had to pick up her camera and go participate in the physical activities of a homosexual wedding against her desire or will?  She was forced against her will to participate in the activities of another citizen which is involuntary servitude.

Most people’s eyes pop wide open after that question because they never knew anything about the 13th amendment and more importantly they never had to answer that question on a personal level.  If I asked them what they thought about those two people up front they would have given me their personal opinions about those two people.  However, when I make the question about them, well then, they answer much differently and more honest. 

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the entire Democrat party, just passed an executive order declaring that all Americans will be forced into participating in the philosophical choices of other Americans against their will and desire.  Who and what people do is 100% their right.  What isn’t their right, is to force you or I to participate in those choices.

Lastly, these laws are a direct violation of the 14th amendment’s requirement of equality before the law.  How?  If a homosexual, Muslim, Christian, or Moon lover can live out their lives as they desire, even to the point of forcing others to enjoin in their activities, then the law just created something called “second class citizens.” What this means is that there are two groups of citizens based on laws and edicts coming from the king.  One group can life out their lifestyle choices without punishment while others may not.  These type of laws are why wars are started because of how unfair and unjust they are.

Let’s say for a moment that you own a grocery store and a young lady comes in and purchases a bag of rice for $1.  You’re happy that you earned $1 and she’s happy about the bag of rice.  However, she then goes home and decides to use that rice in a worship ceremony of her moon god.  She calls your brother up, who owns a video production business, and requests that he comes over and film her worship activities.  She becomes incensed at the idea that he told her no. She calls the Democrat party up and demands they pass a law stating that his “no” is to be considered discrimination.  Democrats just made him a second class citizen and stripped him of 14th amendment rights of equality.  Furthermore, they violated his 13th amendment rights to be free from involuntary servitude.

What were the differences between the two brothers?  The store owner did not have to engage in the lifestyle choices of the young women simply by selling her the rice.  However, the other brother was forced to engage in activities against his will which is a violation of his constitutional rights.

This scenario is the balancing point on which our laws should be crafted.  This is why I’m befuddled by the lack of quality legal arguments from our conservative lawyers and conservative politicians.  If we can’t distinguish the freedoms guaranteed to us by our constitution then how can we influence an entire generation of voters to adopt our philosophy as their own?

A person’s choice NEVER erodes your right to say no, NEVER!

Liz Cheney, You’re A Liar!

Liz, you just lied when you said on national television that, “President Trump, for months leading up to Jan. 6 spread the notion that the election had been stolen or that the election was rigged was a lie. And people need to understand that.”

  • When 70% of Detroit’s precincts vote counts don’t match the books then that is a rigged election.
  • When Delaware County can’t find over 40 USB drives of election data to prove how people voted that is a rigged election.
  • When counties in 6 states required the GOP to sue them in court just to have access to ballot counting that is a Gestapo rigged election.
  • When millions of ballots were counted in secret that is a rigged election.
  • When 15,000 people voted in Nevada but who didn’t live there then that is a stolen election.
  • When Wisconsin Election’s Board enticed counties to commit Class 1 felonies by altering witness statements on ballots that is a rigged election.
  • When courts take unconstitutional actions to alter state legislature election laws that is a stolen election from the will of the people.
  • When states give preference to one type of voter over another that is a rigged election.
  • When voting precincts have 100% to 700% more ballots cast than voters that is a stolen election.

Liz Cheney, You are a liar!  You said that more would come out about how President Trump led an insurrection and yet you haven’t provided a single shred of evidence.  You said that, “[Trump] refused to stand up immediately when he was asked and stop the violence.”  That is a lie since violent offenders started storming the Capitol before he even stopped speaking.  Furthermore, he went on social media to remind people to behave and then those social media companies took down his video.

I find it interesting that you haven’t called out Democrats who refused access to GOP ballot monitors.  I find it disgusting that you haven’t demanded that states must no longer allow hundreds of thousands to illegally vote in elections.  I find it illuminating that you never called out Biden or Harris for not standing up to the BLM rioters sooner or even at all.

The most vomiting of your statements came when you said that, “The single greatest threat to our republic is a president who would put his own self-interest above the Constitution, above the national interest. And we’ve had a situation where President Trump claimed for months that the election was stolen and the apparently set about to do everything he could to steal it himself.”

Liz Cheney, for a moment, I thought you were speaking about Biden and Harris who are flushed with cash from their self-serving actions.  I thought you were talking about the Democrat party who have taken it upon themselves to destroy the hard earned labors of the American people.  But then, when you said that trump was attempting to steal the election himself I knew who you were and what you were about.

Liz, you are a liar and there is no truth within you.  You do not represent the party of Lincoln or Reagan.  Both of them would have demanded justice in our elections and integrity from members in the Republican party. 

SCOTUS Updates about elections:

  • Hirsch Singh, 2020 GOP senate candidate in NJ, will have his day in court.  This case will answer the following questions:
    • Does an emergency order give governors the right to change election laws at will?
    • Does using the USPS for mail in ballots grant the right of the state to ignore freedom of information act requests?
    • Does SCOTUS have the right to rule on constitutional rights when a state is involved?  This sounds rhetorical but Gov. Murphy issued a statement against SCOTUS having judicial standing to hear this case.
    • The remedy being sought is for SCOTUS to throw out the senate election and order a new one.  The governor engaged in tyrannical powers in conducting the primary and general election in 2020.  The case is solid but not sure if the justices would go that far in their ruling.
    • There are more technical items involved in this case which would have national impact but too much to get into here.  Will update as case proceeds.
  • Lin Wood vs. Secretary of State might be heard in the 11th circuit court.
    • Arguments of 14th amendment of equality will be heard.
    • Sec. of State illegally entered into an agreement with the Democrat Party which nullified the authority of the state legislature.  NOTE:  The state reps should be suing and they are not and this is all you need to know about the GA politicians.
    • Arguments will be made regarding how Sec. of State diluted one person’s vote by giving special treatment to other voters.
  • Donald J. Trump vs. PA secretary of State.  This is a great case because it involves whether or not lower courts have a right to change legislature laws regarding elections.
    • Arguments will be made on whether or not a governor can nullify statutory election laws due to an emergency declaration.
    • Can election boards deny party observers from monitoring ballot counting?
    • This case is more about PA’s Supreme Court using its power to illegally usurp the state’s legislature appointment of electors via the election.  The U.S. Constitution specifically states that the legislature holds supreme authority over election laws.  This MUST be answered before this year is out.  Nearly 300 lawsuits were filed by Democrats to change state laws through the courts in 2020.  Justice Thomas spoke about the dangers of allowing lower courts over rule state legislatures nearly two years ago.
  • Donald J. Trump vs. Biden Wisconsin.  This case is identical in manner to the Pennsylvania case in that they are challenging the state’s Supreme Court regarding how they used their authority to usurp the rights of the state’s legislature. Please note that these cases are not rhetorical nor mute.  They will set a strong precedent going into all future elections and it’s why Trump is pursuing them.
  • Timothy King vs. Gov Whitmer.  This is the Sidney Powell’s case versus the Michigan Supreme Court and Gov. Whitmer and is a whopper.  The Michigan Supreme Court is the most corrupt court in the nation in my opinion.  They even refused to hear an emergency request regarding the 2020 election which is their direct responsibility.  This case is huge and involves:
    • Dominion voting fraud
    • The illegal actions of Governor Whitmer
    • Fabrication of votes
    • Denial of GOP observers
    • Poll counts not tallying actual numbers
    • Equal protection issues
    • And a TON more.  This will be a great case to follow and it’s heading to the 6th circuit.
  • Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, 2020 GOP Senate candidate in Maryland, has a unique lawsuit.  Back in October Dr. Shiva won a court case which placed an injunction against Massachusetts Secretary of State, William F. Galvin, and the state elections board, from contacting Twitter to demand they take Dr. Shiva off of their platform.  On Feb. 01, Dr. Shiva’s Twitter account was suspended again and this time he believes it came as a result of him mentioning Michelle Tassinari, who is on Maryland’s election technical team.  Dr. Shiva has a lawsuit against the state of Maryland because they DELETED all ballot images used to certify the election.  Those images are required by federal law to be kept for a minimum of two years.  The state said that because they have kept the actual ballots that they don’t need to keep the images but this is a lie.  Those images are what Dominion voting systems use to count the ballots.  Those same images are used by Dominion when they REJECT the ballots to be counted by an actual person.  Dr. Shiva, MIT professor and inventor of email, has the establishment on the run.  Right now, the Democrats are doing everything they can to stop his lawsuit from seeing the light of day, but thus far the courts aren’t having any of it and this is heading to a big time battle.


Joe Biden won the 2020 elections with record breaking numbers but with the fewest number of counties in U.S. political history.  In other words, Biden lost more counties than any other president in history while winning the majority of votes.  This doesn’t happen folks.

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“When we see ourselves in a situation which must be endured and gone through, it is best to make up our minds to it, meet it with firmness, and accommodate everything to it in the best way practicable. This lessens the evil; while fretting and fuming only serves to increase your own torments.” — Thomas Jefferson

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