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Silicon Valley Privacy Theft · Election Audit First Steps · Stop The Gestapo Act · Biden’s Executive Orders.  Read how we challenge the lawlessness of a very New and Radicalized Democrat Party HERE

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Daily Roundup

  • It’s a slow news day other than everyone blaming everyone else about other people’s problems.  Unfortunately, for most of us, the current congress has boiled down to a bunch of people who never graduated from high school emotionally speaking.  They are all in the he said, she said, mindset.  
  • Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa signed a bill requiring all Iowa schools to offer in school teaching despite the pandemic.  The people are winning!
  • White House requesting journalists send in their questions before ALL White House press briefings.  Ok, this is silly because how can a journalist know what questions to ask if they don’t know what the press secretary will talk about. 🙂
  • Send me an email to let me know the following:  Would you enjoy reading short, but positive articles about all of the new candidates who won their races in 2020?  From the cubans in Florida and Texas to the women across the nation.  They are very inspirational people because they were all inspired to run because of Trump and have a passion for change.  Let me know by sending a yes or no email. If enough say yes, I’ll start calling and interviewing them for all of you.
  • My wife turns XX today, well, since she reads my thoughts I best kept that number to myself. 🙂 However, since it’s Groundhog day, let us pray she sees her shadow because I want snow in Florida and the extra weeks of winter will help. It will be near freezing tonight and therefore I can dream the dream of fluffy stuff falling upon my head.
  • FACT:  Rep. Marjorie Greene of Georgia received the most votes of any candidate in her district and she outperformed Trump by 2%?  This is why McConnell has wasted no time going after her.  However, he might not want to catch up to that lioness.
  • Real Estate Industry Stats
    • Highest level of home equity in decades.
    • Lowest level of underwater homes in decades.
    • High levels of home buying right now.
    • Low levels of new inventory due to covid restrictions.
    • Home values rising everywhere.
    • Highest number of zombie homes.  Low value homes that are vacant in very poor neighborhoods.
    • Democrat states such as NY, NJ, CA, WA are home to high cost homes losing their values overnight due to the exodus of the wealthy.
    • Florida has 1,000 new citizens per day moving into the state and they are swallowing up high value homes the moment they hit the market.
    • NJ has the highest property taxes in America and the highest foreclosure rates.
    • Judges across the nation are ruling that moratoriums are illegal acts by executive actors in government.
    • Fed backed loans have been placed on extended moratorium.
    • Non-fed backed loans are pretty much being forced into the foreclosure process.
    • Foreclosures are at an all time low and are down 78% from 12 months ago.
    • No such thing as discounted homes for investors right now due to high demand and low inventory.
    • HOWEVER, commercial properties will see nearly $300 billion in discounts due to covid restrictions by Democrats which destroyed local businesses.
    • Housing market will remain robust due to backlog of new building and will not truly reflect any policies coming from the White House for at least two years.
  • Violence Porn is the new sick trend on Twitter.  The idea is to run as hard as you can and knock the unsuspecting person to the ground while filiming the aftermath for Twitter viewers.  A police detective just died from his head hitting asphalt so hard it put him on life support.  An 84 year old man might not live after being hit by Antoine Watson, who was running at full speed before sending the elderly man 10′ across the pavement.  Antoine has been arrested and will face the consequences of his actions.  This is happening all over California as a new demented trend carried by Twitter.
  • Biden determining whether or not Trump should continue having access to intelligence breifings.  What a warped world America is in right now.
  • Henry Darby, principal at North Charleston High School, discovered two sisters sleeping underneath a bridge.  Then he learned of a mother and daughter sleeping in a car every night.  It was then that Henry decided to start stocking shelves at Walmart three nights a week to GIVE his paycheck away to those in his school who have these serious life altering needs.  He works from 10pm to 7am three nights to give enough away just so that others might have a better life.  May God richly bless his life and his acts of service.

Quote of the Day

“The healthiest response to life is Joy” — Mark Twain

Thought for the day

Joy, the most desired fruit of any household.  Nehemiah, who was tasked by God to rebuild Israel, said that, “the joy of the Lord is our strength.” You really do become stronger in your heart when joy is flowing in your veins.

Joy, is the feeling of excitement, exhilaration, and from a feeling of well-being, it’s an emotion which adds life to one’s years.  Let’s look at what happens scientifically when we laugh from a joyful heart:

  • Our brain receives a heavy dose of electrical currents which excites it with activity in a positive way.
  • Endorphins are released throughout our entire body.
  • Your body actually increases the production of antibodies when you laugh, which fights off disease. “laughter does a body good.”
  • Your body relaxes emotionally.  Your fight or flight syndrome leaves.
  • Stress levels plummet
  • Your entire body goes limp which is why people fall over laughing.
  • Why do you cry when you laugh sometimes?  Your emotions are flushed out of your body and brain all at once and this is why you are releasing tears although you are laughing.

Joy, happiness, laughter, silliness are all traits of a positive life.  The science is conclusive that those who are filled with these traits live longer, healthier and are more prosperous.  I encourage you today to read my article titled, ’emotional triggers’ and understand that if you feed your heart and mind only negative news all day long then it will have very negative consequences in your life.

So, go ahead, rent a comedy movie such as Hitch.  Or watch Tim Hawkins below sing about aging Rock Stars and tell me if you don’t start feeling better right away.

Life is far more about our mental perception of what we “believe” reality is, over what really it taking place in our lives.  No matter what you are facing today, face it with a dose of joy, because we all need someone smiling in our lives.

When we have confidence that our prayers are heard and answered, those prayers will always produce joy.  “Until now you have asked nothing in My name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.” John 16:24

Picture of the Day

Vintage illustration of American Winter. 


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