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Emotional Triggers

Having been involved in marketing for 30 years I know all about emotional triggers.  When you smell something that brings you back to your childhood your emotions are usually triggered.  Most people have a favorite season of the year of which mine is fall.  The colors, cool crisp air, outdoor fires, and the romantic nature of it all trigger my emotions.

In the news media circuit, there are emotional triggers as well, and many of you are feeling that on a daily basis.  Let me offer you some friendly, but pertinent advice.  If you find yourself digesting news article after news article because it’s triggering your emotions, then you might need to take a break.  Think about it like this.  If everything that you’re reading today only puts you in a negative emotional state, then where will you find joy today?  Where will you find peace today?

Did you know that if I put a sensational title on my article that my readership would rise by 600%?  Why?  I triggered an emotion.  But I refuse to go down that road because I’m honored by all of you being here on a daily basis, and I desire to promote hope through intellectual ideas instead of trigged emotions.

Think about this question: which site do you go to on a daily basis which offers hope?  Which site offers ideas which provide answers instead of just triggering your emotions?  I’m not saying these things to hype my journal.  I’m saying these things to encourage you to digest less of what triggers negative emotions within you. Because if you only trigger negative emotions on a daily basis then you will become a negative and bitter person.

How to counter the negative emotions?  Read the Bible every day – Learn something new in life – make some form of exercise a part of your life – do unexpected things continually.

This exercise will be hard for some because daily digestion of negative news is what we have been feeding our souls for so long. Like an addict, we now need our daily fix.  You hold the power to break the habit.  So, I’ve added some videos here to help you think differently and to start approaching life differently.

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