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How to Legally and ethically end covid vaccine mandates in the U.S.

Brian Ward has invested more than 120 hours of personal research into the legal issues surrounding current vaccine mandates.  He discovered that 100% of all current vaccine mandates do not have the force of law and that no employee should be harassed or terminated for their refusal to participate in them.  Brian is currently presenting his findings via live Zoom events to help educate the legal community on how to remedy the wrongs perpetrated against their clients.

When an attorney attends the presentation he or she will learn:

  • Vaccine mandates requiring compliance before the availability of fully licensed and approved drugs per FDA labeling are illegal.
  • Why the Nuremberg Code is a losing argument.
  • The treaties that have been ratified by the U.S. Senate protecting Americans from current vaccine mandates.
  • The laws which specifically state that refusal to participate in the Pfizer COVID-19 BioNTech Vaccine will not result in a loss of “benefits a citizen is otherwise entitled to.”
  • How all 50 states have statutes making it a crime to force citizens under duress to participate in the Pfizer vaccine.
  • Why it’s illegal for states and universities to incentivize citizens to participate in the Pfizer vaccine.
  • How to stop suing to stop mandates and start suing for damages for illegal termination of employment.
  • Why 21 U.S. Code § 564(e)(1)(A)(ii)(III) does not grant governments and employers the right to mandate the use of the Pfizer vaccine.  Brian spent days researching the legislative history of this section and discovered source documents from the FDA. You will be shocked to learn how the Justice Department intentionally misled the legal community regarding this section of law.
  • How current mandates violate the 14th Amendment rights of your clients.

The presentation will last between 30-45 minutes based on Q and A time.  When an attorney leaves this presentation he or she will know exactly how to stop suing to end mandates and start suing for damages for illegal termination of employment.

Brian ends the presentation with a role playing Q and A time between himself and a defendant.  He uses arguments presented by defendants in current cases and demonstrates how an attorney should respond to those arguments.

FACT:  No employee can lose his or her job for refusing to participate in the Pfizer vaccine.  They can’t be harassed, coerced, or intimidated into doing so.  These actions are not only illegal but are criminal.

FEE:  There is no cost to attend the presentation.  However, once you become comfortable with Brian’s research and will use it for your benefit then you agree to pay Brian a $2,500 fee.  Attorneys can expect to earn significant revenue from Brian’s work.

NOTE: This legal approach does not end vaccine mandates.  It 100% pauses the current ones and allows for your clients to sue for damages for illegal termination of employment.  This is a riddle that will be explained in the presentation.

Brian has an available option to help an attorney write their first lawsuit which they can use as a template in all other suits.

To attend a live Zoom event submit your request via the below form and we will send you a list of event dates and times for you to choose the one that best works with your schedule.


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