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The Arizona audit video feeds can be viewed HERE.

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CBS gave Biden an 85% approval rating of “adults” living within the U.S.  Not voters mind you.  Look at the political affiliation sampling below and you’ll see why his numbers are so high.  Also, they used 24% of those who are very liberal to 7% of those very conservative.  Typical fake news agenda.

 Daily Roundup

  • California’s unemployment centers are only answering about 10% of all inbound phone calls.  Democrats simply don’t care.
  • WARNING…Senator Tim Scott isn’t what people think he is and should be wary of his values.  He blamed Trump for the Capitol 6th riots FYI. Albeit he is far more conservative than most Republican senators on the floor.  However, he lacks strength of conviction and will always back down when we need him the most.
  • FACT:  If Africans didn’t capture and enslave other Africans then black slavery would have never existed.  And what colors do white liberal lawmakers wear to show their support for African-Americans?  The Ashanti tribe colors.  The Ashantis invaded entire villages throughout Africa for the sole purpose of capturing slaves to trade for modern weapons.  Those colors represent the one group responsible for an entire culture being decimated for the sole purpose of buying guns.   So white Democrats blame racism on everyone else but themselves despite all of the police brutality issues arising from Democrat-managed cities.  They then decide to wear the colors of a tribe who singly handily started the slave trade for the purpose of buying guns so they could more easily enslave other Africans.  This is your modern day Democrat party at work and no one at BLM or NCAAP thinks this is hypocrisy.
  • Joint Session Address ratings:
    • TRUMP 2017— 48M
    • TRUMP 2018— 46M
    • TRUMP 2019— 46.8M
    • TRUMP 2020— 37.2M
    • BIDEN 2021— 11.6M
    • NOTE:  You don’t receive 80m votes in an election to only having 11m watch on television for your first nationwide address.  Weekend at Bernies folks!  (reference to a movie)
  • President Biden signed an executive order demanding government contractors pay workers a minimum of $15 an hour.  No matter the goal of this EO it is an illegal act since it creates law rather than executing a law.
  • BREAKING…Florida just revived the women’s protection sports legislation and it passed quickly in both chambers and on the way to Gov. DeSantis for his signature.
  • Paycom is an American online payroll payment system that’s in the crosshairs of Oklahoma’s courts for filing meritless lawsuits against a conservative organization known as the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA).  Paycom’s CEO Chad Richison actually told Oklahoma University officials that “previous diversity training efforts failed because they assured free speech protection.”  Back in 2018 Oklahoma forced the largest tax increase on its citizens despite those citizens living under an economic collapse.  This is when OCPA sent a letter to the legislature urging them to reconsider their proposals.  OCPA then published an article that referenced the behind-the-scenes work of Paycom’s CEO Richison who was pushing for those punishing taxes.  Paycom then sued OCPA for defamation according to OCPA who said, “In 2020, Paycom sued OCPA claiming defamation and tortious interference occurred when an OCPA article briefly mentioned Richison’s advocacy for broader business closures and government control of how people and businesses operate, including how they buy groceries, in response to the spread of COVID-19.”  However, Oklahoma has a law to prevent such meritless suits and Paycom lost that suit.  The court found that “claims against OCPA relate to or are in response to the OCPA’s exercise of the right to free speech.” The court deemed the lawsuit meritless and ruled there was an “absence of any evidence of actual malice by OCPA.”  However, the law requires a fine of such magnitude be applied so as to greatly discourage future meritless lawsuits from being filed. ” In making its case for sufficient sanctions against Paycom, to deter Paycom from filing similar lawsuits to deter free speech, OCPA has requested the opportunity to depose Richison. Paycom continues to fight in court to prevent Richison from being placed under oath and is continuing pursuit of its meritless lawsuit.”  Paycom is paying a high price for the radical political policies by a man who lacks grace, bipartisan agreements, and has a vindictive personality.  Now, Paycom and its investors are about to pay for the meritless lawsuits being filed by its own CEO for matters which have nothing to do with the Paycom’s core business.
  • Florida House just passed an election reform package that requires signatures and voter IDs for mail-in ballots and greatly reduces who can vote by mail.  The Senate is expected to pass the measure and DeSantis will sign it.
  • Nebraska is pushing for a scholarship program to help students to attend schools of their choosing based on the income of the student’s family.  As usual, Democrats vehemently oppose such bills but there is one black Democrat senator who actually stood up for those in his district.  Senator Justin Wayne just told the Democrats on the floor, “The only people who are opposing school choice today are the same people who have a choice. And many of them exercise that choice.”  Then he doubled down by saying, “Here’s my offer: I will vote to kill this bill if you send your kids to one of the schools in my district that we’re waiting to turn around. Don’t make a choice that you won’t allow anybody else to make just based off of income.”  
  • BREAKING noon CST.  Arizona Democrats who have failed at every turn to stop the Maricopa Co election audit have now called on the DOJ to send officials to monitor the audit for “potential” violations of election law.
  • Tigray Africa is on the verge of annihilation and this statement isn’t even close to an exaggeration. 4.5m of the 5.7m residents are on the verge of complete starvation or medical crisis due to the ongoing war which has decimated the farmlands.  Farmers will not be able to plant in time for the June rains which means the entire region will not have a harvest capable of sustaining their people come fall.  Reporters note that nothing of this magnitude has been witnessed in modern times.
  • Locust Update:
    • Namibia Africa is under an invasion of red locusts which consumed nearly 3,000 sq miles of vegetation.
    • Zambia and Karas have been extensively damaged as well with more coming.
    • The extensive use of pesticides is starting to look like the beginning of a bad science fiction movie.  Wildlife and other insects are being killed in mass numbers.  Reports of poisoned fish are starting to surface all over the region.  In an attempt to save their farmlands they are killing one of their main food sources for years to come.
    • Locusts have now been reported in Syria and Jordan and due to the extreme rarity of such a sighting, many are worried about a biblical level event on the horizon.
    • Lebanon is in full panic mode as a swarm entered Ersal, which is home to more than two million cherry, apple, and apricot trees. Army helicopters were dispatched to combat the locusts with success but large swarms were detected in nearby regions.
  • LSU announced 100% seating capacity this fall with no mask mandates for their football games.
  • DOJ convicts another Chinese thief.
    • A Chinese national pleaded guilty today in federal court in Boston in connection with illegally procuring and causing the illegal export of $100,000 worth of U.S. origin goods to Northwestern Polytechnical University (NWPU), a Chinese military university that is heavily involved in military research and works closely with the People’s Liberation Army on the advancement of its military capabilities.

      According to court documents, Shuren Qin, 44, a Chinese national residing in Wellesley, Mass., gained admittance into the United States through the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Program in 2014 and established LinkOcean Technologies, LTD., which he used to import goods and technology with underwater and marine applications into the PRC from the United States, Canada and Europe. Today, he pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to unlawfully export items from the United States to NWPU without first obtaining the required export licenses; one count of visa fraud; two counts of making false statements to law enforcement agents regarding his customers and the types of parts he caused to be exported from the United States to the People’s Republic of China (PRC); four counts of money laundering; and two counts of smuggling hydrophones from the U.S. to the PRC.

      “Qin took advantage of the open marketplace in the United States to purchase sensitive technologies for a Chinese military university,” said Assistant Attorney General John C. Demers for the Justice Department’s National Security Division. “In addition, he lied on his visa application and to U.S. customs officers. When individuals illegally pursue personal profit at the expense of U.S. national security, DOJ will disrupt such conduct and punish those involved.”

      “The People’s Republic of China has an insatiable appetite for our country’s most sensitive products and technologies – particularly those with military applications,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Nathaniel R. Mendell for the District of Massachusetts. “By exporting key anti-submarine warfare products to a Chinese military university, Mr. Qin created a threat to our national security and broke the law. That warrants federal prosecution, without a doubt.”

  • TN legislature moved to add a watermark on all absentee ballots for future elections.  If a ballot does not have the watermark then the ballot is shredded.
  • NM Democrats have committed serious felonies but is there anyone to hold them accountable?  Democrat staff at several agencies have been using the Signal app to encrypt communications between staff members which is a 4th-degree felony since no one is allowed to encrypt government communications.  However, the real crime is that they have been deleting their communications to hide their actions from public view.  This is how communism works in America.
  • Did you know that TN is home to the largest Zinc mines in America?  I had no idea.  Zinc is used in every penny and the main component in numerous vitamin supplements.
  • Florida is on the verge of becoming the first state to protect the online data of its citizens from Silicon Valley abuses.  The House passed the measure with only one no vote.  The Senate will pass their version and since this legislation was initiated by Governor DeSantis it will become law.  The bill also gives Floridians the right to sue companies who violate these policies.  Once Fl passes this law then other states will follow.
  • Up to 1 million Florida families will be eligible for an expanded educational voucher program.  Parents can choose the school even if its private, religious or in a different district now.  NOTE:  We should promote a culture of education for the success of the child over a culture of one size fits all approach which has failed America’s children.
  • Iowa banned vaccine passports.  MN governor rejected calls by his own party to start a vaccine passport as well.  The entire idea has fallen upon death ears because the American people overwhelmingly reject the idea of such marxism.
  • Florida legislature passed the BOGO educational act.  If you’re earning a degree in a career that has high demand then the state will give you one free course for every course you pass.  The bill also waives out of state tuition if you have grandparents who live in the state.
  • Washington State passed an “excise tax” on the sale of certain capital gains.  However, the tax is on the profit and not the total amount.  Furthermore, this is an attempt to have the state’s first income tax without having to pass a constitutional amendment.  One group filed suit before the governor could even sign it.  This tax is unconstitutional according to both state and federal law.  Democrats have literally pulled every trick in the book in an effort to pass this tax.
  • Arizona legislature passed a law requiring a criminal conviction prior to law enforcement engaging in civil forfeiture.  This is great news and other states are not far behind.  If you had someone in your vehicle, home, rv, etc. and they had an illegal substance then law enforcement could take your property away without a conviction.  This action has been grossly abused by enforcement agencies around America.
  • Arizona Audit Update regarding the Wed court hearing:
    • The judge refused to issue a restraining order
    • Democrats did not provide any evidence of any wrongdoing
    • Cyber Ninjas will have to provide process docs to the public but the judge gave CN until Thursday to appeal his ruling.
    • Democrats argued that the Sec. of State should be allowed to be part of the process.  However, the Senate told the judge that she has been invited on three different occasions and turned down the offer.  The judge ordered the senate and the secretary to come to an agreement by 5 pm Wed or he will issue his order on Thursday on how the Sec can or should participate.
    • The judge made it clear that the audit will continue pretty much no matter what.  He went so far as to repeatedly state that the Democrats argument is unpersuasive.
  • Windham NH election audit update.  In light of the fact that Mark Lindeman signed a letter with known lies in it demanding Arizona end its audit, Windham issued a motion to reconsider using Mark to conduct their own audit.  Mark was chosen by a 3-2 vote just yesterday when the letter surfaced on the internet.  Should Windham still use Mark for their audit then it would cast strong doubt on the integrity of the audit no matter the conclusion.
  • ICYMI Trump will start holding rallies in May according to sources.  Details to follow.

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“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.” Jim Rohn

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