April 26 21

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When you’re a Democrat rep in Michigan and don’t believe the rules apply to thee.

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Daily Roundup

  • Census data shows a net gain of 5 GOP House seats for the 2022 elections.  There are only 5 seats separating the majority in the House.  Furthermore, there are at least a dozen Democrats in serious trouble now due to Biden’s policies.
    • HOUSE SEAT LOSES: CA: -1 IL: -1 MI: -1 NY: -1 OH: -1 PA: -1 WV: -1
    • HOUSE SEAT GAINS: TX: +2 CO: +1 FL: +1 MT: +1 OR: +1 NC: +1
  • Today we filed a complaint today with the Wisconsin Election Commission – city officials accepted outside conditions, without legislative approval, and allowed private activists to exercise unlawful authority in order to benefit Joe Biden in the 2020 election.” Phil Kline
  • Windham NH board members will vote on who will conduct the forensic audit of their 2020 elections tonight.  Proof of cheating was given to the state when a hand count was off by the exact % for 4  political races from what the machines tabulated.  The recount by hand changed the outcome of one election..  The state’s legislature passed a law demanding a full investigation into the matter.  
  • Democrats in MN have introduced the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act while Republicans introduced the JUSTICE act.  Dems want to ban chokeholds and remove legal protections for officers.  Republicans disagree and want more bodycams and more internal enforcement.  However, both parties are missing one key element that would help to prevent George Floyd related incidents.  That is a law that dramatically increases the penalties for resisting arrest.  What if a law existed that basically said that if a person is resisting arrest and they refuse to obey the officer and they are not a danger to the public then the officer must let them leave the premises.  HOWEVER, the law also states that if a person resists arrest then the city has the right to fine said person $5,000 and confiscate it immediately from their bank accounts or even their property.  The officer records the resistance on video and transmits it immediately to the city and the fine is applied automatically and confiscation ensues.  We shouldn’t place our officers in dangerous situations when this law could save lives.
  • Illinois governor Jay Robert Pritzker, whose net worth exceeds $3 billion, is working behind the scenes to end education scholarships for students in poor districts and in failing school districts.  This is the new Democrat party and provides great contrast to American voters.
  • Florida will start requiring those on unemployment to show proof they are looking for a job to receive a weekly benefit.  This requirement was paused during the pandemic and has led to a massive labor shortage within the state.  Even McDonalds is paying $50 to persons who will show up for an interview even if they don’t accept the job offer.  To receive a weekly benefit a person will now have to provide a document showing they interviewed at 3 locations and was not offered a job.  In the past employers would sign these on demand but I promise that will not be the case in today’s world.  The Florida labor shortage crisis is coming to an end.
  • 5,018 illegal aliens with prior criminal convictions have been arrested by ICE since Jan. 01.
  • The concept of “bacon beer” would prove very popular right now. Just saying!” WV AG Morrisey.  We need more in government who have a sense of humor.
  • Apple’s new IOS will allow you to turn off “data sharing.”  This denies advertisers the right to access your phone hardware id and use it for tracking your app activity.
  • SCOTUS agreed to hear a case about the authority of a public community-college board to censure a board member for criticizing other members.
  • The Supreme Court agrees to take up a major gun rights case. In NY State Rifle & Pistol Assoc. v. Corlett, the justices will consider the extent to which the Second Amendment protects the right to carry guns outside the home for self-defense.” SCOTUS Blog  NOTE:  Several court cases have confirmed that the Second Amendment protects the right of Americans to own guns.  Therefore, if it’s a right then you can have that right with you everywhere you go.  Your rights to speech and religion aren’t quarantined to your home, are they?  Neither is the 2nd amendment. 23 states have joined in this suit to overturn New York’s gun law.
  • Peter Thiel will spend $10m backing Blake Masters who one of PayPal’s co-founders to run for the U.S. Senate in Arizona.  Thiel has been giving massive sums to pro-Trump candidates and has already signaled donations to campaigns to oust GOP candidates who voted to impeach Trump.
  • Breaking.  AZ Superior Court ordered a hearing for Tuesday at 11 am once a new judge was chosen to hear the case.  Democrats and the auditor will have lawyers making their case.  Democrats are arguing that the auditor and the state senate are breaking state election laws due to their audit process.  The audit continues unabated at this time.
  • Arizona Audit Drama
    • On Friday Superior Court Judge Christopher Coury received a lawsuit from the Democrat Part of Arizona who demanded an immediate halt to the audit.  However, Judge Coury demanded a $1m bond to pay for potential damages for halting the audit should Dems lose.  Democrats refused to pay the bond so the audit continued unabated over the weekend.
    • At 11 am Monday morning Cyber Ninjas (Auditor) and the Democrat party were supposed to meet with Judge Coury but a new twist occurred Sunday evening.
    • On Sunday evening Democrats sent an additional slew of attorneys which now stands at a whopping 73.  They filed new suits in an effort to halt the audit yet again.  However, there was a new attorney named Chris Viskovic.  Chris worked for Judge Coury as an extern some 5 years ago.  This requires Judge Coury to recuse himself from the hearings and so a new judge will be assigned.
    • Cyber Ninjas has asked the court to close the hearings from the public and to seal it under lock and key.  The reason stated is that they have patented systems they don’t want disclosed to the public. Furthermore, they want the audit to do the talking and not the media.  The Democrat media are bashing the audit daily and making baseless accusations of those conducting the audit.
    • Recap for the purpose of helping us realize what they are attempting to hide.  Democrats have sent 73 attorneys in the last 72 hours to stop an audit of an election they claim was the most honest in Arizona’s history.

Quote for of the Day

God does not delight in the strength of the horse;
He takes no pleasure in the legs of a man.
The Lord takes pleasure in those who fear Him,
In those who hope in His mercy. – Psalms 147: 10-11

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