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2020 Election Update

More news came out this weekend regarding New Hampshire and Montana.  Georgia will have a big update this week as well.  I’ve updated the election page HERE. 

Let’s Get Started

Sen. Warnock Getting Hammered

A political organization in Georgia placed billboards all over Democrat-heavy districts to help drive home the point of who’s to blame.

 Daily Roundup

  • I’ve been out of pocket this week so as a treat look for a big update tomorrow of news from around the world.
  • About the same time the Chauvin trial ended in a conviction there was another police shooting in OH.  This time it was a 15-year old black girl being shot.  Video clearly shows the young girl attempting to stab other girls with a knife as bystanders did nothing.  The officer shot the girl multiple times to prevent her from killing innocent citizens.  Once shot, the locals started screaming that she was only a “kid.”  Mind you, these were the same locals who had no problem with her running around attempting to murder other young girls.
  • Former NJ Governor Chris Christie is thinking about running for president in 2024.  I doubt he could garner 3% of the vote. He’s the epitome of what you and I would call the establishment.
  • Republicans from four states have joined together to start a fundraising project which will split donations equally between NH, AZ, GA, and NV parties.  They will use the money specifically to go after the 4 most vulnerable Democrat Senators in 2022.
  • BREAKING…Arizona starts the forensic audit of Maricopa Co election results on Friday.  Tune in right here and I’ll have a live video feed of the process which will take up to two weeks.
  • Florida just passed the Family Empowerment Scholarship Program, which provides more parents and students with more options on where to attend school.  Poor performing schools will lose money to students who will now be allowed to choose with their feet.  This is a great day in America!
  • America is turning red one county at a time.  Trumbull County, OH was always a major Democrat stronghold and was the reason Obama won OH all those years ago.  Then came Trump and his pro-worker message which flipped the county by a massive 30-point swing.  Now, other counties are moving to the red column and this bodes well for Republicans to pick up another Senate seat in 2024 when Sen. Brown is up for re-election.  To fully appreciate what’s occurring in America we have to look at the historical numbers.  500,000 voters have switched from voting for Democrats to voting for Republicans in Oh.  However, that only tells have the story.  Democrats have also lost about 300,000 active voters who can’t cross that aisle but can’t pull the D lever again.  This is a massive shift in the rust belt states and should give all of us hope for our nation’s future.
  • Alabama is about to pass the caregiver’s act.  This will allow at least one caregiver for every patient in a medical facility.
  • The Republican Study Committee introduced legislation titled, ‘Maximum Pressure Act.’  This takes away Biden’s ability to join the old Iranian nuclear deal.  It won’t pass since Biden would just veto it but it does place enormous pressure on vulnerable Democrats.
  • Banks are in the crosshairs of Biden and Team.  They have been working behind the scenes attempting to use regulation to “FORCE” banks to give preference to energy suppliers who adopts expensive solar, wind, and other alternative forms of energy.  This forcing will take away much needed capital from other industries since there is only so much money to lend.  More than a dozen Republican senators sent a letter to the SEC demanding they cease since their actions border on being illegal.  The SEC is attempting to state regulation while making new laws.  They do this to give themselves legal cover albeit a very thin covering at best.  Banks are becoming irritated at the behind the scenes threats by Biden’s radical team.
  • Washington State Democrats stayed up late last night but it wasn’t to watch late night comedy.  They waited till everyone went to sleep to pass a bill that denies the people of Washington the right to repeal the new income tax in a referendum in a future election.  Democrats have had a hard time legally introducing Washington’s first income tax due to their constitution.  Knowing that if they did pass it then the law would be overturned by the people so they have been working hard to find a way to protect their efforts against the will of the people.
  • UPDATE on California legislation which would have required the state to turn over the names, addresses, and phone numbers of any person signing a recall petition.  That list would have been required to hand over to the official being recalled.  After much outcry over the legality and ethics of the bill, it has been pulled off the shelf.
  • Rep. Cindy Axne of Iowa won her 2020 election by a mere 1.3%.  The state Republicans have taken notice and are hammering her daily in her hometown.  Axne has voted with Pelosi 100% of the time even when it hurts Iowa.  Iowa Republicans fought to have money to repair from a massive storm that caused tens of millions of damages but Axne voted down that amendment while voting for other cities damaged by riots to get a free ride.  This isn’t sitting well with Iowan Democrats.
  • 75% of L.A. parents believe their children have been “substantially” hurt by having distance learning education compared to in-person teaching.
  • Growing good news.  There’s a special house race in New Mexico that Biden won by 23 points and the former Democrat won by 16 points.  However, the latest poll shows the Republican only 9 points behind in the race which takes place on June 1.  Democrats are panicking now and are racing to spend tons of money to help hold a seat which has been blue for decades.  NM Democrats have been harmed by Biden’s oil and border policies and they are looking for revenge.
  • It passed the House. With no Republican votes, Democrats are pushing to move the use of HEROIN, METH, COCAINE, & FENTANYL from a felony to a class A misdemeanor.” – Illinois GOP
  • Under much pressure, AZ Gov. Ducey just issued an emergency declaration to deploy the national guard to help with the border crisis.
  • OK passed legislation that allows the state to terminate parental rights based on neglect or abuse.  Although I agree with the underlying principle I’m always concerned about the future with such laws in place.  We should have very specific definitions in our laws which state what abuse is.  As we have seen in Democrat states, statist will use Christian teaching as the means to remove children from homes simply because Democrats claim that teaching a child about Jesus is abuse.
  • Arizona passed legislation that automatically removes a voter from the early voting rolls if they fail to vote early in both the primary and general elections.

Quote for of the Day

“If you want to be successful, it’s just this simple. Know what you are doing. Love what you are doing. And believe in what you are doing.” – Will Rogers

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