April 15 21

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Special Report

2020 Election Update

More news came out this weekend regarding New Hampshire and Montana.  Georgia will have a big update this week as well.  I’ve updated the election page HERE. 

Modern American Woman Civil Rights Act

I finalized my thinking on this subject with an added section on how Wells Fargo decided to boycott Florida students because certain schools would not violate the civil rights of their female students.  Read it and let me know how the narratives impact you.  Many members of Congress will be reading this page this week.

Let’s Get Started

Democrats are always willing to auction off our nation to the highest bidder.

Two pictures were taken within two years with two distinctly different messages but with the exact same Democrat.

Daily Roundup

  • Today is a short day on news so check back tomorrow.  I’m currently working on another political issue subject that will go into my eBook titled, ‘The Plastic Lie.”  You will be shocked to learn how Democrats have been lying to the American people about cotton reusable bags versus plastic bags.  Did you know the plastic bag is a byproduct of natural gas production?  They aren’t made from crude oil.  Also, a university found that over 85% of cotton reusable bags had severe strains of bacteria including the deadly Ecoli.
  • Wrong is wrong no matter what side of the aisle you’re on and West Monroe La is wrong.  They have been electing city council members by a city-wide vote.  Nearly 100% of Americans vote for city council members within their district but not in W. Monroe.  The Justice Dept. just sued the city and starting in 2022 the city will divide its races up according to districts.
  • The House has introduced legislation to abolish the electoral college.  Even Ginsburg said this was dead on arrival because the Constitution is very clear that only an amendment can change that fact.  However, if you pack the court with those who don’t care then that’s a different story.
  • And we’re off to the races….There’s a governor’s race in Arkansas that’s shaping up to be a good debate.  Sarah Sanders (Huckabee) has raised nearly $5m compared to Leslie Rutledge’s $1.2m.  Leslie was the former chair of Republican AGs and has a lot of hometown familiarity. However, the smart money is on Sarah.
  • OK Senate voted to increase penalties for anyone attempting to bring harm to law enforcement officers using online resources.  “In recent years, we’ve seen our law enforcement community come under attack by misguided anger and hatred. These brave men and women are willing to sacrifice their health, and even their lives, to uphold the law and keep our communities safe. Just as they protect us, we will protect them and their families, which involves keeping their personal information from being maliciously spread on the internet,” Bullard said. “This bill also protects county officials, who have become victims of this same type of dangerous online behavior. I’m grateful for my legislative colleagues for standing up for what’s right, and anxious to get this important law on the books.”
  • MT is about to join other states in passing legislation preventing a governor from having absolute power.  The governor will sign the bill I’m sure of that.
  • Arizona will exempt the first $10k in unemployment earnings from taxation for their citizens.
  • MO and OK are passing laws to allow to go alcohol from your local restaurants.  Single-serve alcoholic beverages can be served through drive-thru windows.  A drunk driver only kills someone every 51-minutes in America.  What are these GOPers thinking?
  • Montana Republicans are not playing around.  Read yesterday’s report on Montana if you haven’t.  Today, the GOP legislature subpoenaed all sitting state Supreme Court justices to appear before the judiciary committee.  “The legislative committee formed yesterday has subpoenaed all of MT Supreme Court justices and court administrator seeking additional information on any polling of pending legislation.”  The “pending legislation” they are speaking about was a bill passed in the previous congress to give governors the ability to appoint justices without the approval of their legislature.  
  • Alabama Senate passed a bill protecting female sports athletes.
  • New Hampshire Governor Sununu will not renew the mask mandate that expires on Friday.  States all over are dumping masks since there is no scientific evidence to prove its viability to fight covid.  Now that we have large sample pools from states one can easily see that masks have no impact on limiting the spread of Covid.  NONE!
  • Florida House passed legislation preventing boys from competing against girls in girls-only sports.
  • Virginia’s entire House of Representatives is up for re-election this November.  The current party control is 55 Democrats to 45 Republicans.  If last spring is any indicator it could be a historical beat down for Democrats.  What the media is refusing to report is that last spring Republicans won city council chambers across the state that were held by Democrats since the Civil War.  Even in blue cities, those chambers went red all over the state.  Democrats have shown their most radical side in Virginia such as reducing the penalty for assaulting a police officer or judge from a felony to a misdemeanor.
  • Unelected, elitist organizations like the NCAA seem to think they run the world. They don’t. The Florida House will stand up to any group that thinks they can bully the people of our state.” – Fl State Rep Chris Sprowls
  • Oracle is moving 22,000 jobs from California to Tennessee.  The largest exodus of American enterprises has yet to slow down from a state that has been shrinking over the last decade.
  • Texas has named their constitutional carry bill, “common sense carry”.  This bill follows other states who are adopting a no permit right to carry firearms.
  • The UAE Embassy in Israel (which they just opened for the first time in history) raised their flag alongside Israels and stated, “The UAE Embassy in Israel wishes the people of Israel a happy 73rd Independence Day. Yom ha’atzmaut sameach!”  Trump’s legacy at work!
  • West Point Military Academy has incorporated critical race theory into their ranks and even going so far as to require the reading of communist literature that’s anti-American in nature.

Quote for of the Day

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” – Jeremiah 29:11 NKJV

Picture of the Day

Vintage hand-drawn illustration of America’s early firefighter.


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