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Special Report

2020 Election Update

More news came out this weekend regarding New Hampshire and Montana.  Georgia will have a big update this week as well.  I’ve updated the election page HERE. 

Modern American Woman Civil Rights Act

I finalized my thinking on this subject with an added section on how Wells Fargo decided to boycott Florida students because certain schools would not violate the civil rights of their female students.  Read it and let me know how the narratives impact you.  Many members of Congress will be reading this page this week.

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Daily Roundup

  • April 15th update – Look for today’s update after 4 pm CST.  There’s work to be done to save the country today but there’s also a lot of news to tell you about.
  • The current House breakdown by party stands at 218 Democrats to 212 Republicans.  There were several vacancies after the 2020 elections due to deaths and Democrats who left to work for Biden.  Currently, the vacancies requiring a special election are:
    • *Richmond, Cedric (D), LA resigned on 01/15/2021.
    • *Wright, Ron (R), TX died 02/07/2021.
    • *Fudge, Marcia (D), OH resigned on 3/10/2021.
    • *Haaland, Deb (D), NM resigned on 3/16/2021.

      *Hastings, Alcee (D), FL died 04/06/2021.

  • Julia B Letlow, Ph.D, whose husband died of Covid right after winning his race for the U.S. House of representatives, just won the special election to replace her husband.  Louisiana had two special elections for the U.S. House with 1 DEM and 1 GOP maintaining the status quo.
  • Democrats in California are furious over the recall petition of Governor Newsom which has been signed by 2.2 million residents.  Now, Democrats have introduced legislation that would require the state to turn over the names, addresses, and phone numbers of those who signed the petition to the official being recalled.  The stated reason is that the official should have the right to reach those voters in an attempt to change their minds.  Why does this matter?  Because this is voter intimidation and all elections are supposed to be conducted in a way as to protect the secrecy of a voter’s vote.  When an activity does not conform to the Democrat’s end goal they will change the goal line despite that change being the ultimate form of hypocrisy.
  • WOW…62% of Americans now believe cheating altered the outcome of the 2020 elections.  Rasmussen poll report HERE
  • GOP members of the U.S. House have filed a discharge petition to force a vote on the born alive act.  This bill would protect babies born alive after a failed abortion.  A House committee has refused to allow this bill to see daylight.  A discharge petition forces the vote to the floor if an absolute majority sign onto the petition which currently stands at 218 votes.  The petition stays alive until the next Congress convenes in January of 2023.  The discharge petition is a very rare move and rarely succeeds but it puts immense pressure on House members since it will be used in elections.
  • Not good news for Biden and Team.  New Hampshire had a special election for state rep in a district carried by Biden by 22 points just a couple of months ago.  Today, Merrimack New Hampshire elected a professed Reaganite over the Democrat candidate.  That’s 22 points just last November folks…what a change of heart in a matter of months.
  • By banning all in-state oil and gas production, #SB467 will destroy 50,000+ jobs, make California nearly 100% reliant on foreign energy imports, and raise gas prices up to $10/gallon. I stand in strong opposition to this ridiculous bill” State Senator Brian Jones.  This state bill will literally destroy California’s economic future.
    • Ca Democrats just introduced a mileage tax for drivers which is on top of vehicle fees and gasoline taxes.  No wonder they are working to import illegal aliens.  The smart money is moving out of California.
  • Maryland is about to pass a bill that will have the same effect as defunding the police because the state will see a mass exodus of law enforcement workers.  I rarely reference other articles but an opinion article by a former Secret Service officer is off the charges informative.  It’s a quick read and worthy of your time.
  • Maryland joins other states in passing telehealth legislation.  This gives you and me the right to call up our doctor via video conferencing and get treated for minor ailments.  This saves time and money.
  • Governor Brian Kemp just announced $8.5B in new investments are coming into Georgia and will result in 20,000 new high-paying jobs.  The boycott isn’t going too well for Biden!
  • “The Senate passed SB319, legislation that would establish a state lottery and casino gaming at select locations. The bill now heads to the House of Representatives for consideration. Congrats to Senators McClendon and Marsh for their hard work on this issue.” – Al GOP….NOTE: Alabama has tried three times to pass a gambling bill via election referendum and failed by large margins each time.  Now, they are working the establishment rhinos overtime to try and pass it through the state’s legislature.  
  • Florida is in the sunshine again!  Florida is on the verge of passing a very expansive school choice voucher program that benefits the neediest of school kids in the state.  One organization benefiting from this legislation is the Jewish schools that provide education for any student in need.  Currently, 40% of their 10,500 students receive scholarships and come from very low-income families.  They also provided in-person teaching for 90% of the current school year with no complications relating to Covid.  
  • Montana has a unique lawsuit in the works. A private citizen is suing MT over a bill passed in the last legislature and signed by the former governor which gives the governor the sole right to appoint judges to the state’s Supreme Court without the consent of the legislature.  However, the current Supreme Court is split 3-3 by political affiliation and thus a tie wouldn’t resolve the legal question.  The GOP legislature just created a commission to study the legal options to challenge this law and have requested to join the private party to overturn the law.
    • Update….Supreme Court Administrator Beth McLaughlin is at the center of a growing storm surrounding how the Supreme Court and former governor viewed the new law.  This is like daytime drama though.  The Senate subpoenaed all of McLaughlin’s emails over the last year to which the state administrator turned over 2,500 on the same day as the subpoena.  However, on Sunday Beth reached out to the Supreme Court and asked them to quash the subpoena on grounds of separation of powers and the court agreed.  However, the senate said they WOULD NOT comply with the supreme court ruling on that first subpoena because they disagreed with the court.  However, there is another trove of emails awaiting the court’s approval for release.  But, if the senate disagrees again then they have the administrative authority to just grab the emails at any time.  The only group of elected officials disagreeing with this move are from Missoula, MT which was home to widespread voter fraud in the 2020 elections.  You can read about that fraud in my election update article on this site.
  • BREAKING….. New Mexico governor Lujan Grisham just used her pen in the last hour of the legislative session to veto $1b in covid relief funds and how those funds will be spent.  Her goal is to have sole discretion over how those funds are spent even though a bi-partisan legislature allocated those funds through their spending bills.  What’s interesting is that New Mexico’s unemployment budget went to zero last November and the state has had to borrow hundreds of millions to keep pace with the state’s needs.  She just vetoed $600m allocated for that program.  Governor Grisham is under investigation for fraud and becoming more hated by her subjects by the day. Because she waited to veto those bills at the moment the legislature was closing their doors means legal battles will be forthcoming if she attempts to spend that money apart from the state’s legislature.
  • BREAKING….GOP House members have confirmed that illegal aliens who have been released are being placed on domestic flights without ID, Covid testing, and most likely paid for by U.S. taxpayers.  More details to follow.
  • Pennsylvania State Police fined for requiring women to pass a physical test prior to their hiring.  The Justice Dept stated:
    • The Justice Department announced today that it has reached a settlement, through a court-supervised settlement agreement, with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) resolving the United States’ claims that PSP’s use of physical tests as part of the entry-level hiring process for state troopers resulted in a pattern or practice of employment discrimination against women, in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.Title VII is a federal law that prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, and national origin. The suit alleged that PSP violated Title VII beginning as early as May 14, 2003, by administering physical tests that assessed physical skills not required to perform the job and that disproportionately excluded female applicants.“Employers cannot impose selection criteria that unfairly screen out qualified female applicants,” said Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Pamela S. Karlan of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. “When the Pennsylvania State Police use a physical fitness test as part of the process for choosing state troopers, they must ensure that the test complies with federal law. This settlement agreement reflects the Civil Rights Division’s continued commitment to removing artificial barriers that prevent women from becoming law enforcement officers.”Under the terms of the settlement agreement, subject to court approval, PSP will pay $2,200,000 million into a settlement fund that will be used to compensate those women who were harmed by the employment practices challenged by the United States. The agreement also requires PSP to offer priority hiring relief, with retroactive seniority, for up to 65 women for entry-level state trooper jobs. All priority hiring candidates must meet the employer’s lawful selection criteria, including the successful passing of any physical fitness test that meets the requirements of Title VII.
  • Exxon was fined for not keeping their Illinois fuel refinery plant up to date leading to massive air pollution.  The Justice Department noted, “ExxonMobil will pay $1,515,463 in penalties, $1,086,640 to the federal government and $428,823 to the State of Illinois. The amendment also includes an estimated $10 million of improvements to reduce air emissions from the facility.”
  • 22 GOP state attorney generals sent a letter to Biden documenting the legal reasons they believe Washington lacks the legal authority to pass D.C. statehood.
  • Google is in serious trouble from Texas which could erupt into a national lawsuit of historic proportions.  Here is the short version.  Google not only sells ads they also help other publishers sell ads on their sites.  Since Google knew what the other sites were charging for their ads then Google could lower their prices in nanosecond time to beat their competitors thus giving them an unfair advantage.  Texas just filed an anti-trust lawsuit against Google but that’s just the beginning.  There are probably 1 million or more publishers on the Google network so this could boil over into a class-action lawsuit by those publishers.  Several states are looking to join Texas so that joint effort will bring the legal economic pressure required for this effort to be successful.
  • Bristol County Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson is leading the charge on border security.  He’s leading the charge with 275 other sheriffs from 39 states to speak to Biden over the border crisis.  Sheriff Hodgson said, “President Biden is knowingly and intentionally undermining America’s Sheriffs and our collaborative efforts with our local, state and federal public safety partners to enforce the rule of law…he and the policies of his administration are placing our citizens, neighborhoods and our nation in public safety and public health danger.”
  • Site Info Update…many have asked where the encouraging words have gone.  To be honest it’s been hard to find time to write on so many different subjects each day but I hear you because we all need encouragement on a daily basis now.  Secondly, let me just say this about how I source my news content.  I don’t read other news articles and just repeat what they say.  80% of my news hits here first before the mainstream writes on it.  I have first-hand sources on nearly everything that I write other than international news.  I do use about 20 sources for the international news bits.  The reason I write this is because I don’t have reference material that is easily linked to for my news.  However, not a single person has ever accused me of writing fake news.  I pride myself on writing factual content on a daily basis.  Thanks for the emails of encouragement everyone and to all of you who have donated to my eBook, I’m genuinely grateful.

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“The NCAA is literally boycotting states who refuse to discriminate against female athletes.  This barbaric idea of sexism was thought to have long been banished from American society. Leave it to Democrats to find a new way of bringing it back.”  – Brian Ward

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