April 09 21

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One Year Later

Fox News did a story a year ago about Joe Tahanian who owned a wine business in California.  He complied with the state mandate to close due to governor Newsom’s communist dictates.  Today, he announced that he lost the business that has sustained him for life.  Now, he will become a financial liability to the government instead of someone who can contribute to society.  This is by design to break the economic livelihood of the American people.  They desire to make the entire nation dependent on government and I mean this in the most literal sense.

Daily Roundup

  • Twitter literally blocked an article that explains what the Pro-Act is and marked that article as “sensitive content.”  Did you know that in the Pro-Act if you have a business that serves a union-based business and the unions boycott that business then they can come and picket yours as well?  NOPE, it doesn’t matter that you have nothing to do with the union dispute or even authority to answer their demands.  This is tyranny at max level.
  • Democrats failed to unionize an Amazon plant in Alabama.  Southern folks don’t want a union.  They just want a paycheck, a lover, and some weekend fun!
  • BREAKING…New Hampshire passed a bill requiring the attorney general to investigate and audit the 2020 elections.  Everyone knows that Trump won this state easily.  New Hampshire handed the GOP a trifecta of power but somehow voted for Biden!!!!  In one county they found over 10% of the votes were switched from Republicans to Democrat candidates.  This is no small matter.  The Republicans still won but when viewing this through the lens of statewide vote totals for a presidential election then one can see how this can impact a statewide race.
  • California Democrats have turned up the heat on Governor Newsom’s recall.  They have introduced SB663 which would force the state to turn over every name, number, and address of each person who signed a recall petition.  But who do they turn it over to?  They must give it to the person in the recall so that person can actively encourage them to rescind their signature.  This is your typical voter intimidation tactic by the Democrta party.
  • TX House passed a religious protection bill pushed by Governor Abbott.  The House said, “The bill prohibits any governmental entity from issuing an order or passing an ordinance that would close houses of worship. In addition to adding a prohibition on closures, the bill also creates a defense against prosecution under the protection of the 1st Amendment.”
  • Biden will create a commission to study how to expand the Supreme Court.  If this happens then the court will become a roller coaster ride of expansion and contraction based on which party holds power.
  • Make sure you read the election audit update page HERE if you haven’t.
  • Well, it seems that the new site design is appreciated by all since we had a whopping 25% growth in new readers in the last 4 days.  I sincerely appreciate all of you who are sharing the site.
  • Biden is restoring $235m in aid to the Palestinian government with no conditions.  Trump had rescinded that aid since the Palestinian government was paying money to the mothers of those who strapped a bomb on their chest and blew up innocent humans.
  • SCOTUS Update…
    • Accepted a lawsuit by KY AG Cameron over KY’s banning the use of dilation to force an abortion on a baby against the baby’s will.
    • In a 5-3 ruling the justices agreed that a citizen has a right against unreasonable seizure protections which is guaranteed by the 4th amendment.  The issue arose when a woman fled a scene when two officers approached her at night because she didn’t know they were police.  They were actually on foot and not coming from their patrol car in a dark area.  The officers shot the woman who later sued on 4th amendment grounds.  The officers stated that she could not use the 4th amendment since she was never “seized.”  The court ruled that the intent to seize, even if unsuccessful, still applies in this instance.
  • I have to get personal from my heart for a moment.  When I wrote about Rep. Gaetz last week some were taken back because they support Gaetz.  But why do people support Gaetz?  Because he was unwavering in his support of Trump.  Let me just say this.  I have been turned down by more than 50 advertisers including Google because I refuse to back down in my reporting about the 2020 election fraud.  If I can’t report the truth then I have no interest in banging away on this keyboard.  Well, when that truth is about a person who is a Republican I have the same wholehearted conviction within me.  Gaetz has always been all bark and no bite and a very poor legislator.  Gaetz was at a school in Fort Walton Beach Florida when a student asked him about Florida legislation that allowed gay couples to adopt kids.  Matt said that he was proud to have sponsored that legislation.  This was a strange and bizarre statement because Matt NEVER sponsored any legislation for that purpose.  Why the lie?  No one knows but what came next was shocking as Matt continued by saying that he didn’t believe young people were as judgmental as the older generation.  By judgmental, he meant that older conservatives believed it’s best for a child to be adopted by a male/female couple to represent mother and father.  No one asked him about the older generation, but he used the same phrase that’s taught by the LGBT community for leaders to use.  What’s the point of my rambling?  Matt isn’t what people think that he is and ALL of us should desire principle above personality.  His supporters can’t point to a single piece of legislation that he’s been behind that we support.  They can’t explain why he received maximum donations from strip clubs or used his committee to expand gambling rights when every member voted against it.  Matt has a gift of gab but lacks leadership qualities and depth of conviction.  If we are to drain the swamp then we must desire character above personality and action above talk.  Because Matt talks a good talk no one noticed that he joined the climate change committee to advance their legislative goals.  No one noticed how he attempted to stop a sex trafficking bill that allowed government agencies to talk to each other in real-time to save children from that evil trade.  No one noticed that he was the deciding vote to push Obamacare 2.0 out of the finance committee when conservatives wanted it dead on arrival.  There are hundreds, if not thousands of elected leaders who have supported Trump in America.  However, the difference between them and Gaetz is that they have the backing of their actions to prove they can do more than just wave the MAGA flag.  I will tell the truth at all times in what I do because that is what gives my passion purpose.  I’m sorry for those who were offended but my question to you is why does the truth offend you?  Are we, or are we not, Conservatives who abide by principle over emotion?
  • Today is the last day to help me fund my eBook project which will reach every Republican in the House and Senate.  I need to raise $5,000 and every penny counts.  Read at the bottom for more details.  Why is today the last day?  I don’t do fundraising so I gave myself one week to reach my goal and after today I’ll not post on it again.  Thanks for all of you who have given!  I’m very grateful for you.
  • Biden is now using Phoenix hotels to house illegal aliens and will increase the number of beds used for that purpose.  Biden has agreed to a $100m increase in spending to give illegal aliens an American vacation on the house!
  • Vice-President Pence received a $4m advance to write a book.
  • Never before in American history have so many state attorney generals banned together to sue the president of The United States.  Let me give you a brief overview of just a few of the suits:
    • Suing Biden over the Keystone pipeline because he lacked authority to cancel contracts without due process.  Did you know that due process is so important that there are two amendments in our Constitution addressing that issue?
    • Suing Biden over the moratorium on new oil leases on federal lands.  Biden is actually breaking federal laws because certain states have prior agreements giving them the right to explore federal lands for oil and minerals.
    • Suing Biden over the border on several fronts.
      • Refusal to jail illegals.
      • Refusal to ship illegals back to their country.
      • Refusal to keep convicted illegals in jail who abused the human rights of American citizens.
    • Suing Biden over a bill that prevents states from lowering their tax rates.
    • A forthcoming suit against the SEC forcing companies to disclose information the SEC has no authority to mandate.
    • Biden has now issued 38 executive orders.
    • Several AGs announced they will file lawsuits against Biden’s gun executive orders.
    • States sued Biden successfully when he paused a Trump-era rule which took into account an illegal alien’s reliance on public assistance on whether or not they can stay in the states.  Biden back down but promised to reverse this rule.  Now the states are suing Biden to keep the rule in place.

Quote for of the Day

“The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time.” — Thomas Jefferson

Special Request

I’m currently writing my long-awaited eBook titled, ‘The Socratic Conservative’.  It’s based on my 5-year research project where I studied and or worked on nearly 400 political campaigns to answer one question:  how do we influence the American people to adopt conservatism as their preferred philosophy.  The book is the answer and it’s based on the tested success of asking questions to citizens.  I’m raising $5,000 to write the book and put it in the hands of every Republican in Congress.  Here are some questions which have changed hearts and minds in mere minutes:

  1. Just because a woman chooses to end the gift of God within her womb does that mean that we, as a society, must value that choice by paying for her abortion with our last paycheck dollars?  The word “value” is what makes the question so powerful.
  2. Should boys have the right to compete against girls, in girls-only sports, and use their gender advantage to rob those girls of their scholarship opportunities?
  3. Do you believe it’s right for Democrats to force you to give up your individual pursuit of economic liberty until you first pay for your neighbors?  Obamacare is already robbing you of your financial dreams today because of this principle.
  4. Do you believe that any government has a right to force you to participate in the activities of another citizen against your will or desire?  Now, do you see why it was wrong for a judge to order a young college girl to pick up her camera and forced her to participate in the activities of a homosexual wedding against her will or desire?

These questions lead voters to a self-evident revelation of truth because they are personal to the citizen.  They must answer them from their own convictions and personal philosophies about how they feel and think about the issue.  The number one response by Democrats and Republicans has been, “I’ve never thought about it like that before.”

The book takes my 5-years of research and makes it practical for use by our national leaders.  Furthermore, it helps all of us understand how to convince our loved ones of the principles behind the policies.  Help me reach my goal no matter how large or small your donation might be.  I’m always grateful for every penny that comes in.

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