April 08 21

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Daily Roundup

  • I’ve decided to create a page dedicated to the daily news surrounding the 2020 election audits taking place across the nation.  You can view it here.
  • The FBI released a report detailing cyber crimes in America and their impact.  What stood out to me was that 76k Americans were victims of extortion through the internet in 2020 which was a record-breaking year.
  • Biden released his anti-second amendment legislation today.  It’s a grab bag of liberal dreams which does nothing to stop violent crimes in America.  I encourage you to read my 2nd Amendment page HERE
  • Pennsylvania finally removed 20,000 KNOWN dead people from their voter rolls but only after third-party groups sued the state.
  • Arizona just passed a bill making it illegal for any county to receive third-party money for running their election.  Mark Zuckerberg had over $300m in the 2020 elections that he gave to Democrat cities which led to 14th amendment violations of equality.
  • TN just passed a bill making county health boards advisory panels only thus taking away any and all authority to set health laws.  The state also outlawed vaccine passports.
  • Joe Biden’s nominee for Deputy Secretary of Education Cindy Marten allowed sexual assault cases to go under the radar which led to massive settlements with parents of abused victims.  List to how Marten answered the attorney in her disposition regarding just one of those cases.  Notice how she can’t say the incident was wrong regardless of the circumstances.
    • Lawyer: In your opinion, is an incident between two boys—two kindergarten boys in the school bathroom where one of them forces oral copulation on another a serious incident?Marten: It depends.Lawyer: What does it depend on?Marten: The individuals and the circumstances.Lawyer: So that may or may not—Marten: Are other disabilities involved? Are there other things? What—I need to know all of the facts before I would determine the seriousness of it.Lawyer: So it may or may not be serious to you?

      Marten: It depends.

  • Maryland passed a bill allowing hunters to take a tax deduction if they donate their venison to food pantries.
  • Maryland Senate just passed a bill to allow counties to set their own income tax brackets.
  • Washington state Democrats are about to raise gasoline taxes by .68 a gallon.  Then they will continue to increase the tax until it reaches $1.32 a gallon by 2028.  This is by design and not for the reason of budgets.  Rather, their goal is to get gasoline above $5 a gallon to help make electric vehicles more desirable.
  • DOJ deleted their press release regarding the arrest of two Yemeni terrorists.  Good thing I posted the entire release HERE 
  • I am cosponsoring HR 2223 by Rep. Johson which makes it illegal to transport a minor across state lines to obtain an abortion without meeting parental consent requirements in the minor’s state of residence.” –  Rep. Mo Brooks
  • Another BIG reason why we need protected borders, “According to court documents, between January 2015 and December 2020, Abid Ali Khan, 40, allegedly organized, led, and worked, with others in his Pakistan-based smuggling network to facilitate the travel of undocumented individuals to the United States. Khan allegedly disregarded the fact that the individuals did not have prior authorization to enter the United States and that their entry into the United States would be illegal. Khan also allegedly encouraged, induced, and brought undocumented individuals to the United States for commercial advantage and financial gain.“Abid Ali Khan is alleged to have organized and led an international organization that, in exchange for monetary payment, facilitated the illegal smuggling of individuals through various countries to the United States,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Nicholas L. McQuaid of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division. “As this case demonstrates, the department continues to identify and prosecute those who seek to profit from conduct that undermines our system of legal immigration and imperils the lives of those being smuggled, often under dangerous conditions.” – DOJ
  • I’ll have a big update on how states are moving forward with forensic audits of the 2020 elections.  I can tell you that Maricopa Co board members are in meltdown mode and are still working to stop the audit which the courts have already stated must move forward.  I’m also working with members of Congress today so the update will be later in the day.
  • A conference by world leaders to address the near-starvation of 16 million citizens of Yemen occurred last week.  The conference concluded that 5 million could perish this year alone and more will develop long-term medical complications due to malnourishment.
  • Tigray Africa is on the verge of apocalyptic starvation.  An estimated 5 million residents are on the verge of death due to a very radicalized group of militants targeting civilians.  They have used starvation as their weapon of choice by destroying crops and targeting farmers.  Journalists have been kept out of the region to keep the genocide out of sight of world leaders.
  • Kenya Africa has a new plague of locusts eating everything in sight.  Last year the swarms were nearly 20 miles wide eating nearly 5 million acres of vegetation.  This year the swarms are not as large but are still well above average.  The problem has been compounded by the fact that nearly 2 million gallons of highly toxic chemicals have been sprayed over their lands and waterways.  Using those chemicals in that abundance will most likely lead to near future complications with wildlife and fish.  They are saving their crops today but will destroy their other food sources in the process.
  • According to my personal estimates, I believe that we will see an Israeli/Lebanon war within the next 36 months.  I’m confident we will see a military conflict with China and one or more of their neighboring countries before the next U.S. presidential election.
  • Analysts now believe that China is moving up its timeline to invade Taiwan.  Adm. John Aquilino would not speculate on how soon it might be but said,“ My opinion is, this problem is much closer to us than most think.”  China views Biden as a weak leader who will not desire to tangle with the dragon and thus they are making preparations for a full-scale invasion.  However, Taiwan has been building up its military might with advanced tech from the U.S. and personal support from Japan.
  • Governor Cuomo signed a law that takes away some immunity from nursing homes relating to COVID.  This will be his downfall because now he just gave a very tangible reason for nursing home execs to go after him legally.  Cuomo forced these homes to take in covid patients so who do you think they will come for when patients start suing the homes?  Cuomo just signed his exit paperwork without truly understanding what he signed.
  • A year ago, Democrats in Phoenix AZ attempted to create a sanctuary city for illegal aliens, but the voters put that down.  Then they worked to defund the police with riots and that didn’t work.  On Wednesday, the city used some covid relief funds to give their law enforcement a 2.5% raise this year and next year.  Not going well for the radical dreams of the left.

Quote for of the Day

“If we ever pass out as a great nation we ought to put on our tombstone ‘America died from a delusion that she had moral leadership.'” – Will Rogers

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This website started as a project to report on the 2020 elections and morphed into what you see today.  However, it’s an extension of a five-year project to teach and educate our elected leaders on how to effectively communicate the ideals of conservatism to the American people.  Unless we win over the hearts of the voters we will never win over a nation to our ideals.  Right now I’m writing a preamble for an immigration bill and a woman’s civil rights bill for members of Congress to help in that endeavor. I have a $5k fundraising goal for April to continue those efforts and I need your help.  To everyone who donates, I will send a special audio presentation that will make you laugh and give you insight into what’s truly taking place in our nation today and I will have some very special guests on with me.  I can’t say thank you enough!

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Vintage illustration titled, ‘Anything For A Scandal.’  I thought this aptly describes the national media of today.


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