April 06 21

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This website started as a project to report on the 2020 elections and morphed into what you see today.  However, it’s an extension of a five-year project to teach and educate our elected leaders on how to effectively communicate the ideals of conservatism to the American people.  Unless we win over the hearts of the voters we will never win over a nation to our ideals.  Right now I’m writing a preamble for an immigration bill and a woman’s civil rights bill for members of Congress to help in that endeavor. I have a $5k fundraising goal for April to continue those efforts and I need your help.  To everyone who donates, I will send a special audio presentation that will make you laugh and give you insight into what’s truly taking place in our nation today and I will have some very special guests on with me.  I can’t say thank you enough!

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  • Federal courts certified a class-action lawsuit against Apple over “butterfly” keyboards.  This is a problem where the keys on a keyboard stick due to faulty engineering.  Yours truly has this issue right now!
  • Bring it on baby…More victories in courts….A federal court in Michigan rebuked the Board of Governors of Wayne State University who revoked a Christian student group simply because they required their leaders to be faithful to the group’s mission statement. The court forced the university to reinstate the student group.
  • KABOOM….Arkansas Republicans overrode their governor’s veto of a bill that banned chemical treatments that fundamentally altered a young person’s life.  This makes Arkansas the first state in the union to ban conversion experimental treatments.  Imagine a Republican governor who has no problem with a doctor using chemicals to alter the biology of a young person that will lead to vast and unknown physical issues down the road.  This is beyond the scope of understanding and reasoning.  This chemical treatment is pure madness and child abuse.
  • Funny quote for the day, “The devil has announced that his fiddle contest will no longer be held in Georgia.” – Nick Adams
  • “I issued an Executive Order that prohibits government-mandated vaccine passports in Texas. Don’t tread on our personal freedoms.” Texas Governor Abbott
  • There were 70 sex assault/child rape charges filed in North Carolina in March against those who crossed our borders illegally.  There are 49 other states.  Our children are paying a heavy price for the communist ideals of the New Democrat Party.
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  • State Senator Saldana is giving testimony to Oregon’s transportation department via a live video conference.  Problem?  She’s actually driving her car through traffic while engaging the members of that committee.  This is the level of hypocrisy America is dealing with on a daily basis.
  • Have you noticed how all of the WHITE CEOS are boycotting Georgia because they are saying that blacks are not intelligent enough to obtain a government-issued ID?  Just how many blacks in Georgia don’t have cars, go to school, acquire public assistance, don’t join a union, don’t drink alcohol at a public facility, don’t own a firearm, don’t have social security, etc.  These white liberals are actually inferring that black Georgians are the dumbest citizens in the union and this is why racism is so rampant in America.  If white liberals didn’t promote racist ideas we would all be getting along so much better by now.
  • BREAKING…North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee announced that he is leaving his lifelong membership in the Democrat party to become a Republican.  Lee said, “Though I’ve been a registered Democrat on paper my entire life, I made the switch in my heart a long time ago, because on some things, there’s simply no compromise,” Lee said in a statement. “That’s why I voted for President Trump twice.”
  • “Last year, by Executive Order Gavin Newsom: 1. Shortened the amount of early vote days from 10 to 4. 2.Eliminated the requirement to have polling places in every precinct. 3.Did away with holding publicly noticed meetings with voting rights groups on election procedures.” – James Gallagher
  • If Democrats state that a man can claim to be a woman then how do they go about identifying what a woman is?  More interesting questions for the woke in my latest political issues series.
  • SHOUT OUT to the pickle store who donated $500 to help us reach members of Congress with a new eBook about how to effectively communicate the ideals of conservatism to the American People.  We are going to change this nation by helping to wake up the woke.  When “the woke” have answer a question based on intelligent thought their eyes pop wide open.  Do you know that people are shocked when they learn that more than 150 charges of sex assault including violent rape of minors are filed every day against those who are crossing our borders illegally?  The GOP should focus on the crimes being committed against the American people to get the ball moving on immigration reform and I’m working to move that ball today.  If you haven’t had a chance please help us reach our $5k goal to send an eBook to every member of congress.
  • 33% of small businesses in NJ have closed their doors for good in the last 24-months.  They had this problem before covid started but are attempting to blame it on covid.  Highest property taxes and highest foreclosure rates in the nation.  That’s policy and not a coincidence.
  • Georgia: Voter ID, 17 days of early voting. Colorado: Voter ID, 15 days of early voting. Atlanta is 51% Black. Denver is 9.2% Black. The
    @MLB is moving the #MLBAllStarGame out of ATL which has more day-of voting rights than CO? The Wokes are at it again, folks.” – Sen. Tim Scott
  • An International group has ranked NJ 46th out of 50th in regards to their response to COVID.  What few know is that NJ had so many nursing home deaths that at one facility they were putting the dead bodies in the refrigeration food units.  I bet you never saw that episode on 60-minutes.
  • It’s official…more than 100 police officers have quit or retired early in Portland Oregon.  The city has reached out to neighboring counties for backup with none coming.  Fellow sheriffs state that they will not allow their officers to be involved in a situation where their livelihoods could be compromised by a radical government in Portland.
  • TN House passed a bill requiring all presidential executive orders to undergo a review process prior to TN abiding by them.
  • A political partisan group used $35 million in public grants to help elect Joe Biden in California which is about as illegal as they come.  However, the FEC is refusing to investigate such a blatant abuse of public funds and has shown its true colors.  Republican House members are conducting their own investigation into SKDK who touted themselves as Team Biden.  They will submit a report for a criminal probe soon.
  • Colorado Democrats are pushing a bill dubbed the ‘handcuff bill.’  This bill will prevent law enforcement officers from arresting and or handcuffing students in schools for criminal offensives even if they are violent ones. “The bill prohibits law enforcement officers from arresting students or issuing a summons, ticket, or notice requiring the appearance of a student in court or at a police station for certain offenses and conduct. ”  Assault, grand theft auto, sex assault are just some of the crimes which are off-limits to law officers.
  • “Stacey Abrams and the Democrats cost Georgia $100 million in revenue because they complained about something they didn’t read and they said something about it that wasn’t true.” – Sen. Rand Paul
  • Alaska House passes a resolution demanding that Biden holds to federal law and past agreements made with their state which allowed them to access their lands for oil and other mining purposes.  Biden is breaking the law by issuing a moratorium.  The state should sue Biden personally and not in a constitutional court since he clearly lacks personal authority to issue that moratorium.
  • I’m not lying I promise….VA Democrats pushed legislation contained within their state’s budget which would require law enforcement officers to get permission before using their shotgun in a firefight.  Can you imagine being in a shootout and having to call in for permission to return fire?  This was so bad that even their liberal governor sent it back down for changes.
  • Florida House pushing BOGO legislation.  No joke, it’s a buy one get one offer.  If a university student will acquire a degree in a high-demand field such as nursing then the state will give a free course for every course the student passes successfully.
  • TN House will pass resolutions to honor Candace Owens, Tomi Lahren, and Dolly Parton.  
  • Arkansas passed legislation that gives state investigators the immediate authority to investigate all aspects of elections.  No need for subpoenas, court orders, or legislature threats.  They can look at ballots, machines, administrators, and the certification of those elections.  This is the law that should be passed by every GOP state.  This law also gives them the right to look into past elections on demand.
  • Reports from members of Congress tell me that Pelosi and Biden are preparing the largest tax increase since 1968.
  • GA Attorney General Carr responded to the lies by Stacey Abrams by stating…
    • Anybody who actually reads this bill quickly sees that it strengthens, expands access, and improves transparency in Georgia’s elections.

      Again, anybody who actually reads this bill sees how comparing it to the Jim Crow era, one of the most tragic periods in American history, where human beings were killed and truly were prevented from casting their ballot, is preposterous, irresponsible, and fundamentally wrong.

      We actually diminish the horrors of Jim Crow when we compare the unjustifiable abuses of those times with a photo ID requirement that applies equally to everyone, to expanded voting hours across the state, and to the assurance that the public has access to our electoral process.

      But that’s exactly what Stacey Abrams, Joe Biden, Raphael Warnock, Jon Ossoff and so many others have shamefully been doing over the past several weeks.

      Every time Stacey Abrams goes on a late-night talk show, does a friendly podcast, or is a guest on MSNBC, every word that she says is accepted as an undeniable fact.

  • (DEM) Palm Beach Florida Mayor, Robert Weinroth, slammed 60-Minutes for leaving out half the story which led to a whole lie.  Weinroth said, “I’m not gonna say [the report] was intentionally false, but it intentionally left half the story off the table…I think that the article and the way that CBS dealt with this county was unfair, and I think they owe this county an apology, and I think they owe this state an apology.” 60-minutes refused to share information about how Palm Beach Commissioners worked to ensure that rural residents had easy access to vaccines since they lived 30 miles from the closest Publix.  60-minutes gave the impression that Republicans only gave Publix the vaccine contract because of their donations while harming other residents of the state who lived far away from Publix and that is just a blatant lie.  Dozens of other retailers have participated in the distribution of the vaccination program.
  • South China Sea Update…
    • USS Mustin guided-missile destroyer entered East China Sea waters to help provide support to USS Theodore Roosevelt’s strike group.  
    • China counters by sending their aircraft carrier Liaoning off the coast of Japan.
    • China has amassed over 250 vessels tied together to form a floating reef in their efforts to lay claim to parts of the South China Sea within the Philippines’ waterways.
    • H&M received a major backlash when China removed their stores from every website under China’s control.  H&M was critical of China’s slave labor.  H&M then created a map showing South China Seas as belonging to China in their nutty attempt to appease China.  Vietnam has now responded by publicly rebuking H&M since their international waterways are located within the zones they say china owns.
    • Philippine Secretary of National Defense Delfin Lorenzana said that China’s flotilla, which is within 200 nautical miles off their coast and therefore within their economic zone, is illegal and that international courts have already ruled on this matter.  The Philippine government has already started working on new missile batteries to counter China’s aggressive moves within the region.
    • The reef in the below picture is at a region called Union Banks which international courts have stated belong to the Philippines.  However, China is building structures on the reef and making ownership claims despite courts ruling against them.  China aggressively started making this move the day after Biden took office.

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“A half-truth is the most cowardly of lies.” – Mark Twain

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Vintage illustration of the law cleaning out the swamp in New York.


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