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Daily Roundup

  • I’m working on updating the site on Friday so I’ll not have updates again until Monday.  Happy Resurrection Weekend because we know He’s no longer in the grave.
  • Democrats actually voted to allow the IRS to withhold stimulus money from Americans who owe back taxes but refuse to allow homeowners to evict tenants for lack of rental payment.  They also voted to allow your stimulus money to be intercepted by debt collectors.  Both of Trump’s stimulus payments prevented everyone from accessing your stimulus funds.
  • This is sexual assault awareness month and the White House sent out a press release touting their efforts to combat this issue.  However, what they won’t tell you is how they are forcing female-only rape crisis centers to take in men in sleeping facilities used by women who were just brutally raped by a man and their showers..  They won’t tell you that in NC alone last year there were 1,300 charges of sex assault on a minor by an illegal alien.
  • BREAKING 1PM CST …Maricopa Co. Arizona Election Board Members called an emergency hearing that is taking place right now.  They are asking for legal advice and help in regards to the Senate’s forthcoming audit.  They are seriously scared right now and they should be.  Their fear is what’s driving the audit because they have refused all honest efforts to see the inside workings of their election process.
  • Nevada just lifted all covid restrictions as unions have started making demands.
  • Democrats have worked overtime to destroy Florida and Gov. DeSantis’ success.  However, the unemployment numbers are in and they tell the true story.
    • Florida 4.7%
    • New York 8.9%
    • New Mexico 8.3%
    • New Jersey 7.8%
    • Pennsylvania 7.3%
    • Hawaii 9.2%
    • D.C. 8.1%
    • California 8.5%
    • Connecticut 8.5%
    • Illinois 7.4%
  • Virginia just closed the filing period for this year’s primary election and they have a record number of candidates running for office.  Virginia will elect their entire lower House and their governor.  Gov. Northam can’t run again due to term limits.
  • Governor Northam of Virginia is attempting to silence an investigation into the state’s parole board accused of releasing violent criminals in an illegal manner.  The governor has agreed to $250k for the investigation but put in his order that the findings be kept secret and he limited the scope of the investigation to protect Democrats from an exploding story.
  • Daniel Everette Hale was arrested and convicted of taking top secret information and passing it to a reporter who later published that information to the public.  Hale sent documents 17 different times to an undisclosed reporter using his top security clearance to access documentation unrelated to his work for the government.  Hale will face ten years in federal prison when he is sentenced in July.
  • You will not believe this story…
    • The Justice Department today announced that it reached a settlement with Adaequare Inc. (Adaequare), a company that recruits workers for other companies. The settlement resolves the department’s claim that Adaequare only considered applicants who were U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents when filling a job for a client. Based on its investigation, the department concluded that by only considering applicants who are U.S. citizens and permanent residents, Adaequare discriminated against refugees, asylees, and non-citizen nationals, based on their citizenship or immigration status.“Recruiters cannot illegally exclude applicants based on their citizenship or immigration status,” said Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Pamela S. Karlan of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. “We applaud Adaequare for immediately taking steps to ensure that this discrimination does not happen again.”
  • Another Democrat arrested and sentenced to 35-years in prison for sexually assaulting young children.
    • A former executive director for a university’s donor relations and fundraising programs in New York was sentenced today to 35 years in prison for multiple child pornography crimes, including his participation in the sexual abuse of a 6-year-old.According to court documents, on July 22, 2015, Scott Lane, 37, of New York, New York, and others were on a particular video-conferencing platform when a man in Pennsylvania, co-conspirator William Augusta, began sexually abusing a 6-year-old boy. Lane and others encouraged Augusta to sexually abuse the boy for everyone to watch live. Specifically, Lane, using the alias “NYC Perv,” instructed Augusta to “make out with him,” and further instructed Augusta to engage in specific sexual acts with the boy. An undercover Toronto Police detective constable observed the sexual abuse via the video-conferencing platform, and the following day, law enforcement rescued the child and arrested Augusta, who had been sexually abusing the child for approximately two years. A subsequent search of Lane’s electronic devices revealed that Lane possessed multiple videos of prepubescent child pornography.
  • An American is sexually assaulted every 73 seconds according to new statistics.
  • TX Senate just passed a bill that outlaws abortion when a heartbeat is detected.
  • Twitter has about two weeks to comply with a Russian law requiring them to remove child porn or the Russian government will ban them from their nation.
  • The Wisconsin Supreme Court slammed Governor Evers’ attempt to rule by tyranny.  The governor attempted to issue new and continuing restrictions without legislature approval which is required by law after 60-days of the governor’s first emergency order.  The governor attempted to claim that his new order was for a new emergency, but the court didn’t buy it.  Now the governor must work with the legislature to issue any new orders for the covid pandemic.  Liberty is winning all over the nation!
  • Democrat Rita Hart finally dropped her challenge to the GOP victory in Iowa after an immense outcry from the nation.  Her race was hand-counted twice, and she still lost and attempted to use a 1960’s law in the House to overturn the results.  However, I’m confident the law could not pass a SCOTUS hearing given the fact that the federal government has no authority to overturn a state election.
  • Montana Governor Gianforte signed legislation in Montana banning sanctuary cities for illegal aliens.
  • Democrats are already at work to dismantle Georgia’s new election laws through the court system.  The GA GOP and the RNC have filed as co-defendants in the case.  However, what’s truly interesting is the fact that they are being pro-active to stop the Secretary of State from “secretly” settling this case with Democrats like he did two years ago, which led to the fiasco we witnessed last November.
  •  Israel
    • SpectraLIT, an Israeli-based company developed a Covid test giving accurate results in less than 20 seconds.  The test requires no special equipment nor expensive lab equipment.  The E.U. just agreed to install these testing systems in their transportation sectors, and other nations are looking into buying them as well.  The test works by shining a bright light in the sample which detects COVID in mere seconds.
    • Biden’s State Department has chosen to reverse a Trump policy in regards to the West Bank.  Biden declared that Israel is currently occupying the West Bank.  A State Dept. spokesperson said this will change nothing between the U.S. and Israel, but that remains to be seen.
    • USAID did not fully vet recipients of funding from the U.S. for terrorist ties, declares a new report from the GAO.
    • Biden and Crew have pledged $100m to the Palestinian community, raising the eyes of many in Washington.  This is because U.S. law prevents funding any project in Palestine while the Palestinian Authority pays stipends to the perpetrators and families of those convicted of anti-Israel or U.S. attacks.  

Quote for of the Day

“The trouble with practical jokes is that very often they get elected.” – Will Rogers

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